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Trade show flag: the perfect POS for your stand

A flag is a fun medium that decorates the interior or exterior of a store. You can express your messages through a personalized banner. When to design and make a custom flag? For any event, wedding, anniversary, trade show, you can leverage these products to increase your brand awareness and increase your visibility.

On Abcprint, find the living room flag efficient and practical that meets your expectations. A wide range is spread out there for You.

Choose the ideal flag to promote a trade show

A custom banner is the perfect accent for your business event. This product is printed with your design or your logo, which will allow visibility to your company. Customizing your trade show is an affordable way to stand out among the crowd. A flag and also a long-term advertising solution. Why ? Well, the material of construction is created to withstand time, so it can display your brand for as long as possible.

During an exhibition, fair or other promotional event, a living room flag can enhance your stand without breaking your wallet. Flags on the front of your store, your stand can take the place of a host or a hostess. It welcomes your visitors and decorates your place of sale.

An advertising flag is great marketing furniture, for example, if you are a restaurant owner and want to introduce a new product during a trade show such as a new burger flavor, you can use the burger flag with the product name and logo. of your company.

Opt for a trade show flag from our wide range of flags

Abcprint meets the needs of its customers by offering them several choices in terms of communication support. For a living room flag, you will discover :

- The burger flags: an ideal flag for restaurants, fast food. Designed with 115 grs/m² offset paper. The size and approximately 30 x 50 cm. This type of double flag, folded and glued on a wooden spike of approx. 100, 125, 150 or 200 mm pointed at one end provides a good visual impact. High definition marking technique makes it more attractive.

- The flag with office advertising mast. It is a home decoration flag with a telescopic pole adjustable in height from 155 cm to 250 cm. The printing is in four colors to give more value to your image. It is installed next to a counter to attract the attention of visitors. The design material of the flag is a polyester fabric with a weight of 115 grs/m².

- The standard flag: a communication medium for an indoor or outdoor exhibition which is printed in four-color process on the front and the back is seen in transparency. The hem is sewn as standard. All the possible finishes are the straps, the sheaths, the eyelets, the hooks... This type of flag is visible from afar.

- The personalized mini flag: perfect for supporters, this small flag is created with FSC offset paper 100 ggrs/m², without wood, matte white. The format of the small flag is approximately 30 x 40 cm. Digital printing on both sides provides excellent visual impact.

Get in touch with an expert for the realization of your living room flag personalized. This furniture can expose your offers.