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Mantis stand


The Mantis textile stand is an extremely practical small advertising wall.
Lightweight, easy-to-install construction allows it to be properly positioned
in any location.

If you are looking for a booth that you want to install in an office or a booth
smaller showroom, Mantis will be perfect for this role.
The wall frame bends very quickly thanks to the “click” tube system.
Through the use of sublimation printing technology, your design
graphic will retain light colors and be much more durable than
traditional printing.

The fabric with a print can even be washed in the washing machine in case of stains.
The material with graphics is freely placed on the aluminum frame. The fabric
flexible stretches gently over the frame, which guarantees the aesthetic appearance of the support.

The advantages of this stand:

  • The fabric is taut on the aluminum construction.
  • Printing is done single-sided or double-sided
  • Assembly is without tools
  • The base is made of metal with a practical handle
  • construction in aluminum tubes with a diameter of 32 mm

The set includes: the complete system, the printed fabrics and its transport bag.

Stand height: 2.30 meters

Stand width: four sizes available from 60cm to 150cm

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The Mantis booth: what you need to know about the trade show booth price

  • The most obvious way to market a brand or product at a trade show is to make an investment in a trade show booth, using it to promote your business. But while earning profit, we suggest choosing a reasonably priced trade show booth. You have the choice between a purchase or a rental, but we advise you to choose the purchase since the support is reusable for subsequent exhibitions: you will then only have to order the fabric from us with a new print and your participation in new exhibitions will be provided at a lower cost. This is where the Abcprint specialist comes in to help you locate good quality support that fits your budget and meets your business needs. Either way, we can help you optimize your communications product purchases.
  • Most companies such as Abcprint, a French stand builder, offering trade show stands know that attractive prices are important, but also understand that their goal is to attract a large audience. So, We often give a booth price for trade fair very competitive compared to other providers. If you want to win over visitors or potential clients, even though other companies have the same prices for trade fair booths, you must be able to win them over by providing inexpensive, innovative trade fair stands with a high quality impression.
  • Several factors are taken into account when calculating the costs for a trade show booth. The size of the frame, the materials used in its construction, and the accessories needed to properly display your brand are all factors in the total price. A booth price for trade fair may vary depending on the quality of the materials used to build it and whether the stand is modular or not.
  • But there are also factors that affect the price of a trade show booth. Many assume the more expensive item is the right choice, but think about the money you could save by buying a cheaper alternative. Some companies invest heavily in brand awareness and visibility, others choose a more precarious balance between brand and cost by opting for low-end stands. This can reduce brand identification.

Prices and advantages of the Mantis exhibition stand

We make for our friendly clientele of exhibitors trade fair stands at affordable costs. Among them, the Mantis textile stands which is an extremely practical image wall with a beautiful design. Thanks to its lightweight and easy-to-install construction, the trade fair booth can be placed correctly at any location. If you want to dress up your exhibition stand by exhibiting products, the Mantis stand will be perfect. Here are some advantages of the stands apart from the prices:

  • The frame is easily folded and transported thanks to a click-clack tube system
  • The fabric is tightly stretched over the aluminum construction, allowing your logo, slogan, etc. to be readable
  • Sublimation marking allows perfect visibility
  • Aluminum construction provides stability
  • 4 sizes are available: from Small to XL

The price of the Mantis trade fair booth is reasonable due to its simple and practical structure. On our site, a wide choice of trade fair stands, modular or not, present themselves to you. This is ideal for optimizing the space of your stand and bringing visitors to you.

Personalized advertising stand to increase your professional sales

  • Marketing, exhibitions and conventions are always incomplete without good advertising support. It doesn't matter if you have good products to showcase or if you want promotional support for your business. The solution to all these needs is the custom advertising stand. Trade fair booths are served in a number of areas and include advertising, sales, brand promotion, trade shows, fairs, seminars, conferences and many more. Stands can be used as permanent fixtures or temporary promotional campaign aids while waiting for other events.
  • When using a trade show booth for promotional purposes there are several aspects to consider. A trade show booth has become an important part of most business communication campaigns. There are various reasons why such trade fair booths are used and all of them can be populated with an effective customization system.
  • A custom advertising stand would not only give you a cost effective and efficient way to present your professional communication material, it will also support you in another way. Such trade fair stands can act as a wonderful art. They are easy to maintain, can resist over time and the fabric is easily interchangeable (delivered in 7/8 days). The long term effect of a trade fair booth would also be very beneficial.

How to choose your stand?

  • The first thing you need to watch out for when buying a trade show booth is the visual appearance, because your visibility will depend on it. The material used for the customization on the stand will determine the superiority of the stand. As a professional company, we offer you sublimation for stand customization which will allow you to achieve wonderful results.
  • Design is another important aspect of choosing your professional trade show booth. So, it must be attractive and functional. Before you design, you must have a clear and crisp picture of what you want to achieve with your trade show booth must have a strong impact on your target audience. Do you want to promote your business using your trade show booth or simply serve it as a simple gift for your customers? These questions must be answered before creating a trade fair booth to the nearest meter. An improper trade show booth and poor execution will only waste your resources while hampering your promotion.

Who produces the best advertising stand?

For the manufacture of your pub stand, work with printing professionals to produce beautiful trade show booths that you can use to enhance your business, your exhibition. This is an advantageous option because professionals know what is best and what is not in terms of optimization. They can also help you plan a strategy on how to reach your target audience. A professional printing company like Abcprint caters to your needs, assists you as a buyer in planning your current and future marketing strategy and making sure you meet your goals.

The pub stand can be purchased in different ways. The price range of these stands is different and the designs differ from business to business. At Abcprint you can choose any stand and make your purchase online. Do not waste any more time, choose our company to accompany you in your promotional journey of signage products but also for your objects and promotional textile.

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