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Four-color carpet with PVC border


Event carpet for normal traffic. Absorbent, non-slip and economical mat.

Our unique printing process faithfully reproduces all colors. Printing is done in four-color.

Dimensions: 40 x 60/60 x 80/80 x 120/90 x 150 cm

Impression: Sublimation ink Thickness : 5 mm. Fiber: 100% polyamide

Undercoat: PVC Fiber weight: 400 gr / m² Total weight: 720 gr / m²

Interview: Hand washable

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Date de livraison prévue : 27 / 10 / 2022
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Advertising mouse pad, a real marketing tool for your activities

the advertising mat personalized for business helps you achieve your marketing goals. Your customers will undoubtedly appreciate the carpet stretched under their feet. In addition, personalization shows that your business is well established in its field. It also shows your ability to communicate.

The advertising mat is an essential element to keep your premises clean.

Companies can use the advertising mat personalized to meet their hygiene and cleanliness needs. The mat can be used in different places, especially in the entrance, at the reception. This product meets, among other things, current health requirements. It not only absorbs dirt, mud and other pollutants but also moisture that has accumulated on the soles due to snow or rain. The advertising mat prevents dust and dirt from entering a store entrance or business hallway. Thanks to the cleanliness of your carpet, it is possible to have a constantly impeccable floor.

The entrance mat of a company avoids slippery floors in the entrance hall, but its function goes beyond that of a simple carpet: it ensures the cleanliness of the premises. It produces a visual impression on your customers and employees by reflecting corporate values. A carpet in your agency's colors certifies your legibility: potential clients and business partners will identify your image from the street or the entrance.

Abcprint offers a variety of custom carpet options. Our team will support you in determining your objectives, numerous technological options, the design process, and the manufacture of your support. Let's work together to find the perfect personalized rug that will help you create a great first impression.

There are several marketing advantages to using an advertising mat

When you own a business or an agency, you do everything you can to make it successful. But how do you get there? Designed for high traffic areas, such as commercial and industrial buildings, the advertising mat is undoubtedly a valuable commercial object for the visual communication of a company. It is a quality tool that helps attract customers while adding a unique touch to your decor. Visitors are drawn to the brand or phrase placed on the advertising mat.

The outdoor rug can be used in conjunction with any marketing plan. It can be placed in the most frequented places. Ideal for marking a special occasion, such as a product launch, the rug helps the company project a positive brand image. It is interesting to note that this support extends over a large area. Therefore, the mat could include a variety of messages, including multiple advertising slogans. You can have a personalized advertising doormat made for your business at Quality, creativity, know-how and, above all, the latest carpet trends are available on our site for all your carpet needs.

Mouse pad displays your company image

the advertising mat is an important part of your communication strategy. It is an original medium that is not too restrictive and which can offer you a wide range of options to adapt to your tastes and preferences. Your brand image is enhanced by the personalized mouse pad. Indeed, the large marking surface of this advertising product allows you to communicate effortlessly with a large audience.

We find in each structure, an entrance mat that offers a note upon entering your professional premises: shops and hotels, in the exhibition stands with a little welcome or fun message. You can make yours stand out by displaying your company logo. Each of your visitors will have a favorable, lasting and memorable impression of your business. A custom rug may be just what you need for a finish that guarantees aesthetic impact and longevity. Choose your measurements, and the mat will adapt to the environment in which it is placed correctly.

Advertising mats, unlike typical entrance mats, are suitable for busy entrances. They bring significant added value to your business and protect your brand image; they have practically become a necessity at the entrance to all your stores and businesses. This communication tool allows you to personalize and brighten up an entrance hall, a company department, a large surface ... In addition, the first function of the carpet is to retain dust and humidity, ensuring thus the hygiene of your business.

Order an elegant and functional advertising mat at

We provide you with an online creation tool to help you design your carpet. You can be assisted in the realization of your mat using this platform. Models will be presented to you, and you can customize them by adding all the features you want to create the rug of your dreams. The creation tool can prove to be a valuable asset in terms of quality assistance and enhancement of your image. Abcprint guarantees that the most intricate designs are perfectly reproduced within an unrivaled time frame. Rugs of any size and shape can be made with your logo correctly positioned and sized. Only your imagination holds us back.

Choose a creative, colorful and eye-catching graphic design to set yourself apart from your competition. Abcprint offers a variety of colors to match your organization's colors and preferences. We provide you with a promotional product adapted to your requirements, from single production to mass production. Our advertising mats are custom made to your needs, available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and delivered on time. We provide you with the best quality at an affordable price. For more information, contact our specialists in advertising mats or complete our online form. We will respond as soon as possible. To receive your order advertising mat on time, we move quickly to the realization from the day you validate the quote. Our company also has a knowledgeable delivery service that ensures customer satisfaction. Our years of experience will be at your disposal.

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