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Round advertising umbrellas


We offer a wide range of fully customizable parasols.

The canvas is waterproof and sizes range from round with a diameter of 1.80 meters to a diameter of 5 meters.


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Corporate advertising umbrella, a summer communication medium

As the sunny days approach, it's time to rethink your marketing approach. The goal is to find promotional items that will attract buyers while promoting your brand or products. Opt for the parasol, an advertising object in great demand by companies, to deliver a successful and unique message.

Captivate your visitors or customers with an advertising umbrella

Are you looking for an advertising object capable of effectively communicating your business to a large audience? The parasol is a very effective means of communication. First of all, it has a large customization area with excellent visibility. Therefore, it will broadcast your logo in places where there are usually crowds: camping, fishing, beach, parks, trade shows, open days ... with the appropriate dimensions for superb sun protection. It comes with a bag for additional protection and portability.

Whether you are a well-known business, a startup, a private beach, etc., our promotional umbrellas durable and attractive personalized products will help you stand out. We offer a wide selection of customizable umbrellas in different shapes and sizes to meet your various advertising space requirements. Personalize the goodie to give to your employees, customers and sales team as part of a viral marketing campaign. Abcprint offers the best printing process for a precise, clear and lasting representation of your communication strategy.

Associate your brand with user-friendliness with promotional umbrellas

Imagine yourself in summer, with beautiful weather and the resulting heat. You are attending a business meeting or just spending time with family and friends. The professional parasol becomes an essential item for the rest of your afternoon. The printed parasol is necessary to protect against the harmful UV rays of the sun. It allows everyone to enjoy the pleasant weather while remaining in the shade and thus avoiding the heat.

In addition to its power of protection against the sun and heat, the personalized parasol can now become a real opportunity by being personalized with your logo and therefore used as a maximum gain in visibility. This mount is generally used for outdoor or even indoor exhibitions. Meeting your requirements, it is an aesthetic element and now necessary for all terraces, especially those of bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as for events, quickly improving your notoriety.

Offer promotional umbrellas to your customers

Many people do not hesitate to apply for promotional umbrellas at a specialist in advertising objects. Some set them up in the middle of their garden accompanied by a deckchair. However, when going to the beach or in a public garden, it can also be used for protection from the sun. Therefore, many companies choose to offer this item in contests. It can also be one of the gifts you give at a business event.

By offering your customers a personalized parasol, you can improve your visibility. This object will, in fact, be placed outside, in a clearly visible place such as a terrace or a garden. It will grab the attention of visitors as they pass by. This inexpensive advertising will be the best way to market yourself and create sales.

Create impactful communication through advertising umbrellas

The parasol is a must-have for an effective summer marketing campaign. You can grab the attention of your prospects while ensuring that your message is always visible. Nothing beats this personalized parasol to create a welcoming environment and increase your presence. Choose to display your logo, company name or advertisement on your promotional umbrella to communicate in style all summer long.

This support is essential for promoting business ventures. Abcprint provides you with a personalized advertising umbrella to complement your facade and provide information about you to potential customers. Passers-by will instantly notice this equipment because of its size. You can use it at future sustainability events. We create parasols in different shapes, including round, square, rectangular and offset. These equipments are made of aluminum or metal. The installation of this POS tool only takes a few minutes; just unpack it in its bag and then open it.

Outdoors, a parasol will help you better show your brand to others. An umbrella will be the best messenger to advertise your offers, discounts and promotions as a corporate messenger, whether in a restaurant, on the patio of a house or on the beach. Besides protecting against the harmful rays of the sun, an advertising umbrella allows your consumers and prospects to learn more about the strength of your brand and your business. It is easy to recognize the degree of professionalism of a business by looking at the finish, stitching and design of an umbrella. A competent team offers you a sustainable advertising choice through a sturdy and durable fabric parasol.

Order your very easily transportable and space-saving promotional umbrellas from

The promotional umbrellas are devices that provide the best possible shelter from the sun's rays. The fabric's unique components allow it to filter the light emitted by the sun and block UV rays. On the terrace, by the pool, on the balcony, or even in the center of a garden, you can rest in a peaceful setting under the high-quality parasol from Abcprint.

Trendy equipment, the parasol is used during professional events. Used as a decorative element to complement the exterior look of a space, the umbrella is necessary for a business meeting or as an outdoor sales tool. A professional marketing umbrella is the ideal option as it comes in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. In addition, to make your name stand out, we have chosen a high definition print on 100 canvas.% polyester, weather resistant. As the sides are adjustable, its large marking space will meet your needs. Request a free quote on the Abcprint.Shop e-commerce site.

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