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  • 5,20€
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    • Material 80% lycras and 20% elastane 185 Gr. • Sublimation printing in quadri HD exterior front and interior back in white background. •...

  • 10,50€
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    Four-color printing on both sides Individual numbers front and back included Universal sizes: 33 x 50 cm Polyester lycra fabrics 100 gr / m2 All...

  • 1,95€
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    Personalized identification cards with 2-pin systems Four-color printing Universal sizes: 20 x 15 cm Non-woven 130 gr / m2, water resistant...

  • 0,00€

    Material: 135 g / m² matt white woodfree offset paperFormat: approx. 30 x 50 mmManufacturing: Double flag, folded up and glued to a wooden pick of...

  • 0,00€

    Material: 250 g / m² FSC® chromoduplex cardboard, white, wood-free with clear back(95 % of recycled materials, 5 % primary fibers)Format: approx....

  • 8,20€
    Price from 5,00€

    Customizable cover for chair back. Personalized printing on the entire surface. Front and back printing Dimensions : 50x40cm (other sizes on...

  • 18,95€
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    Seat cushion printed by color sublimation. The fabric is 100% polyester, the back is waterproof fabric to prevent moisture. Thickness: 2 cm 2...

  • 8,88€
    Price from 4,20€

    Folding stadium cushion iprinted in sublimation. Flame retardant polyester fabrics. The back is waterproof Inside we use certified European foam of...

  • 7,28€
    Price from 2,70€

    Ractangle shaped non-folding stadium cushion. Sublimation printing on flame retardant fabrics Polyester fabrics, the back is waterproof Inside we...

  • 0,00€

    Material: 250 g / m² FSC® chromoduplex cardboard, wood-free, white withclear back (95 % of recycled materials, 5 % primary fibers)Format: see...

  • 7,60€
    Price from 4,80€

    Cushion cover with personalized print all over. Front and back printing Cover size: 42 x 42 cm (other sizes on request) Material: Velvet Supersoft...

  • 7,60€
    Price from 5,03€

    Fabric cushions 100% polyester velor, four-color printed on 1 or 2 sides. Sublimation printing. Standard thickness 10 cm 2 standard sizes : 33 x 33...

  • 7,75€
    Price from 5,60€

    Custom Helmet Cover Teefrom lycra 200 grs / m2. Full four-color sublimation printing. Made to measure. Manufacturing Europe

  • 29,00€
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    Waterproof polyester fabrics Size: 160 x 182 cm 12 holes with rings included Full four-color printing

  • 29,00€
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    • Material: Satin 100% polyester or SV 100% polyester. • Width: 84 mm. • Standard length: 1.80 meters (can be cut according to your needs). •...

  • 0,00€

    DESCRIPTIONEVA handDimensions: 48x23mmThickness: 0.2cmColors according to factory stock1 color 1 face logo

  • 5,25€
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    Eye mask made from polyester Softshell 280 grs / m2 Standard size 9x20cm with elastic band at the back. Four-color sublimation printing. Other...

  • 17,92€
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    Advertising garlands. The standard: flags of 20 × 30 cm,hanging on a 10-meter thread, and printed in four-color. All sizes possible and all shapes...

Showing 1 - 18 of 57 items

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