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Have an arsenal of communication media at your table

Table accessories are a wonderful way to enhance your brand, even if we didn’t think it was a smart method of communication. The placemat will be in front of your guests during the meal, and a coaster will complete the decoration of your table while serving as a souvenir to your customers. So don’t overlook the importance of your printable and promotional table accessories.

A printed tablecloth for excellent visual communication

A printable tablecloth is one of the accessories that can be used at trade shows, receptions and banquets. It is the essential element of any visual communication strategy. It will adapt to all your decorations and all kinds of tables thanks to a personalized printing. You will have more visibility with this advertising product.

The advertising tablecloth is one of our many items that can be personalized from Abcprint. The goal is to have promotional items that look like you and that correctly express your message and your brand. You can get four-color printing in any size you want. Besides creating a high-quality impression, this process will make your event table cloth shine and give it beautiful colors. In fact, the renderings will be crucial as they make it look striking and capture the interest of your guests.

The printable tablecloth is an item that creates a buzz at all types of events, such as trade shows, fairs and professional receptions. To dress the tables at receptions or trade shows, choose from our custom sizes. It is a tool to dress and give style to your environment. It can be customized to meet all your needs through printing choices. It can be square, circular or rectangular. We provide complete customization of your tablecloth, including size, shape, graphics and color. Printing your company logo on this medium will add value to your business.

Increase your visibility with the placemat

An advertising placemat is a communication tool that comes with a host of benefits. Its first objective is to protect the tables, to embellish them with its patterns and to present your menu. After the Covid-19 episode, the placemat seems to have the added benefit of being disposable, which allows you to comfort your customers, make life easier for your service staff and, most importantly, keep everything more. healthy.

Printable placemats play an important role in the reputation of a business and therefore have an impact on its growth, in addition to making the dining experience enjoyable. Therefore, people who want to use effective and unobtrusive marketing techniques should consider using them. It is a particular communication tool which has many advantages and which performs an important function in the CHR (cafes, hotels and restaurants). The personalized placemat helps you anchor your brand in the minds of your customers. This is done through various communication activities which will improve the image of your business with customers. In itself, the placemat is a powerful communication tool. Recognize that the placemat is an asset to your business and will help you generate more income.

When you sit down, it is there in front of you. The placemat ensures a constant presence with your customers throughout the dinner for about 38 minutes. This implies that visibility and advertising effect are optimal. The promotional placemat is a creative, original and simple support that provides a pleasant atmosphere, whether you are alone or with others. It’s a great way to present your image to as many customers as possible while enjoying the company of others, and it helps you do it in a friendly setting.

Consider paper napkins to improve your brand image with your customers

If you sell take-out, having a logo printed on your printable paper napkins is a great way to enhance your establishment’s image while also advertising to your customers. Personalized napkins are great value for money, as long as you choose the right design to print.

Affixing your logo and / or text / message on marketing napkins can help strengthen your restaurant’s image in the eyes of your customers. The more elaborate the logo, the greater the impact: your customers will no doubt wonder what it means, they will remember your image within your establishment, and they will be “reassured” as to where they are. are found, hence the need to have it carried out by a professional for an impeccable rendering adapted to your establishment.

The people who order take out meals will be indirectly marketing you since the various visuals on which your brand appears will be visible and identifiable if they eat out. It would be good to make two types of printable paper napkins for take out and room service, one with a more visible and simpler branding for take out and the other with a more subtle pattern that allows the folding.

High quality print is available on

The advertising tablecloths and placemats are essential products for restaurateurs, as well as elegant and unique promotional items. Glass tops and paper napkins combine practicality and uniqueness. You can print them in large quantities thanks to their advantageous prices at Remember to throw them away after each use and replace them with newer, cleaner products.

To personalize your communication, have all your table accessories printed at Abcprint. We have a wide selection of necessary products for you to choose from. Think of the printable mug for your events, celebrations, or just to hold your drinks to go. It is an accessory that has a great influence on your consumers.