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2 IN 1 integrated card: LETTER + CARD


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Convenient and fast

  • Reduce your handling times
  • Simplify your card management
  • Eliminate errors


  • Badges for clubs and members
  • Events, marketing
  • Town halls, associations, federations
  • Invitations, culture, museums, sports


  • Change of series text, color or visual in four colors


  • format: CB: 86 x 54 mm
  • weight: 130 g
  • card shaping: round corners
  • card lamination: satin
  • letter shaping: trimmed
  • backing thickness: 155 µ
  • thickness: 275 µ
  • Min storage temperature: -15 ° C
  • Max storage temperature: 60 ° C
  • packaging: packages of 100 copies.
  • printing: depending on product

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Personalized Card 2 IN 1: LETTER + CARTE – Simplify your communication and reduce your errors with this convenient and fast product.

Key benefits:

      Reduce your handling times with an all-in-one solution.

      Simplify your card and letter management in one product.

      Eliminate errors with accurate and integrated customization.

Benefits :

       A convenient and fast solution for your communication : Discover our Personalized Integrated Card 2 IN 1: LETTER + CARTE, a convenient and fast solution to communicate effectively with your customers and partners. Thanks to this all-in-one product, simplify your communication and save time in your card and letter sending processes.

       Integrated customization for easy management : Our Integrated Card allows you to customize both the card and the letter in a single passage. Finish complex manipulations and error risks! Simplify your management by easily customizing each card with the information specific to each recipient, all in one product.

       Adapted to many applications : The versatility of our Integrated Card makes it ideal for many applications. Use it to create personalized badges for your clubs and adherents, invitations for your marketing events, or mail for mayors, associations and federations. Whatever your activity, our product will meet your communication needs.

       Customization options : Customize our Integrated Card according to your specific needs with our Quad options. Modify the text series, colors or visual to create a unique and impacting communication that reflects the image of your company.

Discover now our Personalized card 2 in 1 : LETTER + CARTE on ABC Print. Simplify your communication, reduce errors and save time. Ask for a personalized quote to enjoy this innovative solution today!


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