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Solid Clay Beach Ball


Inflatable beach ball, compliant with EN71 standard.

Material: PVC.

Diameter : 33.00 cm. Weight : 38 grs. Origin : CHINA

Printing of your text and / or logo : In pad printing of 1 to 4 colors.

In 1 color: max size 100x42 mm

In 2, 3 and 4 colors: max size: 55x55 mm

Colors: Yellow (122C), White, Red (186C), Orange (1495C), Light pink (210C), Blue (2196C), Green (2293C)

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The inflatable advertising balloon, a powerful communication product

It is the degree or intensity with which sales operations capture the attention of the target audience that determines their success. Use flashy advertising tactics to entice your prospects to come to your trade show or get your target audience in quickly. To achieve your promotional objective, this signage can be very advantageous.

Get ahead of your competition by opting for the inflatable advertising balloon

The use of a inflatable advertising balloon remains a unique method to make your sign stand out from the crowd. You can find on our store Abcprint.Shop a selection of inflatable balloons to add a special touch to your sales strategy, communication initiatives or events.

Available in a variety of sizes, colors and designs to meet any marketing need, these media present an innovative idea that is extremely appealing to the general public. To ensure the transmission of messages, decorate a room or increase the visibility of your brand at various events such as exhibitions and cultural events, it is a versatile means of communication.

This operation allows you to acquire a large-scale distribution and thus reach the greatest number of people in a minimum of time. Original and attractive, you will improve your credibility in the eyes of your partners. In addition, you have the option of personalizing it to match your company's image.

Choose the balloons to promote your business or your identity

Party balloons are other types of promotional balloons. This equipment is one of the most profitable forms of promotion. Small businesses with a limited budget will find that printed balloons are ideal because they can be reused for several years. Small advertising balloons are inexpensive and great for branding your product or business.

They're a great way to grab an employee's attention and deliver a crucial message. It only takes a few hundred balloons for your brand to grab the attention of all visitors within a 1 km² area of a store. Make this product the driving force behind your marketing and advertising efforts. We offer you state-of-the-art services, such as superior printing machines, high-quality products and continuous technical support.

Inflatable advertising balloon to decorate your events

The business efficiency of inflatable balloons is the reason so many companies rely on them. This product is the center of attraction for guests at commercial or popular events. In addition, balloons are attractive due to their style and uniqueness. Their cost is reasonable compared to their effectiveness.

These inflatables are ideal for decorating the scene at promotional events. Its main advantage is its long range visibility. It also attracts targets with ease. the inflatable advertising balloon a necessary element to accompany traditional communication products such as flyers, brochures and leaflets.

Instantly grab the public's attention with a helium advertising balloon

Your logo suspended in the air, high, hanging from the ceiling or planted on the ground, will ensure maximum visibility. It is the most popular means of communication today to boost your image. The airship sphere inflated with helium does not encumber a tiny space because they are not fixed to the ground.

A hot air balloon will help to establish a positive and permanent image in the minds of consumers who will attend the event for at least 24 hours. You can choose its size and color. Cheaper than other forms of communication, this technology allows you to communicate at a lower cost.

Practical advertising inflatable structure for your commercial stand

Easy to install, you can take it anywhere with you to improve your business reputation. You can also use it to advertise your company at any type of event: a trade show, sporting event, exhibition or open house.

This inflatable advertising balloon, air or helium, remains a light and portable element. It is useful because it can be easily stored in a tight space. Offering a 360-degree view, it is visible for miles when it has a significant size. One of its most valuable features is that it can be reused multiple times. Choose a color that complements your graphic charter, an original design that reflects your area of expertise.

Make it easier to remember your message with the advertising balloon

Simple to set up, this support is the ideal product to successfully communicate your message to your customer. In order to remind customers of your expertise or your services, this marketing object. You can add photos or text to it as you like.

Advertising communication techniques are extremely important in the business world, where competition is fierce. Your logos can be printed on only one side of the ball or all over its surface if desired. If you choose the giant balloons, you will have access to a large printing surface on which you can stick your advertising messages. To find out the cost of a ball, go to Abcprint.Shop.

Design, printing and branding of advertising balloons on our site

100 latex balloons% Self-ventilated and high quality biodegradable (round, or cubic) can be printed online at affordable prices. the inflatable advertising balloon is the best communication product that can help your business run smoothly. Its design is particularly well suited to professional groups. You can also get four sides personalized for your advertisement. You can also display it at your points of sale to increase the success of your communication campaign much more effectively.

When purchasing in quantity, you can benefit from a sliding scale price. Abcprint, specialist in the creation and distribution of promotional items, makes sure to also offer home delivery and provides free tailor-made quotes as soon as possible. Discover other types of advertising impressions on our site to liven up your outdoor or indoor commercial events, whether it is a personalized flag, poster or banner, etc. In all cases, we will provide you with quality services: remote control, home delivery and secure payment.

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