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Oriflamme / Windflag premium Tucan


Flag with aluminum pole PRO - diameter 25 mm

Two options to choose from:

1) Standard flag printed with sublimation on 115g polyester fabric, front and back printing can be seen in transparency. TUCAN shape

2) Double double-sided flag (independent graphics on both sides, identical or different) - printed with UV LED on 350gr blockout fabric. TUCAN shape

  • Reinforced scabbard with black elastic band.
  • Option 1 or 2 sides
  • Mast made of aluminum tubes with a diameter of 25 mm
  • Hook for attaching the flag at the bottom
  • Wind resistance tested up to 29 km / h
  • Transport pouch for the mast

Available sizes:

  • Size Small- Ground height: 2.5 m - Flag size: 60 x 200 cm
    Weight: 1.3 kg - Front / back weight: 1.6 kg
  • Size Medium - Ground height: 3.35 m - Flag size: 65 x 260 cm
    Weight: 1.6 kg - Front / back weight: 2.2 kg
  • Size Large - Ground height: 4.25 m - Flag size: 85 x 340 cm
    Weight: 2.1 kg - Front / back weight: 2.8 kg
  • Size X-Large - Ground height: 5 m - Flag size: 90 x 390 cm
    Weight: 2.1 kg - Front / back weight: 2.8 kg

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Premium Tucan Oriflamme / Windflag: an excellent advertising flag for any type of event

Are you actors in the world of entrepreneurship, event organizers, or individuals who simply need visual support for various reasons? Ensure your visibility by opting for a beach flag print. The premium Tucan banner / windflag model is one of our most efficient models and best suited to your needs. Whether the event is held indoors or outdoors (on the beach), thanks to this visual communication medium, you benefit from a material with multiple advantages that will comfortably enhance and make your brand image visible. Innovative and stylish, it has all the potential to attract your target audiences as well as new prospects in the easiest way. The latter will be seduced and hypnotized by its particular shape, the top of the sail is curved, ending with a point, and the bottom in a rectangle.

In addition, this flag is a highly designed support that can allow you to stand out in a fair way with your competitors thanks to an optimal communication of your values and a quality presentation of your messages, ensured by a beach flag print unusual whether they consist of logos, texts, or images of any kind. Among its strengths, this ability to adapt and be personalized according to your wishes.

All our beach flags are the best promotional items. They are versatile and the returns are often remarkable.

Handle your beachflag as you wish

Difficulties in transport, storage, or positioning of equipment are the main problems that can often be lacking in the different types of promotional items.

Practical and handy, the beachflag easily adapts to any type of situation. It is particularly dedicated for professional or private events that require frequent travel. Its assembly is very easy. You only need a few minutes, in two or three movements, it will be functional.

Its assembly system has been designed with many techniques to make it easy to install, but also to offer perfect stability and dynamism to the material itself. Thus, the sail is held on a mast in aluminum tube 25 mm in diameter by filling reinforced with a black elastic band.

If you are therefore forced to move so often, the beachflag can accompany you in your activities wherever you go.

As for its storage, the premium Tucan banner / windflag has a quality container for its mast. It is a kind of very resistant and solid bag, which is specific to it. Indeed, this model of banner is supplied with a pocket allowing you to effectively protect the pole during its transport or when it is not used.

Beach flag classic banner or beach flag banner gallows: choices that stay better at all times

Whether it's a classic beach flag or a gallows beach flag, both are exceptional, and there are many benefits to be had.

First of all, there is the quality of their visuals which remains exceptional and is among the most appreciated. Indeed, the two options offered with large surfaces that stand vertically will add added value to your brand image. The first choice, which is a standard flag model, featuring a 100 polyester type fabric sail% of density 115g / m2. This one benefits from a beach flag print on the front side only, but the graphic will however be visible on the back side as a mirror effect due to its transparent characteristic. The second choice, which is a double-sided flag model, also equipped with a quality blockout-type fabric sail, the thickness of which is even greater with a density of 350grs / m2. On the other hand, this one benefits from a beach flag print on both sides of the sail. These impressions in the heart of the sail's mesh provide an excellent visual rendering. The graphics are independent and can be the same or different according to your wishes. Indeed, we can design a tailor-made beachflag for you, and the quality of the graphics will be reinforced by the most suitable printing techniques on fabric at the moment, which are: sublimation and printing with UV LEDs.

There is also the choice of size which remains wide. This option also has a huge advantage since it allows you to find the ideal size for each situation. Indeed, there are 4 formats available for this advertising banner model:

· Size Small- Ground height: 2.5 meters - Flag size: 60 x 200 cm
Weight: 1.3 kg - Front / back weight: 1.6 kg

· Format Medium - Ground height: 3.35 meters - Flag size: 65 x 260 cm
Weight: 1.6 kg - Front / back weight: 2.2 kg

· Format Large - Ground height: 4.25 meters - Flag size: 85 x 340 cm
Weight: 2.1 kg - Front / back weight: 2.8 kg

· Format X-Large - Ground height: 5 meters - Flag size: 90 x 390 cm
Weight: 2.1 kg - Front / back weight: 2.8 kg

From the smallest to the largest, standard or double-sided, our products are meticulously designed with the most advanced techniques and by the most capable hands. The beachflag is an advertising material ultra resistant to wind and bad weather with a good longevity. It is therefore time that you adopt it for your professional or sporting events to come!

Buy your advertising support on and take advantage of the best beach flag printing offers

You can buy your beachflag directly on our seller website. All you have to do is correctly fill in the options offered in this section according to your convenience (quantity of items to order, size and type ofbeach flag print). Then get in touch with our team. Our beachflags are completely customizable. Don't forget to send your graphic files beforehand so that our team can adapt them appropriately according to your needs. We do our best to present various matrices to you as quickly as possible. If you like one of our proposals, all you have to do is validate the model and give us permission to print.

We have chosen to count the delivery time of the printing from the moment the proof is established. We do our best to get your package to you as soon as possible.

Also note that we give discounts from 5 pieces, and we can save you up to 933.12 € for purchases over 100 pieces. Different flag stands are also available on the Abcprint website

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