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Table Flag


Table flag with masts made with chrome stainless.

The fabrics are 160 grs satin, glued together to have 2 sides printed with the even logo or 2 different visuals.

The fabrics are in flame retardant M1 / B1 satin (other material possible on estimate)

Four-color or pantone printing.

Stem height : 34 cm. // Foot diameter : 7 cm

Standard flag size : 22.5x15 cm (this is a standard size very often ordered. Other sizes possible)

The poles are available with 3 options: 1, 2 or 3 rods.

Time limit : 2 to 3 weeks

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Price from 4,80€

Date de livraison prévue : 21 / 12 / 2021
Volume discounts
Quantity Discount You Save
50 2,40€ Up to 120,00€
50 4,80€ Up to 240,00€
50 3,60€ Up to 180,00€
100 3,60€ Up to 360,00€
100 7,20€ Up to 720,00€
100 5,40€ Up to 540,00€
250 9,60€ Up to 2 400,00€
250 7,20€ Up to 1 800,00€
250 4,80€ Up to 1 200,00€
500 9,00€ Up to 4 500,00€
500 6,00€ Up to 3 000,00€
500 12,00€ Up to 6 000,00€
1000 10,80€ Up to 10 800,00€
1000 7,20€ Up to 7 200,00€
1000 14,40€ Up to 14 400,00€
More info

Advertising flag with personalized printing: a high-end advertising object for your office

Are you looking for an original and effective communication medium for your visibility? Abcprint has a specific product that matches your search perfectly. The advertising flag we offer is one of the most attractive and efficient. It will bring an original touch to your interior while properly conveying your various advertising and other messages to your target audiences. Thus, it can be personalized according to your smallest requirements. It can be declined according to your desires in the colors of your company, a nation, or a team. The advertising flag is simply to be placed on the center of the table or on the edge, and it will attract all eyes. Indeed, you have the chance to use this kind of flag print personalized at various events, official meetings, exhibition halls but also in ordinary offices which sometimes serves as a simple decoration.

Whatever your status, the personalized flag for office or other places is specially designed for you.

Discover the personalized advertising flag of and take advantage of a high-performance price

Looking for a quality service provider for the realization of your flag print personalized? We are able to provide you with the best promotional items of the moment that exist in the personalized flag market thanks to our expertise and know-how. We offer our advertising flag with an effective offer calculated on a basis of reasonable price in relation to the cost of production. Of course, we make sure to always respect a standard quality that corresponds to your real needs. Note, among other things, that you will benefit from a discount of up to € 6,240 with a purchase volume of 1000 pieces.

Making your personalized advertising flag at will be of great satisfaction to you whatever your real needs. We guarantee unique products of its kind with unstoppable finishes. Our service remains available to everyone, and our items at fair prices.

Treat yourself to a quality personalized mini advertising flag at

Always attentive to its customers, We are the professional in the design and sale of visual advertising objects, combining quality, practicality, and aesthetics. Our varieties of advertising flag have been made with the most advanced technologies and techniques. This is in order to respond correctly to your different expectations.

Dedicated for tables of all kinds, this model of advertising flag has surprising visual strength even if the surface offered by the sail can sometimes seem quite small. On the contrary, this size offers more allure and practicality. Of course, the advertising flag is not just a visual advertising medium. Once placed on one of your furniture, the flag print personalized will bring a modern, classy or fun look depending on the type of graphic you give it.

The custom flag sail is available in one standard size of 22.5 x 15 cm. This is a standardized format depending on the number of very frequent requests we have received, but you can customize it according to your own wishes. In order to give you more choice and vary the style, we offer 3 options for the custom flag model. You can choose between the 1 mast, 2 mast, or 3 mast model according to your wishes. As for the height of the masts, it is 34 cm.

The sail of the office flag consists of two pieces in satin fabric with a density of 160 grs / m2. They are glued to each other to obtain 2 sides which allow you to easily insert the graphics during the flag print. Satin is known for its noble properties, it is also the material par excellence for this kind of flag. But also, the colors remain brilliant and set perfectly. Four-color and pantone are the types of flag print that we offer for this model. You can opt for either of the two, however, the results will be the same, of high quality and very effective. You can offer us different styles of graphics to be printed on the flag, from the simplest to the most complex, with one or more colors. We are able to carry them out one by one, without fail. Note that the satin fabric is flame retardant M1 / B1, and can be maintained easily. Note that the substitution of the satin fabric by another material is possible. However, it is important that we establish a separate quote, and disregard the price indicated on the site.

The model of flag print custom has, among other things, a stainless chrome base. This material is of a superior quality, and was chosen for its properties which perfectly suit the needs of the advertising flag. Its diameter is 7 cm and allows it to stand up correctly and benefit from optimal stability. Indeed, its hollow disc-shaped foot has all the capabilities to offer more comfort and style to the material itself. The advertising flag that we offer is designed to have a good longevity.

Make your table flag printing at and receive your package as soon as possible

Whether you want to highlight a large event, the image of your company or activity, promote your products and services, or simply add more pep to your decoration, using our advertising flag is your best choice. Indeed, the advertising flag has all the qualities that help you have more visibility.

So place your order for an advertising flag on our online sales platform Select from the list offered by the drop-down menu the type of flag you wish to buy (with 1 pole, 2 poles, or 3 poles). Please note that the minimum order accepted by the site is 25 pieces. Download your various graphic files and send them to us so that they are processed by our specialists for the needs of the flag print. Different copies will then be sent to you to serve as a matrix for your future personalized flag. If one of them suits you, just validate and we move on to the realization of your flag print.

We will make sure that you receive your package as soon as possible. In general, the delivery time, is 2 to three weeks, and is counted from the moment when the proof for printing (BAT) is made.

Note that we also carry other types of advertising flags that decorate your outdoor events well (banner or wind flag), these flags are resistant to wind blows and bad weather. You can choose them according to your desires.

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