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  • An advertising lounge chair, the ideal advertising tool

    An advertising bouncer is an ideal choice for outdoor marketing. Durable and easy to maintain, it can last for many years, so you won't have to spend a lot of money on long-term communication. If you want to use a promotional product, you can choose a reasonably priced but functional product, such as the advertising lounge chair.

    Whether you use the chair at your next event or use it on a patio, in the garden, on a beach, you will be sure to reap the benefits of its quality.

    Say yes, for an advertising lounge chair

    The history of advertising lounge chairs dates back to the 19th century. The use of decorative chairs as an advertising tool has given companies a boost in promoting their products and/or services. In addition to its practical value to the customer, a advertising lounge chair can also be an extension of the company's brand image. Its attractive design and comfort make potential customers feel at home.

    In addition to being outdoor, a chair can also be used in an office or in trade shows. These chairs are perfect for relaxing and strengthening business-customer bonds. Your company logo can be printed on the durable canvas.

    When launching a commercial campaign, it is crucial to have a good strategy. Well-designed and optimized advertising is an effective way to attract new customers. But first, know your target since it plays a key role in successful advertising.

    Abcprint Armless Lounge Chairs

    Do you want a good advertising medium for your events? But which one? On the Abcprint website, there are several models of inexpensive, robust and trendy advertising deckchairs. All of our loungers provide you with long-lasting communication and offer you opportunities.

    - The Premium chaise longue is a classic deckchair with four-color printing. A thicker and very solid structure. This deckchair model is available in two different sizes.

    - The lounge chair without armrests, with a pillow. The canvas and the pillow are fully customizable with images, logo, slogan, advertising texts.

    - A deckchair without armrests, with footrest and sun visor. Several sizes are available. You can also personalize this trendy chair.

    - The personalized children's deckchair. It is customizable in four colors or in 1 color screen printing. A multitude of options are possible to meet your needs. The frame is made of durable natural wood.

    Young and old alike can enjoy a good siesta with a advertising logue chair. This is an opportunity to print advertising messages on it.

    Contact an expert to create your projects.

    For the manufacture of a advertising lounge chair, place your order online. But first, visit our site, you can find out the product features there. Then click on the product that best suits you. Order and send us the vector file, this will allow us to make a model. The delivery of your purchases will be made from the day you validate the proof. For further information, contact our team. Your order will be delivered within the expected time.

  • A trendy and comfortable space with personalized deckchairs

    A custom chair can be made to match a personal or business location. The perfect way to woo clients or guests is to personalize your chair. The personalized deckchairs unique and original are made not only for taking a nap, but also for decorating a garden, a terrace, a bedroom, an office and even trade shows.

    Create a custom chair based on the style and functionality of the room. Visit the Abcrint website to discover our personalized promotional items.

    Excellent communication with personalized sunbeds.

    It's summer and you want to take advantage of it to sunbathe and sip a good lemonade or a summer sangria? All you need is a good, durable lounge chair to make yourself comfortable on the terrace or balcony. Also called personalized deckchair or advertising Chilean, this personalized outdoor object can support you during your nap and can also be associated with a personalized parasol.

    Cooperated by several companies especially hotels, restaurants, personalized deckchairs are the ideal furniture to accommodate customers while spreading its brand image. To improve your visibility in front of existing customers or prospects, this is an opportunity to place a nice support.

    Whether you need a chair for personal or professional use, loungers are the perfect solution. Therefore, for lasting comfort, ask an expert.

    Deckchair customization at Abcprint

    So you like a stylish, cozy and original product? Do you carry out an outdoor commercial activity? Do you want to make a good impression? The solution is the personalization of your advertising products. Logo, advertising text, family photo or other visual, choose what you prefer! To make your personalized deckchairs, the color of the fabric and to take into consideration.

    On our online store, we offer several models of personalized deckchairs of superior quality and at a satisfactory price. The deckchair with classic armrests, the deckchair with armrest and removable fabric, the lounge chair with armrests and cup holders, the "BUJAK" lounge chair, etc. To be offered as a promotional gift or to be used as decoration, the deckchair is a product 100% customizable that will brighten up a space. The wooden structure resists the weight of an adult, to bad weather.

  • Personalized giant deckchair: for XXL communication

    A personalized deckchair, also known by several Chilean advertising names or personalized chair, is a piece of furniture made to meet the needs of a party or event. It is available with or without armrests. On your deckchair, enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation in the garden, by the pool or on your balcony. With this product, you can make your decoration original. You can also give it as a gift. And to benefit from a large printing area for your personal or advertising message, the custom giant deckchair is the ideal solution. To do this, browse our site to discover your deckchair model.

    A personalized deckchair in the color of your company

    A logo, a slogan, an advertising message, or other visual all this is printed on the fabric of the deckchair to allow you to highlight your brand image. A deckchair is a decorative item that combines comfort and optimum advertising impact. The advantage of custom giant deckchair of Abcprint, it is above all the large canvas that offers great visibility. This deckchair model is used in several circumstances. In spring as in summer, the deckchair is an object of communication which is installed outside to make customers relax.

    A customizable deckchair is an excellent idea to be offered as a business gift for customers as a thank you for their loyalty or for colleagues for their efforts at work. In addition to a logo, you can also print the calendar of the year.

    Adult or child, a personalized deckchair is for everyone!

    Our range of personalized giant deckchairs

    On our site, you can choose the deckchair model that suits you from our ranges of custom giant deckchair : the “GRAND” deckchair, a customizable item with a beech wood structure with three-step backrest angle adjustment to ensure protection. The canvas is your choice, in 100% polyester or in 50 % polyester and 50 % cotton. There is also the double deckchair printed in four-color sublimation, Seat fabric in polyester, the structure in beech wood with natural finish. And the giant deckchair which can support 2 to 4 people, to modify the decoration, the canvas of this chair is interchangeable and is printed in four colors without limit of color on a canvas of white color, the wood which consists of support is in pine . This deckchair model is available in MINIBIG, MIDIBIG and BIGXXL formats. Several sizes are available.

    For the beach or for a professional salon, recommend the custom giant deckchair from a professional. A foldable and superior quality stand that satisfies your requirements. The delivery time of your order will be marked in the estimate.

  • Opt for personalized products for children: chairs or armchairs

    A chair or an armchair? They are interior or exterior decoration furniture on which everyone can relax to take full advantage of the sun during the summer and sip a cold drink in complete safety. At Abcprint, a chair can be personalized with first names and visuals. For your gardens, terraces, balconies or on the beach, nothing better than a stylish and original object to be comfortable.

    On our site, you will have the choice between a chair with armrest or a chair without armrests. Each model of custom chair is made to match any room. In a company, a chair can be used for marketing purposes.

    A personalized chair: a good business tool

    For professionals, an advertisement with a custom chair is a good strategy to attract customers. It is also a perfect communication object that represents the color of your company. Indeed, the customization of a chair is done according to your requirements. Adopting this type of furniture allows your business to stand out from the competition. Original, it can brighten up your commercial stand. In addition to being a decoration, a chair is a great idea for an original gift to broadcast advertising messages.

    The use of a chair is done in several ways. During promotional trade shows, a seat can accommodate visitors comfortably. Sometimes, a chair is placed outdoors, especially in summer, this support can also be installed indoors during the winter.

    Compact, a chair can be moved easily and is easy to install and maintain. It can also dress up the baby or child's room.

    Custom chair printing

    The wooden structure of the chair makes it very popular with professionals. A chair is a sturdy piece of furniture. On our online store, there are several sizes that are available to you. With us, the chairs have a backrest in canvas 100% customizable. Our custom chair is a quality product that meets the demand of your potential customers.

    Therefore, to create comfort for your barges, all you need to do is find a custom chair to make them have a good time.

    Order a custom chair

    With our state-of-the-art machines, dare to bring a touch of originality to your advertising media. So to realize your custom chair, contact our team.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 30 items

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being on the clouds? No ? Use the Customizable deckchairs from Abcprint.Shop

Getting some rest doesn't hurt after a busy day. So take your time relaxing on Customizable deckchairs designed exclusively at Abcprint.Shop. No need for a sleeping pill to be in the arms of Morpheus, simply move your Customizable deckchair and relax. In addition, nothing better than to enjoy this beautiful moment for two, so double your deckchair to please your partner.

Customizable deckchairs : An innovative idea to advertise your brand

At big events, don't be shy to stand out from the crowd by printing your image or logo on Customizable deckchairs. People are going to be very surprised to see this since they don't expect to see you like this. Therefore, when launching your products, be unique with Customizable deckchairs.

At Abcprint.Shop: A wide range of Customizable deckchairs At your disposal

Carry out at Abcprint.Shop your Customizable deckchairs. Indeed, we offer you various choices of Customizable deckchairs, all of top quality and with very attractive prices. In addition, before printing your Customizable deckchairs, our graphic designers first send you a Bat PDF to validate by yourself.

Get your Customizable deckchairs

Please order your customizable deckchairs online. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible to give you the quote. That way, you won't have to wait forever to download your file and pay online.


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