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White polyester panels 650µ quadri R °


Suspended or wall-mounted, this contemporary signage offers a touch of personalization by declining the colors as well as the brand of your entire company:

  • to welcome
  • broadcast some information
  • indicate directions
  • lead visitors


  • rigid
  • tear-proof
  • light resistant
  • easy to clean.


  • Change of series text, color or visual in four colors
  • Numbering option + barcodes / QR codes
  • Option numbering + barcodes / QR codes + names
  • Option numbering + barcodes / QR codes + names + photo
  • Round hole drilling - diameter 5.5mm

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Support advertising panel to better attract the attention of customers and prospects

The advertising sign is one of the techniques that can be used as part of a communication plan to be able to reach a large audience. It is a real medium for the promotion of a product, a campaign or an event, whether in the metro, in the market, in shopping centers, bus shelters, fairs and other commercial events.

Advertising panel, this communication medium that offers good visibility

Advertising panels are valuable assets for the visibility of a communication campaign. Their large format allows them, in fact, to be more visible to the population. This heavy-duty medium is therefore an excellent choice for promoting a business or an offer. They are an advertising tool that play an important role in professional communication efforts.

Do you need visibility to market your business or retain your customers? One of the oldest forms of advertising is the billboard often referred to as a sign or board. It is not for nothing that it still exists today. It is a true timeless tool that can bring you several benefits if it is printed correctly and placed in the right place. Discover the different printing options with Abcprint, the expert in personalized billboards, to promote the products or services you offer. We will assist you in their realization.

Do you want to get your message out as quickly as possible and reach as many people as possible? Select a advertising board personalized in the format you want on our site. A sign may be visible to pedestrians and even vehicles, depending on its size. Place it in a strategic location, the one with the most traffic or on a busy road: main roads or in commercial areas, near a red light, for example. Then it's up to you to make the most of it by personalizing it with a beautiful design that everyone can see.

A billboard, a very powerful communication medium

Mark your presence with billboards at a trade show, in a specific geographic region or at an event. You will benefit from a more lasting presence. The advertising panel must be placed on feet or affixed to a wall. It becomes a very effective advertising tool if you choose carefully the message you want to spread. Rigid and solid, it is an excellent investment.

The advertising sign indoor or outdoor is one of the best ways to effectively target audiences and consumers during an effective advertising campaign. Today, advertisers can use more and more efficient media, thanks to the evolution of manufacturing processes. This type of media allows any visual to be printed in a very large format while faithfully maintaining the best image quality.

The purpose of the billboard is to disseminate a message, to be seen immediately and to attract the attention of the public, to publicize an event or an offer, but also to increase the notoriety of a company and strengthen the image of the brand compared to its competitors. Depending on its size and visual style, this display rack can come in contact with a large number of people to capture their attention and entice them to make a purchase if it is carefully personalized.

Choose an akilux advertising panel that is more targeted to your brand or your offers

The custom panel is the ideal tool that allows extremely precise targeting. It will not be seen by other types of targets depending on where it is installed. If you are targeting a young audience, it is best to locate it in the trendiest areas of the city, such as near schools and colleges. Likewise, if you want to target a specific area, you will need to install more signs there. Finally, if you are looking to promote your product to parents and children, focus your efforts on preschools, playgrounds and other facilities for young people.

If you want to advertise with a professional attitude, the sign is a great way to keep your customers informed about your current offers and business activities. The use of a advertising sign is also necessary if you want to draw attention to a new entry in your range. It can be used to indicate the location of a product or a department in a store, for example. It is often used outdoors to represent a construction site, the position of a store or the launch date of an event, among others.

Create an advertising panel at

The panel advertising can be completely personalized. You have full control over the size, shape, colors, text and images to display. This is an advantage because it will completely represent the color of your company which must be very easy to recognize. It is a support that can be used both inside and outside a building. It does not fear bad weather and is extremely durable. Panel material can be alu dibond, pvc forex, cardboard, akilux. Abcprint, expert in billboard printing, offers various options to help you with your communication plan and make it as efficient as possible.

Display your colors on a advertising sign, it is also taking all possible measures to ensure that your image is maintained in the long term. Advertising signs can have a longer lifespan if they are built and secured on a solid foundation. It's also a good idea to choose a print quality that can withstand natural elements like rain, sun, and wind. To inform your targets, choose solid and durable media from Abcprint. From the design to the printing of your billboard, our experts support you every step of the way.

Choosing Abcprint is the assurance of receiving your prints as soon as possible. Take advantage of the services of our team of custom sign printing experts. All you need to do is place your order on our website. You can contact our team for advice on printing and communication. Do not hesitate to browse our entire selection of personalized advertising panels.

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