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Paper flag


Paper flags printed on both sides.

Same or different four-color printing on each side.

Paper 200 grs / m2

3 sizes: 10x15cm / 15x20cm / 20x30cm

Plastic rods. Wooden rods on request.

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Price from 0,29€

Date de livraison prévue : 15 / 12 / 2021
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100 0,30€ Up to 30,00€
100 0,30€ Up to 30,00€
100 0,26€ Up to 26,00€
300 0,50€ Up to 150,00€
300 0,49€ Up to 147,00€
300 0,46€ Up to 138,00€
500 0,73€ Up to 365,00€
500 0,62€ Up to 310,00€
500 0,62€ Up to 310,00€
1000 0,66€ Up to 660,00€
1000 0,65€ Up to 650,00€
1000 0,82€ Up to 820,00€
2000 0,74€ Up to 1 480,00€
2000 0,71€ Up to 1 420,00€
2000 0,93€ Up to 1 860,00€
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Advertising flag with paper veil: an economical and dynamic communication tool

Looking for an economical advertising product that offers both dynamism and practicality? If you enter the words: " advertising flag award », You would surely come across these custom paper flag models that ABCprint offers today. Among the most practical, dynamic and economical, they will bring many benefits for you. Personalized paper flags are versatile visual communication products. They can be used for all situations such as during the campaigns of a candidate for election, the promotion of a product or your company, the support of a team, or the various events. As you have probably understood, paper flags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. This kind of advertising flag is ideal to ensure the visibility of your various messages (advertising, encouragement, grouping,…) in an optimal way. Thus, you can print any graphic such as a logo, a brand, your colors, or just written messages.

Specialist in printing on different media, Abcprint is able to carry out the design of your advertising flag award defying all competition.

Make the design of your paper flag at a professional and enjoy the best prices

Finding a high-end advertising product at the right price is not always easy. Indeed, many providers offer their services to print your personalized paper flag. But at what cost ? And are they able to offer you premium products?

Abcprint, professional in the creation of advertising objects will be your best partner for all your printing projects on paper, fabric, or other types of support which will be used for the promotion of your brand image. We are able to create the perfect one for you advertising flag award suitable. We offer the personalized paper flag from € 50 excluding VAT for 50 pieces, or € 1 per unit. In addition, we grant volume discounts at all times. For this you can save up to more than € 1,304 from 2,000 pieces ordered. Please note that our prices are among the most competitive at the moment on the paper flag market. And that you are no longer right to look elsewhere.

In terms of quality, our team has made all the necessary resources available (human, technological, technical, etc.) in order to respect a minimum of quality. Indeed, all our paper flags are manufactured with the greatest care and benefit from finishes worthy of the name.

Abcprint paper flag: an advertising banner with many advantages

When you buy any item, it is quite natural to want to look for its real strengths. Indeed, any purchase can not be validated without knowledge of the smallest details that characterize it. Regarding the paper flag, we have so many advantages to present to you that it will be easy for you to be seduced by it.

First of all, although it is small in size, its visual remains of quality and can suitably reach its target audiences. It attracts all eyes, in a fun way and in the greatest simplicity. Indeed, the paper flag has all the characteristics of a good advertising product and has nothing to envy its cronies. This flag will live up to your expectations. In addition, in terms of practicality, it is one of the most exceptional. You will have no trouble taking it with you wherever you go as it is a lightweight material that can easily be stowed away. Also it is a fairly durable flag, you can shake it in the wind without worry, however, for more durability you should still avoid creasing it or exposing it to water.

Then there is the variety of materials that constitute it. The 200 grs / m2 density paper which constitutes its sail is among the most efficient at the moment for this type of flag. In addition, it is an extremely easy to print material. We use the four-color printing technique to sublimate the front and back side of the paper. You can choose between applying different images to each side of the paper sail or identical. Equipped with a handle in the form of a plastic rod or a wooden rod (which require quotes), the latter has the appearance of a totally modern product that combines sobriety and design. So if you are looking for a advertising flag award reasonable, and very high end, you will be well served.

In addition to being a simple visual communication medium, the paper flag that we offer can also be used as a decorative object. Thus, you can print any type of graphic on it, and why not the most artistic ones or even your own photo and install it in the room of your choice. With a little imagination, you can make it something totally out of the ordinary.

It is also a product that can be used to animate various events such as a birthday, a wedding, a conference, or other.

We offer 3 different formats for this advertising flag award just: 10x15cm / 15x20cm and 20x30cm. Transportation will not create a clutter for you.

Order your paper flag from a trusted site

Whatever your motivation, the paper advertising flag will be your best ally for successful visual communication.

Without further ado, place your order directly advertising flag award on our online sales site. Your purchase will be completely secure. Find in the drop-down menu the item that corresponds to your wish (select the desired size). Define the quantity of your order. Note among other things that the minimum order accepted for this item is 50 pieces. You just have to add this order to the cart and fill in your details. Do not forget to download your graphic files and send them to us so that our graphic designers can adapt them suitably according to your preferences. Matrices will be offered to you once available. If you like some of our proposals, you still have to validate them and we move on to the printing stage for the physical realization of your paper flag.

We do our best to deliver your package as soon as possible to the delivery address indicated on your order. The delivery time is normally counted from the day your proofread (proof) is made.

We also suggest custom flags with sublimation printed fabric foot and pole.

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