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The vast majority of our products are customizable.

We are not an automated online ordering website: you don't have to be an expert in graphics to order: we adapt and rework your files, at no extra cost.

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Personalized non-woven polyester tablecloth 70 to 160 grs / m², Rolls of width 80 to 160 cm, and length of 20, 40 or 50 meters.

Printing in 1 or 2 colors, or four-color

Repetition of a visual throughout the rolls

2 distinct products:

- Sublimation printing, from 50 meters, in four-color process, over a period of 2 weeks.

- Heliographic printing, from 2500 meters, in 1 or 2 colors, over a period of 4 weeks.

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Date de livraison prévue : 15 / 12 / 2021
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Sublimation printing

Price of non-woven tablecloths 110 grs / m2

Roller width80 cm100 cm120 cm140 cm160 cm
Number of colors Quadri
Roll length: 50 meters
1 roll€ 374.00€ 495.00€ 511.50€ 522.50€ 528.00
5 rolls€ 336.60€ 445.50€ 460.90€ 469.70€ 475.20
10 rolls€ 317.90€ 420.20€ 434.50€ 444.40€ 448.80
15 rolls€ 261.80€ 346.50€ 357.50€ 366.30€ 369.60
30 rolls€ 209.00€ 277.20€ 286.00€ 292.60€ 295.90
60 rolls€ 187.00€ 247.50€ 255.20€ 261.80€ 264.00
100 rolls€ 170.50€ 222.20€ 229.90€ 235.40€ 237.60
125 rolls€ 159.50€ 211.20€ 223.30€ 229.90€ 229.90

Photographer printing

Price of non-woven tablecloths 110 grs / m2

Roller width120 cm
Number of colorsQuadri
Roll length: 50 meters
1 roll€ 562.65
5 rolls€ 506.99
10 rolls€ 477.95
15 rolls€ 393.25
30 rolls€ 314.60
60 rolls€ 280.72
100 rolls€ 252.89
125 rolls€ 245.63

Transport ht:

24.00 € up to 2 rolls
39.00 € up to 5 rolls
49.00 € up to 10 rolls
69.00 € up to 30 rolls
89.00 € up to 70 rolls

110.00 up to 125 rolls

Print / delivery time : 2 weeks


Non-woven 120 grs / m²: ecological product from the recycling of plastic bottles in PET: +25%
Non-woven 150 grs / m²: +25% - Non-woven 180 grs / m²: +60%
M1 standard: + 15%
Eyelets: 0.30 € / unit
Individual cutting of banners: 0.60 € ht / unit
Individual packaging (plastic bag): 0.90 € / unit

The advertising tablecloth: the effective marketing tool for advertising

A tablecloth for fairs or exhibition shows are created to raise awareness of the brand image. This product is very influential since it helps build brand awareness of the company. This promotional medium should be chosen in such a way that it draws a strong visual impact on the customers. A tablecloth can be made of paper, cotton, plastic or non-woven polyester.

A advertising tablecloth is an identity for your name and a good way to show your employees, suppliers and customers the importance of the brand you want to promote. Indeed, a personalized tablecloth can display your company logo anywhere. The design of a tablecloth for trade shows should provide a positive impression on the shoppers.

Excellent visibility with the advertising tablecloth

An advertising table for your advertising campaign is a crucial component of your marketing toolbox. This is where your products, your services will be presented. This furniture is used by several companies who wish to optimize sales.

To ensure better visibility, you should choose a advertising tablecloth proportional to your table since if the tablecloth is too short or too long, it obstructs the view. Also, to boost the decor, we advise you to add some eye-catching items such as vases, roll-ups, garlands ...

About the quality. No matter what material you use to cover your table, quality plays a key role in communication and our tablecloths each have advantages related to their material. It's also important to keep the design and message simple. This is one of the best ways to grab the attention of customers and is the key to your show's success.

The color game is a solution to effectively attract prospects. Adapt the tablecloth to the colors of your theme, it will reach an abundant amount of customers. The advertising tablecloth should look clean and fresh.

What are the characteristics of the Abcprint advertising tablecloth?

At the restaurant, a advertising tablecloth is a special feature. This offers great appeal in attracting prospects through the sight and also showcases the restaurant and its offerings. He becomes his figure and is displayed indoors or outdoors.

The target of a advertising tablecloth is not only to present the special offer or the edible products, but also to improve the communication of the company. During commercial events, fairs and trade shows the tablecloth helps to publicize the company especially when it accompanies your stand.

Our tablecloths are made with high-end non-woven polyester from 70 to 160 grs / m². This material is similar to real fabric. The tablecloth is ordered on a roll. You have the choice on the desired quantity and the dimension ranging from 80 to 160 cm in width and 20, 40 or 50 meters in lengths. You can cut the roll according to the format of your table: rectangular or square. We can also deliver already cut tablecloths to you.

Printing your tablecloth wins the trust of customers. With us, you have two options: from 50 meters, printing is done by four-color sublimation and from 2500 meters, heliography printing in 1 or 2 colors. A repetition of a visual is possible throughout the roll.

Grab your advertising tablecloth at Abcprint

A multitude of advertising tablecloths that match the shape of your table is available from us. The price is in accordance with the product supplied.

Order your advertising tablecloth on our platform. Request a quote, validate it. Download your file to print, send it to us. We send you a proof in return. If you grant it, we move on to making your purchase a reality. We will deliver it in the shortest time, which is 7 days with standard shipping and 5 days with express.

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