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Translucent PVC Business Cards


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Create impact

Your business cards capture your sales pitch and bring it to life. They move loaded people. Information seekers, they want to know you, but also to find out more.


  • Change of business card series
  • Numbering option + barcodes / QR codes + names
  • Round hole drilling – diameter 5.5mm


  • shaping: round corners
  • appearance: Translucent matte satin grained
  • format: CB: 86 x 54 mm
  • thickness: 1,47 g
  • Min storage temperature: -15°C
  • Max storage temperature: 45°C
  • packaging: packs of 100 cards
  • printing: full color R° with white support

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Create an impact with our translucent PVC advertising business cards! Grab attention, spark interest, and bring your brand to life.

Key benefits:

-      Attractive cards that capture your sales pitch and grab attention.

-      Encourage information seekers to learn more about you and your business.

-      Four-color printing with white support for a professional and impactful result.


-       A Memorable First Impression : With their translucent matte satin grained appearance and their CB format of 86 x 54 mm, our PVC business cards instantly stand out. They leave a lasting impression on your prospects, inspiring them to get to know you more.

-       Get Attention : Featuring four-color printing with white support, our advertising business cards catch the eye and capture attention. They highlight your visual identity with brilliance and elegance.

-       Bring Your Brand to Life : Our business cards don't just inform, they generate interest and bring your business to life. They make recipients want to know more about your products and services.

-       Personalization Option : With the option to change card series, numbering, barcodes/QR codes and more, personalize your business cards to suit your specific needs and create a unique impact.

Visit ABC Print to discover our translucent PVC advertising business cards. Capture attention, make an impact and bring your brand to life with impactful cards. Order now to create a memorable first impression and encourage your prospects to contact you! Request a personalized quote and seize every opportunity with our personalized advertising business cards.


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