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Sdraio gigante

Sdraio gigante in natural wood.

This stamp in quadricromia: stamps are sublimated in quadricromia, the color limit of its white color is limited.

Polyester fabric 260 gr/m2.

The fabric is interchangeable.

Legno: Pine

Sdraio BIGXXL: from 3 to 4 people

Dimensions: 201/186/170 x 126 x 172,5 cm

Sdraio MIDIBIG: for 2 or 3 people

Dimensions: 134/138 x 101 x 172,5 cm

Sdraio MINIBIG: for 2 or 3 people

Dimensions: 86/94 x 108 x 172,5 cm

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A gigantic sdraio: it's a good product to advertise for you to relax

A promotional card, taglia XXL or mini, is an exclusive product advertised to influence the person. Grazie the evolution of the technology that allows the personalization of shared objects, it is possible to communicate with the world. As a marketing technique for an audience, this type of personalized media can distribute promotional messages to an ampio campo.

Promote your brand with the right instrument

A trendy accessory, it sdraio gigante This is perfect for promoting and organizing various events. The first impression is to attract potential customers, which means that an entrepreneur or a marketing manager must be called to a personalized oggetto like the media to be sent to get the most out of it.

This product seems to be a source for attracting an audience and consents to local visibility.

A personalized message can be presented during the proud transmission of the necessary information. With the personalization option you can print the fabric with a photo or the color of your effigy.

A beautiful personalized message has the advantage of allowing my profession to communicate with you. It's an effective communication method for an advertising campaign. It is also resistant and suitable for indoor or outdoor events.

Sedie is available on our site

All the sounds are made with 100% personalized sound. Realized in wood and polyester fabric, the curtain is used to decorate your terrazzo or your swimming pool, to attract your promotional stand. It carries simplicity and originality.

Abcprint offers so many personalized designs, it can be printed as follows:

– A standard gear with or without braccioli

– A seat for children

- A sdraio gigante XL or XXL

– A double seduce

– Una sdraio con poggiabicchiere

There are various reasons why this item may be used for your event. It is possible to change the appearance based on the specific property. Another advantage is the anti-water treatment and the microforated fabric for the swimming pool.

Usa le sdraio Abcprint per il massimo comfort

The gigantic belt is available on our site and is built with wooden pins and has a durable structure. To accommodate customer needs, there are several sizes available: the BIGXXL (201/186/170 x 126 x 172,5 cm) can accommodate 3 to 4 people, the MIDIBIG (134/138 x 101 x 172,5 cm) to support 2 to 3 people, the MINIBIG (86/94 x 108 x 172,5 cm) for 2 to 3 people.

Ideal for relaxing during summer or winter vacations, in the sun or in the boat to relax in the sun, it is essential at any time. However, when considering the quality, our team provides a large number of items to be sent, including the sdraio gigante. Sfoglia il nostro catalogo e scegli il prodotto adatto al tue sigenze. Consegniamo our products in France and in all Europe.

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