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Advertising cards Polyester matt varnish

Fashion is mat

  • a velvet touch
  • a chic appearance
  • nostalgic revival
  • search for distinction
  • expression of cordiality

On your research touching the distinction and the expression of cordiality, the famous matt varnish to permanently preserve your cards, without traces or dirt and always incorruptible.


  • Change of series text, color or visual in four colors
  • Numbering option + barcodes / QR codes
  • Option numbering + barcodes / QR codes + names
  • Option numbering + barcodes / QR codes + names + photo
  • Scratchable scratch mask
  • Write processing
  • Round hole drilling – diameter 5.5mm
  • Slotted hole drilling 16 x 3 mm


  • backing: Polyester 0.65mm
  • shaping: round corners
  • finish: 2-sided lamination 250µ
  • appearance: matt varnished
  • format: CB: 86 x 54 mm
  • thickness: 0.65 mm
  • weight: 4 g
  • Min storage temperature: -15 ° C
  • Max storage temperature: 60 ° C
  • packaging: boxes of 100 cards up to 500 copies. beyond in trays
  • printing: depending on product

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Feel with our Polyester Vernis Mat advertising cards, the expression of distinction and chic. Opt for a velvet touch and a chic look to mark the spirits.

Key benefits :

      Velvet touch for a unique sensory experience

      Chic and nostalgic revival

      Distinction and cordiality for an elegant communication

Benefits :

       Velvet touch for a unique sensory experience : Our Polyester Vernis Mat advertising cards are designed to offer an exceptional velvet touch, providing a unique sensory experience to your customers and partners. By opting for matt varnish, you give a touch of elegance to your cards and leave a lasting impression. Touch sensations play an essential role in the memorization and appreciation of an object, and our cards will not fail to mark the minds thanks to this soft and pleasant touch. Give a new dimension to your communication with cards with velvet touch that will seduce your recipients from the first contact.

       Chic and nostalgic revival : Our Polyester Vernis Mat advertising cards offer a chic look and a nostalgic revival that will not fail to please your customers. The matt varnish brings a sophisticated and retro touch to your cards, giving them a modern and timeless look. This retro-chic style is very popular in the world of communication, as it stands out from traditional maps and conveys a high-end image. Opt for the elegance of the matt varnish to mark your difference and create a memorable impact with your audience.

       Distinction and cordiality for an elegant communication : Our advertising cards Polyester Vernis Mat are the ideal choice to express distinction and cordiality in your communication. By offering matte varnish cards, you show that you attach importance to details and that you are looking to create a warm relationship with your customers and partners. This refined choice reflects your concern for quality and your search for elegance in every aspect of your communication. Opt for matt varnish for cards that perfectly reflect your company’s personality and leave a positive and lasting impression.

       Customization options for unique cards : At ABC Print, we offer you a variety of customization options to create Polyester Vernis Mat advertising cards unique to your image. Choose from text series, color or visual changes in quad to adapt to different campaigns. You can also opt for numbering options, barcodes, QR codes, names or even photos for truly personalized cards. Express your creativity and customize your cards so that they perfectly reflect your business’ identity.

Nos Advertising cards Polyester Vernis Mat offer a unique sensory experience with their velvet touch, while bringing a chic look and a nostalgic revival to your communication. Express your distinction and cordiality with matt varnish cards that leave an elegant and memorable impression. Customize your cards according to your needs to create unique cards that perfectly reflect your business image. Feel free to contact us for a personalized quote and discover all the possibilities for advertising cards that stand out. Opt for the chic matt varnish and give a new impetus to your communication!


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