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Einkaufstasche aus Dakota-Baumwolle, 100 g/m2

Einkaufstasche mit offenem Hauptfach.

Griffhöhe 30 cm.

Baumwolle, 100 g/m2.

1-farbiger oder vierfarbiger Druck.

Größe der Markierung: 30 x 30 cm.

Farben : Weiß, Natur, Gelb (122C), Rot (186 °C), Orange (1585 °C), Lavendel (7678 °C), Violett (2685 °C), Magenta (219 °C), Prozessblau (3005 °C), Königsblau (286 °C), Marineblau (289 °C), Hellgrün (347 °C), Waldgrün (553C), Limette (368C), Grau (430C), Schwarz

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Attract the attention of others with the Dakota cotton shopping bag 100gr / m2

In stores, supermarkets, in the market, nothing is more beautiful than seeing your logo or brand on people’s shopping baskets or bags, especially if your goal is to increase your visibility in the eyes of your potential customers. This is the case for brands that sell agri-food products. Would you like to know how to achieve this? Well, personalize the Dakota cotton shopping bag 100gr / m2 entworfen bei Abcprint.Shop.

In addition to an extraordinary communication medium, the Dakota cotton shopping bag 100gr / m2 is very convenient to bring your shopping. In addition, its use contributes to the conservation of the environment since it reduces plastic waste.

Erstellen Sie bei Abcprint.Shop Ihr Dakota cotton shopping bag 100gr / m2

Demonstrate professionalism by carrying out your Dakota cotton shopping bag 100gr / m2. For your greatest happiness, we offer you a shopping bag with an open main compartment. To get the best visual possible, we print this Dakota cotton shopping bag 100gr / m2 in 1 color or in four-color.

Bestellen Sie Ihr Dakota cotton shopping bag 100gr / m2

Buy online your Dakota 100gr / m2 cotton shopping bag. To do this, you order directly on our website, download your files and pay. You quickly receive an email with a PDF proof: visual to validate before any printing. On this, the delivery time is validated from the day of receipt of your agreement on the proof.

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