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A trendy and comfortable space with personalized deckchairs

A custom chair can be made to match a personal or business location. The perfect way to woo clients or guests is to personalize your chair. The personalized deckchairs unique and original are made not only for taking a nap, but also for decorating a garden, a terrace, a bedroom, an office and even trade shows.

Create a custom chair based on the style and functionality of the room. Visit the Abcrint website to discover our personalized promotional items.

Excellent communication with personalized sunbeds.

It’s summer and you want to take advantage of it to sunbathe and sip a good lemonade or a summer sangria? All you need is a good, durable lounge chair to make yourself comfortable on the terrace or balcony. Also called personalized deckchair or advertising Chilean, this personalized outdoor object can support you during your nap and can also be associated with a personalized parasol.

Cooperated by several companies especially hotels, restaurants, personalized deckchairs are the ideal furniture to accommodate customers while spreading its brand image. To improve your visibility in front of existing customers or prospects, this is an opportunity to place a nice support.

Whether you need a chair for personal or professional use, loungers are the perfect solution. Therefore, for lasting comfort, ask an expert.

Deckchair customization at Abcprint

So you like a stylish, cozy and original product? Do you carry out an outdoor commercial activity? Do you want to make a good impression? The solution is the personalization of your advertising products. Logo, advertising text, family photo or other visual, choose what you prefer! To make your personalized deckchairs, the color of the fabric and to take into consideration.

On our online store, we offer several models of personalized deckchairs of superior quality and at a satisfactory price. The deckchair with classic armrests, the deckchair with armrest and removable fabric, the lounge chair with armrests and cup holders, the “BUJAK” lounge chair, etc. To be offered as a promotional gift or to be used as decoration, the deckchair is a product 100% customizable that will brighten up a space. The wooden structure resists the weight of an adult, to bad weather.