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Clic-Clac frame black border

Clic-Clac frame

25 mm profile

Black color

Finish: Anodized Metal and PVC Bottom

Sizes Available: A3 / A4

Demande de devis

Millimeter poster frame, the display solution for your organization

There are many ways to hang short-term posters, whether for internal communication or for presentation to clients. Some are smarter and more economical. the A4 click clack frame The most popular wall mount is the click clack pvc background frame, which is a best seller because of its beauty and ease of installation. Visitors, passers-by and patients can all quickly read the information on these clickable pvc background frames.

Effective advertising with a click-clack frame

Coming in the form of a rather traditional frame; the trick lies in the mobility of each of these sides, which can be opened to give access to the displayed content. The document to be displayed is blocked in the frame and protected by a transparent sheet on the front face. Remove the protection and the displayed document, replace with another and replace the transparent plexiglass protection. Then simply close each poster clip profile, with a single “click”, once you have placed your ad, poster or photo where you want it.

Installed at eye level, click frames are popular with employees. This popular advertising poster exists in all standard form. The clamshell frame is also useful for expressing information and recommendations. The use of a display system allows a company to interact more simply with its employees by broadcasting company news, showing vital information such as memoranda or tips, the availability of certain spaces meeting or cafeteria menu. This device can help build employee buy-in and commitment to company goals and well-being.

These products, instead of just displaying documents on a wall, create a professional image of your organization. Whether reception, office or waiting room, they are often the first points of contact between clients and the company whose visitors make an impression outside of a strictly professional setting. or communication, hence the interest in maintaining these spaces to give a good impression while remaining modern. You can display your posters in a presentable way using anodized metal information frames at Abcprint.Shop.

Renew or modernize your display in seconds

This type of interior design is crucial for companies that constantly renew their promotional offers, as it is quick and easy to change the posters on display. In addition, the A4 click clack frame thus allows your prospects and subscribers to recognize your establishment for all the right reasons. Most importantly, they can be used by your business to display advertisements or information in an orderly and professional manner.

Whether your posters are in portrait or landscape format, the ideal is that your poster flap frames remain reusable for a long time and that you can change your offers whenever you want. All our frames are intended to offer a beautiful presentation as well as excellent protection for your documents. To protect your papers from external threats and avoid having to replace them too frequently. Make an appointment with Abcprint.Shop.

A clic clac frame to present a wide variety of posters

Very adaptable product, the A4 click clack frame for poster is perfect for all companies: restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels, as well as event organizations such as nightclubs, music halls and other party venues. It makes it possible to save various marketing tools, often important, which exist in-house and to display them, in a place with high traffic.

The hanging document holder is a simple alternative that does not require any special installation, only the essential materials. It can be hung on the wall or used as a display on a table. All your paper supports can be simply presented, whether it is an advertising poster, a photograph, a work of art, a brochure, a program or a menu. With a wall mounted poster holder that adapts to any circumstance, you can create the perfect poster board for your conference room, bar, restaurant, nightclub or workplace.

Keep the printing of your marketing tools for a long time

The clip-on frame allows you to embellish your visual communication while saving the images you have developed. Your graphics will be protected from all risk and the ravages of time. It is an economical, aesthetic and professional way to achieve a uniform look and an incomparable brand image. Increasing customer and prospect interaction with your brand is most likely your primary goal. By correctly transmitting your message, you have a favorable impact on your partners, your prospects.

This tool is very practical and will save you money, time and energy in addition to its efficiency for your commercial actions and advertising campaigns. The colors in your drawings and photos are vivid and true to your desires thanks to this anodized metal frame, which is a very durable material that does not fade over time. Therefore, your framed prints on this advertising poster quickly pay off and you save money.

Choose the right format and the right color of click clack frame from Abcprint.Shop

You can choose the most appropriate color according to your graphic charter, as well as the type of posters you plan to print. You also have a choice in terms of the format, whether it is a simple educational poster or a graphic advertisement, you will be able to present your display in the format and orientation of your choice.

Our French-made anodized metal technology makes the click frame more robust and secure. We are happy to customize your A4 click clack frame according to the dimensions and formats you want. We are your partner for all your display systems, thanks to our wide range of high quality products. Abcprint offers a wide choice of clipping frames for your diplomas, posters and photographs.

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