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Satin table flags are the luxury version of regular flags. Both sides are printed. The fabric is stronger and does not fall into folds. Your message will be clearly visible at all times. Table flags can be ordered from a quantity of one.

Colorful open seam

Usually, table flags are produced with white, open stitching. This can, however, be done differently. In the Landrover flag, the front and back have a different design, a very good way to communicate even more information to your target audience.

Open seam, always the most beautiful result

We always advise our customers to choose a construction with an open seam on the pole side with this table flag. It looks very nice. Cord and hoop are also possible, but they can hang crooked if not mounted correctly.


  • Quality satin (90% polyester)
  • Dimensions approx. 10 x 15 cm.
  • Double-sided printing, identical (front/back)
  • Open seam construction on the post side
  • Includes wooden stand


  • Chrome or plexiglass support
  • Stands with different types of posts
  • Individually packaged (for direct mail and postal services)
  • Delivery within 24 hours (ask for conditions)

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Satin Advertising Table Flags: Elegance at the Service of Your Brand

Discover our table flags with satin base and logo, perfect for exceptional brand communication. Printed on both sides, solid and elegant, they ensure maximum visibility.

Key Benefits of a Table Flag with Stand:

-          Optimal Visibility : Double-sided printing so that your message is always in the spotlight.

-          Elegance and Solidity : Quality satin (90% polyester) guarantees a durable fabric that does not crease.

-          Unique Customization : Opt for a colorful open seam or a different double-sided design for impactful communication.

Detailed Benefits:

-           Optimal Visibility

Double-sided printing: Your message is clearly visible on both sides, without compromising on quality.

Always in the Spotlight: Your brand stands out, whatever your audience's perspective.

-           Elegance and Solidity

Quality Satin: Made from quality satin (90% polyester), our logo table flags are durable and elegant.

No Wrinkling: The fabric remains impeccable, not falling into folds.

-           Unique Customization

Colorful Open Stitching: Choose a colorful open stitching for an original and eye-catching look.

Different Double-Sided Design: Communicate even more information with a distinctive design on both sides.

-          Technical characteristics :

Quality Satin: Made of quality satin (90% polyester), our flags combine elegance and durability.

Ideal Dimensions: Approximately 10 x 15 cm for optimal visibility.

Double-Sided Printing: Identical on both sides for seamless communication.

Open Seam: Opt for an open seam on the post side for an aesthetic result.

Showcase your business elegantly with our satin advertising table flags. For more information about our customization options, contact us. right now. Your brand deserves the best!

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  1. AlexandreM -

    Excellent product! The advertising table flag is an eye-catcher.

    AlexandreM -

  2. Maxim75 -

    Produit de qualité, je suis pleinement satisfait de mon drapeau de table personnalisé.

    Maxim75 -

  3. Sarah_Strasbourg -

    Super produit ! Le drapeau de table publicitaire est robuste et le marquage est net.

    Sarah_Strasbourg -