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Mini Beachflag – windflag

Mini BeachFlag for counter or office,

Flag printed in 1 color or four-color,

Printing is done by sublimation on the front and the back is visible in transparency

Polyester fabrics 100% weight 115 grs / m²

Chromium Aluminum,

Size of the sail: 60 x 35 cm

Total height: 70cm

Round table leg

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Mini Beach flag: a cheap quality advertising banner to ensure your visual communication

To attract new prospects, it is important to ensure your visual communication using advertising items of all kinds. Thus, the Mini Beach flag is a cheap advertising banner in the shape of an airplane wing that allows you to properly highlight your brands or businesses. Indeed, it is a practical means which will not cost you early but which will make your business operations, professional meetings, as well as your cultural and sporting events more interesting and attractive. This model ofcheap advertising banner is more suitable for a reception counter or an office, but can also be used outdoors to decorate a booth, only if conditions allow it.

The use of the advertising banner is ideal if you are looking for a medium that excels with any other medium of its kind. Its aesthetics and practicality allow it to respond correctly to your needs to stand out from the competition in relation to the different contexts of today which require dynamism and modernity. With the advertising banner, you will easily seduce the public not only by its rounded shape on the top and rectangle on the bottom which offers a most modern design, but also by the quality of its visual which offers in addition a surface of reasonable size marking . Of course, the sail of this advertising banner by dear is completely customizable. You will be able to have any type of graphic printed on it (company logo, message, description, brand, etc.).

The banner is one of our best products at the moment. It has all the assets to please you. By choosing thecheap advertising banner from Abcprint, you are guaranteed a successful communication.

Treat yourself to the cheap advertising banner from and benefit from a unique quality

Thanks to our expertise in the field of creation and sale of communication media, today we offer you high-performance products that meet all expectations. Abcprint is supported by a team that has all the necessary qualifications to achieve your cheap advertising banner. All our items are manufactured according to the rules of the art and have a finish worthy of the name. Our wish is to help you improve your communication in a consequent way so that you find great success in all the activities that you undertake. We have therefore decided to follow strict specifications for the design of each part of the banner and to prioritize your real needs.

100 fabric% polyester with a weight of 115 grs / m2 has been specially chosen to meet the quality required in the manufacture of objects of this kind, both for printing and for use. Both wind resistant and strong, this material allows the banner to stand up comfortably and have a good longevity. And even if worn, the sail of the personalized advertising banner remains interchangeable.

Regarding the impression we make on this model ofcheap advertising banner, you have two different choices: 1-color screen printing, or 4-color sublimation. Note that the banner is printed only on the front side of its sail. But this printing technique does not in any way depreciate its visibility, because the transparent property of the fabric leaves the printed graphic clearly visible as a mirror effect on the back side. The 1 color printing as its name suggests plays on a single shade of your choice. This is the type of printing that is perfectly suitable for small Oriflammes which must include messages, indications … Regarding the four-color sublimation printing, the choice of the number of colors remains free, and you can print any style of graphic, and even the most complex. In any case, whatever your choice, know that both will give you unstoppable results. Of course, you will be well served on all fronts, whatever your requirements.

Get a cheap advertising banner with a highly designed pole at

Havecheap advertising banner represents a preponderant advantage for a company, an individual, or other type of particular organization, especially if it is designed based on materials that perfectly match the desired characteristics which makes it easier to use.

Abcprint, pioneer of innovative advertising objects, always aims to give the best of its creations to its customers. This is why we have chosen to offer you a high-tech mast to support and impeccably erect the sail of the banner. Made from chrome-plated aluminum, this one features strength and durability. In addition, the flagpole has a foot with a round base. This support system allows thecheap advertising banner to be stable at all times, and to adhere correctly whatever the type of soil.

Beach flags: an ultra-practical inexpensive advertising banner

The Beach flags is an ultra practical and removable communication medium. It is easy to transport, whatever the conditions and wherever you want to go. The size of its sail is downright very small, because it is barely 60 x 35 cm in diameter. Counted with the aluminum mast having a detachable base, once mounted, its total height is 70 cm. Compared to other communication objects, this model ofcheap advertising banner a quality product that has great benefits for people who have activities that often require travel.

Place your oriflamme flag order with the best conditions on

Need quality communication support? So why rush to opt for this cheap advertising banner ? Whatever your primary motivations for wanting to obtain this model of advertising object, be sure that this product that we put at your disposal will be the best option to ensure your effective communication. There are also other large format flags for the beach that are stabilized with a cross base, a base with water tank on our site.

To acquire it, nothing could be simpler. You can order your Oriflammes directly on our online sales platform at the best price and specify your choices in relation to the characteristics of the products that match your wishes (type of printing desired, number of items to buy, etc.). Our flags are 100% customizable, you must therefore send us beforehand the graphic files that you wish to print on the sail of thecheap advertising banner so that our graphic designers can adapt them to your taste with the product. Samples of our work will be presented to you to serve as a template. Once one of our proposals suits you, we await your agreement and we start printing your flags.

The minimum purchase order quantity for this product is 5 pieces. Note, among other things, that discounts will be granted for any purchase of a small flag of more than 10 pieces. Thus, you can save up to €12,240 from 1,000 pieces purchased.

For total satisfaction, we have adapted the delivery time of the print according to your needs. In general, it is counted from the moment you confirm your order, and the proof is established. We will then send you your package to the address indicated in your information as soon as possible.

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