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Advertising table

K-Nappe tissus


Polyester printed fabric table 205g/m2.

Four-colour or pantone printing; with sublimation inks.

Hem sewn, fireproof and washable.

Rectangle or round cut.

We print on rolls of 3-30 meters.
Beyond that, a seam will be needed.

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How to use a cheap advertising slick for business communication?

It is true that these days competition is fierce, in addition, different types of advertising media are popping up everywhere. Faced with this harshness, do you want to improve your position in the market? The solution is a cheap advertising tablecloth. It is a very popular and useful promotional tool and can be a great investment if the user uses it correctly.

This type of advertising medium is used not only to promote a company's products and services, but also to enhance the brand image. Indeed, this personalized table linen serves as a sales and promotion tool.

An advertising tablecloth can also be used for a perfect decoration of your establishment or your showroom during trade shows, fairs ... With this technique you will be able to attract the attention of visitors. A tablecloth creates an impressive friendly atmosphere, especially if it is designed with quality materials and has received a special treatment that makes its structure unique. One of the major advantages of cheap advertising tablecloth is that it does not harm your wallet ie you can set aside money for other uses.

What do we gain with a cheap advertising tablecloth?

Many companies wanting to boost their turnover call on effective communication media for better revenue. You are currently what a cheap advertising tablecloth can earn you.

Superb visual communication. A personalized advertising tablecloth is good for disclosing your visual messages to your potential customers. Through this method, you can reach a target market.

Profitability. A tablecloth is a cost effective means of advertising. When you use an inexpensive tablecloth for an advertisement, you can save money by reducing the number of impressions made and the cost of labor.

A strengthened image. If visitors see your logo or name or other visual elements on a communication tool, they necessarily associate it with your business. A link between brand and products is born. Therefore, promoting your business requires the establishment of an advertising slick.

Lots of attention. Compared to other inexpensive advertising posters, a tablecloth can make you stand out in no time.

The use of a cheap advertising tablecloth for your campaign gives you the opportunity to woo your target audience. A good quality product will support a message that your business will be able to effectively convey to prospects.

The inexpensive advertising tablecloth in polyester fabric from ABCprint

No matter the size of your advertising table, square, round or rectangular, cover it with a cheap advertising tablecloth made with a polyester canvas 205 grs / m². We use good quality canvas for the design of its tablecloths. The polyester fabric canvas lasts and resists wear longer. In addition, we offer a stitched hem finish for fabric tablecloths. This type of tablecloth is washable and has received a treatment to be fire retardant.

A tablecloth is classic but by personalizing it, it becomes unique. To provide a better visual rendering to the tablecloths, we have chosen to opt for a four-color or pantone printing with sublimation inks. This HD printing technique offers visibility to your stand.

Regarding the format and color. You can order a custom tablecloth that fits your table. For the color, we have various choices available in our stock. Pick a color that blends with your theme and the surroundings.

An inexpensive advertising tablecloth order from an expert

Abcprint has a wide choice of personalized advertising tablecloths and other advertising media. Printing your tablecloth at a specialist is a good idea for action to be taken since printing increases awareness and visibility.

Trust our online printing house for your advertising. Our site can offer you a cheap advertising tablecloth of any form. Send us your quote request, we will process it upon receipt. We also guarantee fast delivery.

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