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Roll-up Lacerte Twin


Show yourself on both sides

Lacerte TWIN is a roll-up with double-sided graphics. The double-sided roll-up allows you to present two different advertising graphics thanks to the installation of a double mechanism in a rolling cassette. Two separate masts
stabilize the position of graphics.


  • possibility of presenting two graphics simultaneously
  • pressure band with stoppers
  • bottom of graphic affixed with adhesive tape
  • elastic mast
  • two swivel feet
  • reinforced carrying case

Sizes available:

  • Small: 85 x 200 cm / 6 kg
  • Medium: 100 x 200 cm / 8.3 kg
  • Large: 120 x 200 cm / 9.2 kg
  • X-Large: 150 x 200 cm / 10.9 kg

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Price from 82,63€
  • 85x200 cm
  • 100x200 cm
  • 120x200 cm
  • 150x200 cm

Date de livraison prévue : 10 / 10 / 2022
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Double-sided rollup for all types of events

In an increasingly competitive world, many forms of communication and promotion are available to ensure the visibility of your brand. Encourage your prospects to take the plunge, motivate a network of distributors or conclude a transaction, it is essential to design personalized supports that represent the image of the company in order to stand out from the competition at a trade show.

Among the Swiss army knife of the business communication tool to present the most famous articles or to demonstrate your services, the use of the double-sided roll-up comes to mind. It is a flexible personalized product which is also one of the most cost effective means of communication. It just takes a few minutes to set up.

Double-sided roll up, one of the most effective and adaptable point-of-sale advertising products

Halfway between billboard and poster, roll ups are not only useful, but they also allow you to convey a lot of information about your business. These personalized totems are intended to ensure that your sign will be visible. This classic product adapts to many communication strategies and can be used for a long time.

The universe of custom banners offers a plethora of decor and design choices that aren't limited to a commercial booth. This versatile communication system can be installed almost anywhere.

Choose a double-sided roll up that is super shock resistant and intended for intense use

Available in larger formats, the double-sided roll up allows a wide range of applications. Take this structure to all your trade shows, promotional events and meetings. It has no feet, and its large surface is sufficient to ensure the stability of the communication medium. Its anodized aluminum material is meant to withstand impact and is suitable for heavy use, if you intend to mount it more than three or four times a year.

Lightweight and easy to hang and unhook, the roll up can be used at a trade show or on a display stand. Simple to install at your point of sale, its design also makes it easy to handle. It comes with a shoulder strap carry bag and can be worn over the shoulder or held in the hand. With this product, you will be able to attract more participants. Rather solid and robust, it suffices to roll up the tarpaulin on itself. It is a versatile communication product that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Space-saving, it can be adapted in many places, especially in a small space.

Even in windy circumstances, a roll up with a dual display features a sturdy winding mechanism. Whatever the weather, this type of display makes a wonderful signage sign in malls, retailers and business premises, as well as for your trade show booth or exhibition space.

Double your communication impact with our double-sided kakemono

the double-sided roll up is a must-have for all advertisers. An inexpensive promotional strategy for companies, roll-ups have an instant effect on sales. Reusable and portable, these gadgets use appropriate patterns and frames to capture the attention of buyers.

Thanks to the high-definition printing of the double-sided device, you can efficiently convey advertising messages from all sides, even with different content, patterns and colors. Indeed, this double-sided roll-up totem allows you to convey essential information to visitors on both sides of the kakemono, thus giving you a 360 ° effect.

This product can reach twice as many customers. With two images on a single roll-up, you get double the impact. Use it to create partitions on your stand, in the aisle of a trade show or in the center of an exhibition hall. To do this, choose from two identical or separate images.

Double reel, a low cost visibility solution

With or without a retractor, roll ups are frequently placed on the ground and offer a large market share. Particularly useful in high traffic areas, its location in a busy aisle provides visibility in both directions, with the ability to display a separate message on each side. It's up to you to decide if you want the same communication on the front and back of your roll up kakemono or if you prefer two alternate images, all for the same price.

Through its double-sided graphics on either side of the support, the roll up is the best communication medium for high visibility. It will be impossible for passers-by to pass by without seeing it, whatever their route. Optimize your visual communication by contacting Abcprint.Shop. Our premium roll up allows you to save money without sacrificing quality.

Stand out even more with our double-sided roll ups from Abcprint.Shop

Our unique hose reels will help you get your business started at trade shows, conferences and in-store events. The winders are pre-assembled and all the components you will need to assemble them (aluminum base, banner and box) are available to choose from on Abcprint.Shop which allows you to adapt your banner to your liking, according to your preferences and your budget.

Abcprint is inspired by new advertising trends and relies on competent collaborators in the visual advertising, marketing and printing sectors to develop its services. In order to provide you with a real communication product, we offer a graphic design service, which we will print on your double-sided roll up. How to do it? You must send us by email all the visual elements (a file to print) that you have as well as the sentences that you want to appear on your roll-up. Our teams will be able to develop an eye-catching graphic in just 24 hours. Start making your roll-up by choosing from our wide selection of models designed by professionals. Place an order online now. We make sure your order is delivered quickly.

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