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  • The importance of advertising chocolate marketing for the business

    How can a box of chocolate promote your identity? The quality of the product and the advertising could play a role in this strategy. And how does an advertising campaign that includes your business brand contribute to the achievement of your goals? The strength of an advertisement lies in its ability to reach and communicate with the general public. In our current age, half of targets' time is spent on social media, texting, emailing and other forms of communication. So, to ensure good visibility, a marketer needs to have an effective brand image and create messages that resonate with consumers.

    But how do you create an effective visual impact with advertising chocolate brand ? Visuals speak louder than words, so you have to go beyond the word 'tasty'! Marketing with gourmet products may seem unusual but the feedback will be positive. By using Lindt Chocolate Assortments as an advertising tool, you will increase your visibility while building your brand awareness. These factors, associated with increased sales, will have a far-reaching effect on your bottom line. The advertising chocolate is a way to earn more profit.

    Promotional chocolate as a business gift

    One of the most effective ways to nurture and improve your image is to give a box of Lindt chocolate as a gift to your associates, business partners, loyal customers or associations. You can print your logo, name, designs or other graphics on the gift box. It helps to share your messages.

    The advertising chocolate is a good visual communication medium that pleases the retina. A chocolate box has a versatile character. The good packaging also promotes recognition of your identity. So select the color, shape and size of the cabinet that suits the situation. Treats arranged in a pretty box offer a unique and original way to display your activity. A gourmet box can be distributed during a new product launch, a chocolate fair, a gastronomic fair, or other events.

    Several companies offer advertising chocolate to improve employee productivity, attract potential customers and drive sales. It is proven that employees work better, produce a healthier work environment, and earn more when they are allowed to enjoy their jobs.

    Advertising chocolate from Abcprint

    Chocolate gifts can be enjoyed at any time of the year during birthdays, Easter, Christmas, New Year, Mother's Day, Father's Day, not to mention Valentine's Day or just for fun. It is a very famous product. When you think of giving a gift, whether business or personal, consider the recipient's taste.

    There are different models of the box advertising chocolate Lindt on our site. Here are a few examples, the delight box, the gusset box, the berlingot box, the heart box, the cube box… These boxes each come with Lindt chocolates that you like.

    For a delight box, you can choose to personalize it with your choice:

    - 15 Lindor milk or dark

    - 15 Mini rabbit

    - 30 mini Lindt excellence milk or dark

    - 70 mini milk heart

    For a heart box, you have the choice between garnishing with:

    - 10 mini excellence milk or dark

    - 20 mini milk hearts

    - 4 milk or dark lindor

    - 4 mini rabbits

    - 5 milk or dark lindor

    - 5 mini rabbits

    - 6 Lindor milk or dark

    Our gourmet boxes are built with 330 grs / m² cardboard. And to give a more attractive look, two finishes are possible, with glossy or soft touch lamination.

    About the customization, all the boxes of advertising chocolate are printed in full color HD to enhance the graphics. Printing plays a major role in the visibility of a brand. Note that there are also personalized correspondence cards to convey advertising or personal messages.

    Abcprint: the advertising object specialist

    Abcprint is a printing company from France which specializes in the printing of advertising objects. We have thousands of French, European and other products on our platform. Discover among these products the advertising chocolate Lindt created by a Swiss master chocolatier since the 19th century. Place an order without waiting for a long time.

  • The Alsace gourmet basket: an effective way to attract attention

    Gourmet baskets are ranked among the best ways to market your business for promotional purposes. With a cabinet garnished with tasty gluttony, you can build an unmistakable appeal that will help you get known in an irresistible way. The baskets can be designed according to your wishes. Various promotional products are included to help you reach your targets. Here are some examples of products, terrines, wine, beer, jams and many others.

    The Alsace gourmet basket is one of the best promotional gifts to attract customers. They are ideal for business gifts as well as for personal use. You can give the same to employees on an appropriate occasion. This basket showcases products and services in an elegant way.

    On the Abcprint website, you can choose the box that suits you: a wooden tray, a padded bag, a round imitation leather basket, a cardboard case, a cardboard box, a basket with movable handles, a tray, a tray with finger pocket, a kraft cardboard box. These are the boxes with a simple design that can be used to promote your brand.

    The Alsace gourmet basket filled with assortments of luxury goods fits your budget. By choosing a quality gift, you can win over a large number of customers. It is necessary that the food and its packaging be attractive.

    The gourmet box to offer: a marketing idea for your business

    Gourmet boxes are marketing tools that can take your business to new heights. They can attract guests and potential customers. Abcprint specializes in gourmet gift baskets. The idea of providing customers with a business gift is an excellent one for good marketing.

    The gourmet basket offer is a ubiquitous advertising strategy that provides a unique way to promote your brand. A box set offers an effective way to generate interest in your brand and message. A gourmet box to offer for marketing includes a collection of tempting goodies that your target audience will appreciate.

    There are many advantages to offering a gourmet box to offer for marketing purposes. The most obvious is that you give something to snack on so that people can eat while traveling. Make sure you take the time to choose 100 products% French. Your customers will be grateful to you for giving them an original gift with refined foods.

    Order your gourmet basket at Abcprint to set yourself apart from the competition. Collaborate with an expert to design your advertising box. This is the most effective way to attract target audiences and strengthen the relationship. From a professional as well as personal point of view, the gourmet box helps strengthen ties thanks to the delicious treats arranged in the pretty basket. Take the taste buds of your targets on a journey with the gourmet gift box and see for yourself the result. You will not regret it.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 135 items

Gastronomy to satisfy your taste buds

For many years, being a gourmet chef was a very honored profession. A gourmet chef brings together knowledge of cooking sciences, culinary art and gastronomy to form the best dishes with optimal health, taste and pleasure. These are the people of creating new and improved recipes mastering the art of gastronomy. Gastronomy has taken center stage in the modern world with the development of variety of techniques in food science and gastronomy.

Gastronomy is known to many people as the art of cooking and displaying exquisite and appetizing food. The leather art and presentation of gourmet food were used by early settlers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The history of gastronomy can be traced back to 7th century British Columbia in China. The art of gastronomy for all occasions combines art, science and gastronomic passion.

Global gastronomy has become a crucial part of society, especially as it has become more acceptable and necessary to consume food from other countries around the world. It is used in business as well as in social affairs. The gourmet cuisine of one nation becomes the standard for the taste of another and it is used as a marketing tool to differ from products within a given industry or to promote a particular brand. Gastronomy is now part of our culture and can be considered a unique art form.

Why order a delicious and inexpensive gourmet basket?

Gourmet boxes for special events are always a hit in the office, at home and even at the dinner table. Whether filled with delicious food or chocolates, or specialty cakes like royal madeleines, you could go wrong when it comes to a gourmet basket. One of the best things about them is the variety of goodies available. There is a wide selection of perfect gourmet baskets several times over at Abcprint. If you are looking for a unique gift idea, event communication medium, a gourmet basket is the best way to go. A personalized gourmet basket for your special occasion can be a low cost, unusual way to impress the target without blowing your budget.

Why pay a lot of money on a gourmet basket, when you can get the same quality product for a fraction of the cost? By choosing a gourmet gift basket for personal events, you can show your loved ones how much you appreciate them. There are so many choices available in gourmet baskets that it's bound to be the ones that fit your budget, or that will work well for a specific occasion. For example, gourmet baskets for baby showers, weddings, birthdays and other special events are possible for as little money.

Many vendors offer a wide selection of gourmet items to sample. Abcprint offers very famous and original gourmet boxes, such as the enchantment of the great east, sweet delicacies, the gourmet setting. These are just a few overviews, and there are plenty of other gourmet box options. The important thing about these baskets is that they are available in so many flavors that you are sure to enjoy. For example, there are wine, small cakes, terrines.

Lindt personalized chocolate: a good quality promotional product

Lindt Promotional Chocolate is an important communications product that can effectively communicate all the required information about your business. Children and adults alike love chocolate. Giving chocolate as a promotional gift is an innovative idea for business leaders. It's a great way to promote your brand image and create a positive effect on the business.

At Abcprint you can buy different types of Lindt promotional chocolate to suit your taste and budget. There is the matching praline which contains a variety of Lindt personalized chocolates. You can order as you wish. The price range may vary depending on the box you want.

If you want to give promotional gifts to customers and employees, this is the perfect alternative. Customers and employees love beautiful personalized boxes. It makes them feel like they are important. The personalized Lindt chocolate was personally wrapped by the Lindt advertising company. In addition, you can choose the type of chocolate according to your wishes.

It is not difficult to find a supplier who offers personalized advertising chocolate for marketing purposes. You just need to do a little research on the internet and you will find the Abcprint.Shop site.

Some taste of Abcprint's gastronomy

A personalized gastronomic is one of the most famous promotional means today. Who doesn't love to eat delicious food on a special occasion or time? You can give a gift to your clients or associates to show your deep gratitude for their valuable contribution to your business. It is important to promote your business with effective promotional products to increase your customer base and bring more business growth. With the help of Abcprint, the specialist in promotional items, you can achieve your marketing goal.

There are different kinds of gourmet baskets on the site, here are some examples:

- The aperitif in celebration, this gourmet basket is filled with tasty delicacies such as a Pinot noir from Côtes de Toul Vincent Gorny 75 cl, a beer la bête des Vosges in 75 cl, 8 °, a tray of mini puff pastry twists with tomato in 60 grs, a country terrine with plums flavors of Lorraine 100g, a Lorraine terrine with the beast of the Vosges in 100 grs, a Lorraine sausage, smoked with beech wood, a rillette my little chicken, in 100 grs, flavors de Lorraine, all this accompanied by a stainless steel sommelier, a beer coaster with integrated bottle opener.

- Sweet treats, the box contains a Limorabelle, 75 cl the good taste of Mirabelle with bubbles, a tasty Carré of Fruit Paste with Mirabelle, artisanal manufacture, 90 g, a fir honey from the jura, in 125 gr , a bag of Fruits de Pays candies, Confiserie la Bressaude, 150 g, an Assortment of Mendiants, 95 g "Chocolaterie de Tucquegnieux", a verrine of artisanal Morello cherry jam from Montmorency de Lorraine, Flavors of Lorraine 250 g, Real Madeleines de Liverdun, box of 12, 250 g

- The gourmet case is garnished with red wine from Comté Tolosan, Tarani 75 cl, block of foie gras in 150 gr, duck meadow, duck liver fondant with duck breast, with 20% of foie gras, without pork and without alcohol, in 80gr, of sundried tomato and basil verrine, in 100 gr, of 8-bite-size tablet of milk chocolate and speculoos in 75gr, of jar of Miel de Lorraine, all flowers, 125 g Maison Dronet, of individual royal Madeleine of Commercy…

Lindt chocolates also have their place:

- The delight box which can contain chocolates of your choice 15 Lindor, 15 Mini Rabbit, 30 Mini excellence, 70 Mini Milk heart,

- The gusset box which can be personalized with 10 Lindor Milk or Black 45%, 10 Mini rabbit, 20 Mini excellence Milk or dark 70%, 50 mini milk hearts.

- The berlingot box with your choice of 10 Mini excellence Milk or 70 black%, 20 Mini milk heart, 5 Lindor Milk or dark 45%, 5 mini rabbits ...

To learn more, browse the category Gastronomy on Abcprint.Shop. Ask for a quote and we deliver it for free and quickly. We hope you will contact us immediately. Goodbye !


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