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White polyester panels 650µ quadri R ° / V °


Suspended or wall-mounted, this contemporary signage offers a touch of personalization by declining the colors as well as the brand of your entire company:

  • to welcome
  • broadcast some information
  • indicate directions
  • lead visitors


  • rigid
  • tear-proof
  • light resistant
  • easy to clean.


  • Change of series text, color or visual in four colors
  • Numbering option + barcodes / QR codes
  • Option numbering + barcodes / QR codes + names
  • Option numbering + barcodes / QR codes + names + photo
  • Round hole drilling - diameter 5.5mm
  • Slotted hole drilling 16 x 3 mm

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Support advertising panel, boost your long-term visibility

One of the most commonly used forms of advertising is the billboard. It may seem like a "classic" advertising strategy, but it has proven to be very effective in quickly increasing a brand's visibility. the outdoor advertising board involves printing a huge billboard for display in busy places or along busy roads in order to reach the largest possible mass of prospects and customers.

A billboard is a high repetition medium

Billboards are one of the most effective ways to get an offer or brand known to a large number of people. These signs provide very high visibility when placed in key and densely populated locations. Billboards are often in large format. Even when traveling on the highway, it is difficult to ignore them for this reason.

Since many drivers take the same route every day, they are exposed to the same signage multiple times. The personalized notice board is the medium that allows you to reach a large number of customers and prospects on a regular basis. Those who take the same route every day will notice the billboard many times. While it is possible to seemingly target an audience by choosing strategic niches, the billboard is designed to reach as many people as possible, whether or not they belong to a target market. This last aspect is important because the bulletin board helps new prospects become familiar with your message and / or brand.

Capture the attention of your target by opting for a billboard

Custom panels with vivid color print stand out and get more attention. The information on these signs can be seen from a distance without much effort and adds to their efficiency. This visual communication technique will at least register itself in the subconscious of the public. The panels can be positioned especially for those who live in rural areas or for farmers. In many cases, the outdoor advertising board can be placed right next to the store that sells the product or service. This support makes it possible to exploit the needs of passers-by and push them to make an impulse purchase.

Billboards are a great way to promote an offer or service. Although there are several alternative options, signs are still very effective in catching the eye of large numbers of people. This medium is used to improve the visibility of a product or service as well as to promote the image of a brand. It is necessary to follow specific guidelines and hire an expert like Abcprint to make a professional panel.

Install a sign to make it easier to remember your advertising message

Billboards have the advantage of being simple and encapsulating the essence of a product in one image. Through this image, the sign demonstrates a concept that is clear and easy to remember. Advertising designers strive to be innovative in order to catch the eye of their target audience. In five words or less, the target should understand what the product is and why it deserves their attention. If you are a trader or a large company wishing to set up a outdoor advertising board and want to stay ahead of the competition, call on Abcprint for quality printing

One of their main advantages is that billboards are visible to a large number of people. They can be placed in high-traffic areas, for example on the edge of highways or near entrances to shopping malls. At the same time, customers can get information about the services provided, such as a phone number, location or website through the advertising panel present.

Communicate directly to your target through an advertising panel

It all happens in the blink of an eye. As opposed to TV commercials that interrupt their favorite show. To ensure understanding and effect, the outdoor advertising board should be clear and concise. This is why this medium contains so little text. The image is mainly used to communicate the message.

To properly capture the public's gaze, it is therefore important to be original and relevant. There won't be any blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bl cutting right to the cutting edge and providing existing and future customers with all the information they need. Therefore, unlike other forms of advertising, the billboard is less aggressive since it does not overwhelm the audience with too much information.

Achieve effective and successful billboard printing at

As the streets are crowded with various types of advertising media, it is essential to stand out through the billboards. Due to its size, they are hard to ignore. Whether walking or driving a car, we are frequently approached by this type of advertising.

This is why, to be recognized, companies must develop a outdoor advertising board distinctive and that stands out from the crowd. It should also be remembered that spectators only have a few seconds to pay attention to this type of presentation. Therefore, it is ideal to employ eye-catching advertising strategies that make the message easy to understand. By incorporating a beautiful printing technique into your display, you can turn a simple billboard into a memorable advertisement.

For the success of your communication campaign, choose a reputable billboard printing company. Abcprint, which specializes in digital printing, has great expertise in this sector, offers a full range of high-end advertising printing services, including graphic design and printing on all types of advertising media. We take care of the creation of your visuals to ensure the success of the printing of your interior and exterior advertising panels. You can benefit from a beautiful visual rendering thanks to the high quality of our polyester supports 0.65 millimeters thick. Your project will be supported by experienced and involved staff, and you can request frequent monitoring of the services provided at any time. To meet your needs, Abcprint also makes sure to offer panels with materials of your choice (akilux, cardboard, Alu dibond, pvc forex). These very resistant and rigid boards are ideal for construction sites or signs.


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