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Cadre Clic-Clac – Bord 32 mm

Clic-Clac frame

Profile 25 and 32 mm

Silver color

Finish: Anodized Metal and PVC Bottom

Available sizes: A0 / B1 / A1 / B2 / A2 / A3 / A4

Demande de devis

Format delivery framework, powerful corporate display tool

We are all called upon to transmit information about our workplace, whatever our sector of activity. It is also necessary to identify the appropriate tools and resources to promote these different presentations and produce results for employees. Highlight the functions and objectives of your departments. Want to create a quick view? the clic clac frame is the solution to your communication needs. Extremely useful, this type of signage can be personalized to meet the requirements of any business, whether for aesthetic, informational or security purposes, whether you represent a large organization, a small or medium-sized business, or a start-up.

Facilitate your internal communication with an aluminum click clack frame

In a business, information must flow freely and quickly. Advertising products are needed for this. As an element of success in any business communication, displays can disseminate information, ideas and cultures, even successes. These marketing materials are intended to inform, strengthen cohesion, share a project and increase awareness within the group. Indeed, among the different ways of displaying temporary notes, the click-clack frame is one of the most practical and cost-effective most popular media today. These devices can highlight your employees and therefore your teams.

Visible by all, aluminum click-clack frames are recommended for regularly alerting staff to ongoing operations or tasks to be accomplished in the simplest and most efficient way possible. It is the perfect product for displaying evacuation plans, legal notices, personnel announcements and regulatory signage in areas easily accessible to all workers.

Thanks to this support, information about new schedules or special announcements will be updated and visible to everyone in the blink of an eye. Signs, papers, photos, fine art prints, etc. can all be displayed in a click-clack frame alu. All of our items can be made to order, to your specifications; therefore do not hesitate to contact us on Abcprint.Shop.

Click clack frame of choice to bring a decorative touch

Communication is essential to the proper functioning of a business, but it also projects a positive image among workers and visitors. Choosing the right materials for your display helps enhance your image and message. Indeed, information displayed on the wall with attractive and appropriate media conveys an excellent image of the company, and the message will be well received.

Good products will have a beneficial influence on the life of a company. The most interesting display solutions are the snap-on frames made of anodized aluminum. Lightweight, simple, and most importantly, adaptable, these indoor promotional materials can be found in many places including public buildings, businesses and shopping malls. Thanks to the clipping frame, specific advertisements or warnings will be highlighted. In terms of design, it will be ideal for business leaders and individuals who regularly want to replace the posters and posters that adorn their walls.

Abcprint offers presentation frames for professional use that combine ease of use, practicality and design. the clic clac frame in anodized metal and pvc bottom, serve both as a support and a protection mechanism. They preserve the appearance of your messages, whether advertising or informative, for an extended period of time. These accessories do not require any additional tools and leave no stains on your surfaces. Once the frame is in place, you can quickly enter documents and your display is complete. We provide a beautiful collection of high quality click frames at exceptionally affordable costs. These poster holders are a professional option for businesses, showrooms, and offices that want to display specials, announcements, or signs.

Create a fast display format by opting for clic clac frames

While using an instant frame is simple, the clips on all 4 sides save you time when changing posts. The front loading wall display rack allows you to rearrange your posters without having to remove them from the wall. Changing documents is quick and easy, the frame unfolds and the document can be changed quickly and easily without any tools.

To get started, open each frame profile one by one. To edit or update your posters, simply remove the clear film from the entire frame when it has been opened, then place the appropriate poster in the frame, reapply the clear film to your document, and close the frame. . It is surprising how easy it is to use.

Designed to be glued or hung on the wall using dowels and screws included in the purchase, the click clack wall frame is available in a variety of colors, sizes and can easily be used in any layout or style. Safe, there is no risk of it falling or injuring anyone. Our wall brackets, whether small or large, are visible from a distance and easily convey information to your guests.

Discover a wide range of display frame solutions at Abcprint.Shop

Our company, specialized in digital creation and printing, offers a wide range of display and POS solutions made in France at good prices. Our collaborators will accompany you throughout your project, whether you are an educational institution or a company, and will be able to offer you the best option for your needs.

Abcprint, your partner in the personalization of advertising objects, studies your project with you and supports you from start to finish. All services are provided by our own teams, who travel throughout France (design, manufacture, installation, training, after-sales service, maintenance, upgrades, etc.). You can trust our online print shop and service to get a clic clac frame with professional-quality rendering delivered on time to meet all your requirements and restrictions.

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