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Picnic tablecloth


Fleece picnic tablecloth 200gr / m2

Waterproof back, front and back sewn.

Sublimation inks.

Four-color printingie or pantone.

2 standard sizes:

  • 100 x 150 cm
  • 120 x 150 cm

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Date de livraison prévue : 15 / 12 / 2021
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A personalized tablecloth: the solution for effective communication

The benefits of investing in a high-end wilderness tablecloth are numerous. One is that the personalized tablecloth provides excellent visibility for your advertising efforts. Given the current economic situation, it is quite difficult to obtain customers to acquire products or services. However, the use of a custom tablecloth quality helps achieve this.

The other advantage of the tablecloth is that it encourages interaction. When you invite friends, colleagues or associates or other people… to meet you for an outing in the great outdoors, the best way to have a good atmosphere is to put a tablecloth out of the ordinary. This technique makes it possible to strengthen the bonds with the collaborators and to initiate conversations with potential customers.

A personalized tablecloth created a positive advertising image. The appearance of your tablecloth speaks of the situation of your business. This is one of the easiest ways to hit targets. Once buyers remember you, there's a high likelihood that they'll want to come back. It is one of the most effective marketing models.

If you are considering a gift card program such as visa, discovery…, you can use your personalized tablecloth to promote your marketing techniques. Also, special sales events can be promoted with the help of the tablecloth such as the 25% discount on products, the first 50 customers arrived or times of liquidation. If you are looking for a table stand that offers solid value to your wallet, the custom tablecloth is ideal.

Why choose a personalized tablecloth?

A custom tablecloth is an advertising tool that has a variety of colors, styles and patterns. It is sure to be the perfect weapon for your organization. Some people love more bold tones and others love softer tones. Check out the picnic tablecloth for your advertising needs and start promoting your business now.

Tablecloths are available in several qualities from us. Know how to choose the right textile material, the right design and the right color.

The Abcprint outdoor tablecloth is designed with 200 grs / m² fleece. This material has the advantage of being soft and silky. The waterproof back does not allow liquid to penetrate. The four-color or pantone printing by sublimation inks of the tablecloth ensures an excellent visual rendering. Two standard formats are possible to meet your needs.

A personalized tablecloth to increase visibility

Using a tablecloth as a promotional tool is the best way to increase awareness. It is a very profitable product thanks to its low price and also easy to use. You can use it anytime and anywhere. During trade shows or in a Restaurant, a tablecloth is a structure that protects the tables.

For special occasions, a personalized tablecloth can be used as a guest gift. Be respectful of the environment, a reusable and environmentally friendly picnic tablecloth is a great present since the polyester material does not create any dust, does not contaminate the atmosphere and does not release chemicals everywhere.

The effectiveness of the promotional product cannot be underestimated. Investing in a picnic tablecloth is certainly worth it to achieve the results.

On our online store, we have other promotional items that go well with the Tablecloths such as a stand, a counter ... To print your custom tablecloth, ask Abcprint, the printing expert.

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