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Linear strips Polypropylene film 200µ

To provide a qualitative and durable display

In an exhibition shelving, explicit and distinct marking is decisive for spotting and better identifying offers.

With the objective of simplifying their purchases, it guides customers towards the objects they are looking for. Useful and attractive, good marking has a direct impact on most sales.


  • Detachable nets
  • Repackaging into reels
  • Packaging in cardboard dispensers
  • Change of text, color or visual series in full color


  • support: white polypropylene
  • adhesive: without adhesive
  • printing: four-color
  • thickness: 200 µ
  • Min use temperature: -15°C
  • Max use temperature: 60°C
  • minimum order: 50 ml

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Printing of personalized advertising strip in 200µ polypropylene film – Simplify your customers' purchases with impactful marking!

Key benefits of the Advertising Strip Kit:

– Qualitative and durable display for easy identification of offers.

– Explicit marking to guide customers and increase sales.

– Detachable nets option for flexible use.

Advantages of the Advertising Strip Kit:

  • Distinct marking for easy identification :

In exhibition shelving, it is essential to have explicit and distinct marking to clearly identify the offers. Our personalized shelf strips made from 200µ polypropylene film allow you to create durable, high-quality labels to simplify your customers' purchases. Thanks to clearly visible marking, you effectively guide customers to the products they are looking for.

  • Impact sales with attractive branding :

The right branding can have a significant impact on sales. Our personalized shelf strips are both useful and attractive, drawing customers' attention to the products you want to highlight. A clear and professional presentation of your offers positively influences purchasing decisions and stimulates sales.

  • Detachable net option for added flexibility :

We offer a detachable net option for our shelf strips. This feature allows you to quickly change labels based on variations in your offers or promotions. You can thus easily adjust your signage according to the evolution of your assortment, thus ensuring always relevant communication.

  • Quality and practicality guaranteed with the advertising strip kit :

Our printed advertising strips are made of high quality white polypropylene film, without adhesive, ideal for various surfaces. Resistant to temperatures from -15°C to 60°C, they offer flexibility and durability. Order from 50 ml according to your needs.

Don't hesitate any longer, improve your customers' purchasing experience and boost your sales with our personalized linear strips in 200µ polypropylene film. Contact us now to get a personalized quote on ABC Print and optimize your signage today!

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