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Illuminated aluminum frame - RECTO - 100 mm


The SMART FRAME is a lighted pedestal or wall mounted box, the aluminum frame and high quality graphics printed on fabrics.

The 100mm wide frame, the frame joining points are in the corners, and the fabric lined with a silicone ring clips easily into the frame profile.

LED lights are placed inside the frame on the longest profile edges.

Advantages of SMART FRAME:

  • aluminum profiles in silver, black or white
  • internal LED lighting
  • textile graphics on one or two sides
  • graphics attached to the frame with a silicone bead on the edges
  • additional feet or suspensions on the wall and ceiling
  • reinforcing cross bars for large frame sizes inside

Available sizes:

  • 70 x 100 x 10 cm / 6.8 kg
  • 100 x 100 x 10 cm / 7.8 kg
  • 100 x 150 x 10 cm / 10 kg
  • 100 x 200 x 10 cm / 12.9 kg
  • 100 x 250 x 10 cm / 15.1 kg
  • 150 x 200 x 10 cm / 15.2 kg
  • 150 x 250 x 10 cm / 17.4 kg
  • 200 x 200 x 10 cm / 18.7 kg
  • 200 x 250 x 10 cm / 21.3 kg
  • 300 x 200 x 10 cm / 24.1 kg
  • 300 x 250 x 10 cm / 26.6 kg

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More info

A frame for stretched canvas, more than a simple decoration

the stretched canvas frame is perfect for arranging your large exhibition spaces and effectively presenting your products or advertising messages. Perfect for offices, establishment lobbies or promotional trade show booths, this communication tool allows you to showcase yourself with creative design elements. This is a nifty advertising framework with a huge effect.

Create a designer canvas wall just like your establishment

The decoration to be fixed on the wall is one of the first impressions of your customers. Your partners will notice your visual identity and, consequently, your professional activities. You can communicate your decorative ideas, but especially your marketing message, the spirit or the culture of your company, througha frame for stretched canvas. Print the history of your company in image and make your employees understand how their effort contributes to the growth of your company.

Update or refresh the look of your business at a lower cost, the stretched canvas frame not only allows you to create a "wow" effect when a candidate shows up for an interview, but also to create a real relationship with your place. of work. Abcprint offers the creation of stretched and printed canvases for greater visibility of your brand and sign, or to decorate your exterior or interior walls. Bright or not, our canvas frames are UV, wind and weather resistant.

With our high-resolution digital marking technique on one or two sides, our teams offer you a wide range of frames or make your creations to measure, according to your themes and your graphic charter. Used to enhance the attractiveness of a brand's brand, these wall decor accessories can be displayed in the workplace, reception area, store or restaurant to provide a welcoming atmosphere for customers and customers. employees.

Bring your work environment to life with the chassis frame

Comfort, attention, well-being, motivation and therefore efficiency are all influenced by the work environment. Whatever the size or the nature of the sign, it is necessary to decorate its professional space. A good professional atmosphere allows you to feel happy, engaged and less stressed, which allows you to perform better.

Why not take advantage of canvas executives at a time when well-being at work is in everyone's mind and when thousands of employees dream of reinventing their office? These accessories are a unique aesthetic element that can be used to encourage your employees to produce more. Its graphics as well as its colors, can contribute in a substantial way to the feeling of pride and to the productivity of your team.

Do you greet customers every day and find your office boring and unauthentic? You want to add a touch of color to your surroundings, but you are not sure if it fits with the culture of your company. We offer you the opportunity to design custom frames to accommodate your staff and subscribers in the best possible way. Abcprint offers unique and complete stretched canvas solutions to brighten up, enhance and revitalize your business facilities.

Embellish your offices, places of sale and premises by choosing canvas frames from a pro

Don't leave your wall surfaces empty. Employees will not be able to relate to your business because it will lack personality and individuality. When your visitors enter your premises for the first time, they analyze your lobby. Hanging decorative items have the potential to make your business stand out. Beautiful decorative frames convey a favorable image of your firm, from your employees to your visitors, customers or prospects when they discover your premises and therefore make it possible to reaffirm the universe of your company.

Do you want to bring a contemporary touch to your organization? Do you work as a retailer or as a service provider? Abcprint.Shop is the key to showcase your brand in any promotional situation with its stretched canvas frame. On a promotional trade fair stand, in a store window or in an exhibition space: our canvas frame works in all marketing contexts.

Arrange all your public or private surfaces in a modern and aesthetic way, according to your wishes or those of your subscribers, using the personalized stretched canvas. This approach, intended for interior use, is excellent for decorating a hotel bed, window or store checkout. Apart from its visual value, the main advantage of a personalization on stretched canvas is its ability to be removed. It is an excellent approach to promote a product or an offer because of its high visibility.

Invest in canvas frames that stand the test of time

Strong and durable, our advertising frames are one-of-a-kind eye-catchers that meet the ever-growing need for creative advertising space. Our brackets can help you advertise by adding photos or your own design to your walls. You can be sure that our stretched canvas frames will hold up and will not warp over time, as they are made from flame retardant materials, printed in high quality four color process.

With a team of experts, you can quickly order your stretched canvas frame. Create a custom print file using the template and instructions provided on our site. With just a few clicks, you will be able to place your order using the free online quote form. You can design your unique wall canvas by choosing all of its characteristics, as well as the number of prints and the delivery date.

Our high resolution stretched canvas markings are easy to integrate into your wall decor. Both vertical and horizontal orientations are accessible. Our service includes large or small aluminum frame, silver, black or white made to order in our factory. Lightweight, discreet and durable, you can change one of your canvases in a few minutes without removing the frame. Our qualified experts can also provide delivery and installation services. For more questions, contact our team directly.

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