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Mantis Plat stand


The Mantis Flat stand, is an improved version of the Mantis stand with a reinforced base.
The aluminum legs have been replaced with a metal plate, which makes this stand even more stable.

Lightweight aluminum structure is easy to install and print graphics
on the fabric, thanks to the sublimation method, is extremely durable.

Thanks to its lightness and the ease of assembly of its aluminum structure, the support can be quickly installed.

Sublimation printing, on stretch polyester fabrics 230 grs / m2; washable and flame retardant.

The fabric is stretched over an aluminum frame, which guarantees its aesthetic appearance.

The advantages of this stand:

  • The fabric is taut on the aluminum construction
  • Printing is done single-sided or double-sided
  • Assembly is without tools
  • The 2 feet have been replaced by a metal base, with a practical handle
  • Aluminum tube construction with a diameter of 32 mm

The set includes: the complete system, the printed fabrics and its transport bag.

Stand height: 2.30 meters

Stand width: four sizes available from 60cm to 150cm

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Date de livraison prévue : 21 / 10 / 2022
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Participating in a trade fair: the advertising medium for a stand?

An advertising medium for stand is the most vital component of marketing after the roll-up. This is the best and most obvious way to make your business known to the public on a large scale. In order to get the most out of personalized advertising medium, you need to partner with the best company to create a stunning design and structure that will serve your needs, too. Here are some of the most effective structures and designs for your custom trade show advertising booth and exhibition furniture.

Personalized stands: communicating your image

The traditional structures and creations for a personalized advertising medium appear in three main types: modular, adjustable and inflatable. The modular supports are those in which the structure can be reconfigured as needed. This is the type of personalized advertising booth that has been used from the start of advertising. The POS can be extended or reduced depending on the size of the exhibition, trade show, or other trade event. A modular stand is the most flexible and popular stand among design because of its simplicity and versatility.

  1. The mobile stands are adjustable and can be assembled at the trade fair or exhibition location with or without permanent lighting. It is removable. It is a good quality, moderately priced, very efficient and versatile exhibition stand. The adjustable stands can be permanently placed in a location and provide a personal touch to your personalized advertising stand. It is easy to set up and store, and the stand offers maximum exposure to your brand image.
  2. The exhibition stand or visual support, created to restrict the space requirements to exhibitions, trade shows or fairs. The advantage of this mount is that it can be adjusted and reconfigured according to your needs. It is ideal for businesses with limited space.
  3. A standing is a advertising totem additional custom designed to draw attention to a particular offer. Cylindrical in shape, large or medium in size, and quite attractive and eye-catching, it helps you to increase your visibility in trade shows or exhibitions.
  4. A retractable stand is an attractive display with a spring-loaded base and flexible legs. It is formed of four skillful sections which articulate each joint in metal frames. It is the perfect medium if you want to give maximum exposure to your image. It is easy to transport, can be combined with an advertising counter and can be put in a strategic place.
  5. Finally the Umbrella stand or pop-up, is a portable POS support. Used for trade shows, exhibitions, display promotional or material items or other marketing activity on a budget. The umbrella stand is printed in different sizes according to requirements and will enhance your visual.

The most crucial aspect of a advertising stand for stand is its appearance. If it seems bland, customers or potential customers won't pay attention. On the contrary, an attractive booth can attract attention. In addition, such exhibition stands are a guaranteed way to improve your brand visibility and increase your profits. The advantage of a stand is that it can reach targets and attract potential customers who are not yet familiar with the products and / or services. A advertising stand for stand is the ideal choice to promote products and / or services quickly and efficiently.

The flat Mantis stand: a totem pole at your service

The Mantis Flat Stand is considered one of the most popular modern promotional instruments to be printed with your colors and logos. It is the ideal choice to optimize your sales. Regarding the artistic idea, it's just great. With its simplistic style, it is extremely eye-catching and captivating. It has all the elements that attract loyal customers and potential customers.

If you want to get a personalized advertising booth for your business, the most important thing you will need to consider is the business purpose. The POS must meet your marketing needs and your requirements.

The flat Mantis stand is an improved variant of the Mantis stand with a reinforced metal plate base, which allows it to be stabilized better. The advantages of this trade fair stand are:

  • The polyester fabric 230 grs, flame retardant, machine washable at 30 °, interchangeable and produced in sublimation printing;
  • Aluminum construction
  • The fabric printed on a textile well stretched thanks to the aluminum frame, which provides good readability;
  • The choice of printing: one-sided or double-sided with an excellent quality advertising visual;
  • Simple and quick assembly, without tools;
  • The metal base that guarantees stability
  • Four sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

It is an original design, the creation of this personalized stand is very innovative and unique. As it has a simple concept, it is shown to be a unique choice for your business. Unique because it helps the company to communicate using a stand. It is guaranteed that your offer and product will stand out in the crowd.

The Mantis flat stand has several uses. For example, it is ideal for trade shows, conferences and conventions. In addition, the trade fair stand is made to promote the image of your company during an exhibition.

Why call on a team of experts for your trade fair booth?

  • The custom stands are among the best quality solutions to promote your products and / or services. With these trade fair stands, you can offer a touch of individuality, creativity and uniqueness to advertising. With these personalized advertising stands, you can also get your message in a unique and interesting way that appeals to the audience. Stands are an effective means of communication to promote your business because they are extremely portable and adaptable. The booth is very convenient for advertising during fairs, seasonal promotions, festivals, major trade fairs and conferences or other events.
  • The custom stands for fairs promote your business name. There are many options when it comes to setting up a booth for fairs. If you want your stand to be eye-catching, you can use an aluminum stand. These types of booth have a modern appearance and are visible in the crowd.
  • Many options of stands are available. To achieve your goal and make a good impression, contact a professional. Abcprint will be your advisor, your collaborator to make your dreams come true. On our site, we have high quality printing materials at your disposal. We can give your personalized stand a professional look. Do not hesitate to contact us to design and print your communication media.

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