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Advertising stand, POS with animation and electroluminescent backlighting

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Electroluminescent panels for advertising expo stands are manufactured with advanced technology, including specific layers: a non-conductive sheet, a conductive sheet and a phosphor layer between them. When an electrical voltage is applied, the phosphor layer illuminates, showcasing the graphic design of the custom foldable stand.

By creating lighting sequences and arranging graphics, you can create animations. Electroluminescent panels are lightweight and very flexible.

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Electroluminescent Advertising Stand: Light Up Your Brand

Discover our electroluminescent advertising expo stand: Illuminate your brand with a bright and memorable presence. Captivate your audience's attention with innovative design and striking lighting effects that highlight your products and services. Opt for visual excellence with our personalized foldable stand and make your company shine during your events and trade shows.

Creative Lighting for Your Message

Benefits :

-          Dazzling Animations : Using electroluminescent technology, create captivating animations that highlight your message in new ways.

-          High Visibility: Electroluminescent lighting attracts attention with soft, eye-catching brightness, making your booth shine among the crowd.

-          Surprising Flexibility : Electroluminescent panels are lightweight and extremely flexible, allowing you to create original, bespoke designs.

Advertising Expo Stand: Advantages

  • Dynamic Lighting :

Create lighting sequences to bring your graphics and messages to life, catching the eyes of passers-by in a hypnotic way.

  • Unlimited Creativity :

The flexibility of the panels allows you to bring your most daring ideas to life, offering total customization for a unique stand.

  • Lightness and Versatility :

The lightweight panels can be used in a variety of settings, from trade show to point of sale, adding a touch of originality.

  • Guaranteed Memorability :

The electroluminescent effect remains engraved in the memory of your visitors, ensuring memorable visibility for your brand.

Find out how our Electroluminescen Advertising Standt can transform your marketing presence on Let the light of creativity shine and capture the attention of your potential customers today.

Bring your stand to life with our electroluminescent technology. Visit to discover how innovative lighting can take your brand to new heights.

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  1. Sarah_Strasbourg -

    Great product! The advertising stand is of high quality and the design is impressive.

    Sarah_Strasbourg -

  2. Pauline_D -

    Perfect for promoting my business. The advertising stand is fantastic, I’m delighted.

    Pauline_D -

  3. Marion_Paris -

    Very practical and aesthetic! The advertising stand was a real success.

    Marion_Paris -

  4. Antoine_P -

    Great product! The advertising booth attracted a lot of attention at my event.

    Antoine_P -

  5. Alexis75010 -

    Perfect to stand out at my events. I highly recommend abcprint's custom stands.

    Alexis75010 -