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Cheer on your team with a supporter flag

A flag is made of fabric or paper displaying the emblem of a sports club, organization. It is an easily recognizable communication medium. In ancient times, flags are operated as edge panels. In ancient Rome, dragon-like flags were used to indicate military units. In the modern world, flags are used for various purposes.

When to operate a flag?

A flag is a great way to send a message. You can employees to express your allegiance to an association, a team or a company. For a company, a supporter flag is experiencing a growing trend thanks to its efficiency and low price. In addition to being economical, light and easy to transport, a flag will increase traffic in your store and make a strong impact. Its cute little size easily draws attention to your products and services. This flag template is an effective choice for marketing your brand. Its clean cut will add an original touch to your showcase.

During a competition, a match, a sporting event, support your club with a supporter flag. This support can distinguish you from the opposing party. In addition, it is an excellent promotional gift that can increase the notoriety of your association.

Abcprint Supporter Flag Printing

A flag, whether small or large, is to be waved to seduce spectators or passers-by. Therefore, to guarantee its visibility, the quality and customization must be impeccable. On Abcprint, you can discover a variety of supporter flag customizable to your color.

- The 75D polyester flag: the printing of this type of flag is done in four-color digital on the front and the back is noticeable in transparency. Three sizes are available: 15 x 10 cm with a 28 cm rod in PP, 30 x 20 cm with a 35 cm rod in PP, 45 x 30 cm with a 60 cm rod in PP.

- The flag in RPET 75D: this flag is printed four-digit on the front and the back is transparent. Size 30 x 20 cm with 35 cm rod in PP or 45 x 30 cm with 60 cm rod in PP.

- The fan advertising flag with wooden handle: created with 100 polyester fabric% grammage 115 grs/m². The printing is done by four-color sublimation on the front and the back is seen in transparency. Personalization makes the flag visible. Several formats are possible.

- The advertising flag in 200 grs/m² paper: Identical or different four-color printing on each side. Three possible dimensions with a plastic or wooden rod.

- The poncho flag in 110 grs/m² polyester, flame retardant: four-color printing with sublimation or pantone inks. Machine washable. The available size is 70 x 140 cm.

Thanks to these flags with different characteristics, you can achieve a surprising result in the market while putting your image high. But this is only possible with an expert in promotional items.

Who can provide a supporter flag?

To attract prospects, retain existing customers, optimize sales, our company is the perfect collaborator who will help you achieve your goals. To respect the quality of the printing, you must send us a vectorized print file, otherwise, you send your logo and our manager will do it for you at no additional cost. To satisfy you even more, if you need the product urgently, you can choose the express delivery time or on the contrary the standard delivery time which depends on the quantity of your order. The delivery of your supporter flag will be made on the agreed day.


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