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  • Personalized flag and advertising banner for an outdoor exhibition

    An indoor or outdoor advertising flag or flame is a very effective device for promoting a brand or company. These promotional banners are personalized to your liking. With its tall shape, a flag can be a challenge to erect a notoriety. A flag is a simple but effective communication solution.

    The ideal installation for an advertising flag is outdoors, it provides great impact and visibility thanks to the resistance of the sail and the large printing surface, printed in high definition.

    Take advantage of the skill of our team and our experience which is available to our customers by providing good value for money. Just a few clicks to create your own outdoor flag.

    What are the contributions of advertising flags?

    One of the main reasons for using a outdoor flag is its flexibility. This communication medium can be used wherever you need it and can be installed anywhere, making it an ideal choice for outdoor advertising. A feather flag is a great design if you want to draw attention to a particular location.

    The other advantage of opting for an advertising flag is its low cost. In addition to its lightness, its inexpensive price sets it apart from other supports. Which means this product won't ruin your wallet. The use of this flag allows you to promote your sales, events or brands. If you're looking to create a visually impactful advertisement, consider the custom banner.

    Advertising flags are ideal for retail locations as they easily convey your brand message. You can customize the flag with your logo and slogan, and it is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions (winds, rains, snows). It can also increase the visibility of your color. Also, they are very effective in communicating your company's strengths, key selling points and other characteristics. One outdoor flag is created to attract potential customers.

    A multitude of outdoor flag choices for your visibility

    At Abcprint, you will discover a wide choice of flags perfect for outdoor displays. Several shapes, formats, colors are available. Choose what suits you best, for example:

    - Flag for car: the fabric veil is in polyester 110 grs/m². The flag is fireproof. This flag is printed on the front alone or on the front and back in four colors with sublimation inks or direct pantone and is machine washable at 30°. The size of the flag is 35 x 24 cm.

    - Advertising flag with telescopic pole: the height of the pole measures 7 meters. To guarantee the stability of the flag, a removable base to be filled with water or sand is included. The printing of the flag is four-color on the front and the back is transparent. Sailing in 100% polyester weighs 110 grs/m². The finishes of the flag are Sewn hem, reinforcement tape and eyelets. Packed in a carry bag upon delivery.

    - The Oriflamme / Windflag Tucan: with PRO aluminum mast - diameter 25 mm. Two options to choose from: standard flag printed with sublimation on the 115g/m² polyester sail, front printing and the back is seen in transparency or Double double-sided flag (independent graphics on both sides, identical or different) - printed with UV LED on fabric blockout 350gr. Available sizes are small, medium, large and x-large.

    - Windflag / Advertising Oriflamme accessories: square base plates from 4 kg to 12 kg, a rotating system, a flat cross foot, a tubular cross foot, a buoy, a water tank base, a standard steel tip , a reinforced steel spike, a screw base, a screw base, a wall base - 45° with rotary system, a wall or floor base - 90° with rotary system, a carrying bag.

    There are many of them on our site, therefore, visit to find out more.

    Create your outdoor flag in just a few clicks

    You can order your outdoor flag (classic flag, trapezium banner, drop of water, rectangular) on our online sales site. Click on the product and complete the contact form. Our team will send you a quick feedback. If the estimate suits you, you can send us a vector file containing your logo, your slogan, or advertising messages. We then make a template. If it's ok, we will go directly to the materialization of your order.

  • Cheer on your team with a supporter flag

    A flag is made of fabric or paper displaying the emblem of a sports club, organization. It is an easily recognizable communication medium. In ancient times, flags are operated as edge panels. In ancient Rome, dragon-like flags were used to indicate military units. In the modern world, flags are used for various purposes.

    When to operate a flag?

    A flag is a great way to send a message. You can employees to express your allegiance to an association, a team or a company. For a company, a supporter flag is experiencing a growing trend thanks to its efficiency and low price. In addition to being economical, light and easy to transport, a flag will increase traffic in your store and make a strong impact. Its cute little size easily draws attention to your products and services. This flag template is an effective choice for marketing your brand. Its clean cut will add an original touch to your showcase.

    During a competition, a match, a sporting event, support your club with a supporter flag. This support can distinguish you from the opposing party. In addition, it is an excellent promotional gift that can increase the notoriety of your association.

    Abcprint Supporter Flag Printing

    A flag, whether small or large, is to be waved to seduce spectators or passers-by. Therefore, to guarantee its visibility, the quality and customization must be impeccable. On Abcprint, you can discover a variety of supporter flag customizable to your color.

    - The 75D polyester flag: the printing of this type of flag is done in four-color digital on the front and the back is noticeable in transparency. Three sizes are available: 15 x 10 cm with a 28 cm rod in PP, 30 x 20 cm with a 35 cm rod in PP, 45 x 30 cm with a 60 cm rod in PP.

    - The flag in RPET 75D: this flag is printed four-digit on the front and the back is transparent. Size 30 x 20 cm with 35 cm rod in PP or 45 x 30 cm with 60 cm rod in PP.

    - The fan advertising flag with wooden handle: created with 100 polyester fabric% grammage 115 grs/m². The printing is done by four-color sublimation on the front and the back is seen in transparency. Personalization makes the flag visible. Several formats are possible.

    - The advertising flag in 200 grs/m² paper: Identical or different four-color printing on each side. Three possible dimensions with a plastic or wooden rod.

    - The poncho flag in 110 grs/m² polyester, flame retardant: four-color printing with sublimation or pantone inks. Machine washable. The available size is 70 x 140 cm.

    Thanks to these flags with different characteristics, you can achieve a surprising result in the market while putting your image high. But this is only possible with an expert in promotional items.

    Who can provide a supporter flag?

    To attract prospects, retain existing customers, optimize sales, our company is the perfect collaborator who will help you achieve your goals. To respect the quality of the printing, you must send us a vectorized print file, otherwise, you send your logo and our manager will do it for you at no additional cost. To satisfy you even more, if you need the product urgently, you can choose the express delivery time or on the contrary the standard delivery time which depends on the quantity of your order. The delivery of your supporter flag will be made on the agreed day.

  • Boost your communication with a personalized table flag with pole

    One custom table flag is an elegant and subtle decoration for any event. These mini flags are suitable for business meetings, conferences, promotional events. This advertising product can be designed according to the type of customer or visitor you will receive. It's a great choice to brighten up a conference room or to promote a brand.

    A beautiful decoration must offer a good impression. Therefore, plebiscite the professional to whom you will entrust your project.

    The personalized table flag: a good marketing tool

    A table flag can be printed with a company logo, slogan, photo or artwork. Several companies choose the mini table flag because of its cheap price, design, easy installation, less bulky transportation. These mini flag designs are available in a multitude of sizes, styles, and colors.

    One custom table flag Also is a perfect and memorable gift for parties or other occasions. Its durability and resistance make it the most popular item. For colleagues, collaborators, clients, make a stylish statement at the best price.

    The best part of the custom flag is its versatility. It operates for a variety of different purposes, from corporate gatherings to promotional events and special occasions. No matter when or where, these displays will set you apart! With a custom table flag, you can communicate your message in a contemporary and chic way.

    A mini flag is a good advertising product that can be displayed on a table or desk. From these locations, you can spread the word about your business. Or for example, a school can market these flags for a fundraiser and alumni can provide them to support the school.

    Choose your custom table flag

    For each flag, you can choose the model that best represents your color. On Abcprint, you will discover:

    - A base of multiple flags: with this product, you can present step flags in different ways. For example, you welcome visitors from other countries, you can put your company flag in the center of these other flags. Different options such as chrome supports, a European block with all member states of the European Union, individual packaging can make your base original.

    - The burger flags: the material used to make these mini flags is 135 grs/m² offset paper. The format is approximately 30 x 50 cm. For better visibility, the flag is printed on both sides.

    - The counter flag: the basic material is satin. A perfect decoration for water sports enthusiasts.

    - The satin table flag: good quality material, 90% polyester. The dimension is 20 x 8 cm. To top it off, HD double-sided printing can create a good visual impact. The structure includes a wooden support.

    - The mini beachflag: it is a very dynamic little flag thanks to its round shape. This elegant flag can be displayed on a counter for an office. In satin 90% polyester, this fabric is printed on both sides to be visible. It includes a wooden structure. Possible options are chrome support, different front and back image, individual packaging.

    Do not hesitate to browse our site to discover other models of mini flags. And please contact us for more information about the custom table flag.

    Place an order with a professional

    For your design custom table flag, call Abcprint, the leader in printing on promotional items. The delivery and printing time of your orders will be made on the scheduled date. Trust a professional.

  • Trade show flag: the perfect POS for your stand

    A flag is a fun medium that decorates the interior or exterior of a store. You can express your messages through a personalized banner. When to design and make a custom flag? For any event, wedding, anniversary, trade show, you can leverage these products to increase your brand awareness and increase your visibility.

    On Abcprint, find the living room flag efficient and practical that meets your expectations. A wide range is spread out there for You.

    Choose the ideal flag to promote a trade show

    A custom banner is the perfect accent for your business event. This product is printed with your design or your logo, which will allow visibility to your company. Customizing your trade show is an affordable way to stand out among the crowd. A flag and also a long-term advertising solution. Why ? Well, the material of construction is created to withstand time, so it can display your brand for as long as possible.

    During an exhibition, fair or other promotional event, a living room flag can enhance your stand without breaking your wallet. Flags on the front of your store, your stand can take the place of a host or a hostess. It welcomes your visitors and decorates your place of sale.

    An advertising flag is great marketing furniture, for example, if you are a restaurant owner and want to introduce a new product during a trade show such as a new burger flavor, you can use the burger flag with the product name and logo. of your company.

    Opt for a trade show flag from our wide range of flags

    Abcprint meets the needs of its customers by offering them several choices in terms of communication support. For a living room flag, you will discover :

    - The burger flags: an ideal flag for restaurants, fast food. Designed with 115 grs/m² offset paper. The size and approximately 30 x 50 cm. This type of double flag, folded and glued on a wooden spike of approx. 100, 125, 150 or 200 mm pointed at one end provides a good visual impact. High definition marking technique makes it more attractive.

    - The flag with office advertising mast. It is a home decoration flag with a telescopic pole adjustable in height from 155 cm to 250 cm. The printing is in four colors to give more value to your image. It is installed next to a counter to attract the attention of visitors. The design material of the flag is a polyester fabric with a weight of 115 grs/m².

    - The standard flag: a communication medium for an indoor or outdoor exhibition which is printed in four-color process on the front and the back is seen in transparency. The hem is sewn as standard. All the possible finishes are the straps, the sheaths, the eyelets, the hooks... This type of flag is visible from afar.

    - The personalized mini flag: perfect for supporters, this small flag is created with FSC offset paper 100 ggrs/m², without wood, matte white. The format of the small flag is approximately 30 x 40 cm. Digital printing on both sides provides excellent visual impact.

    Get in touch with an expert for the realization of your living room flag personalized. This furniture can expose your offers.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 46 items

Advertising flags: Show that you are in your territory!

Highlight your brand image on Advertising flags personalized from Abcprint.Shop. This is the best way to make yourself respected in your activity space. Certainly, faced with the competition which becomes more and more harsh, each one must impose his notoriety to reach the top in the classification, with this, let us present to you the essential tool which you need to ensure that. Well, here are our splendid Advertising flags designed according to your choices and desires. They perfectly embody your professionalism and reinforce your visibility with your target audiences. One of the advantages with Advertising flags, is their very practical side. Indeed, you have the possibility to take them with you wherever you are, in addition, they are suitable both indoors and outdoors.

Abcprint.Shop: Designer of the best Advertising flags

Looking for Advertising flags to advertise at any time? You are in the right place ! Abcprint.Shop creates for you the best Advertising flags whether in terms of price or quality. We are here to make your dreams come true, so don't hesitate to ask us Advertising flags that look like you. What makes us different is that you can validate your products (via a Bat PDF) before printing them.

Be the first to order Advertising flags

Order your advertising flags online. We will communicate the quote to you as soon as possible. Without further ado, please upload your file and make an online payment.