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Camélius S stand


The Camelus S horizontal textile wall aims to enrich your advertising space.
The curved sides of the lead wall make your project also visible from the side.

The wall framing, thanks to the good profiling, does not require stabilization feet

The fabric with stretched graphics on the rounded frame structure is finished
with the zipper at the bottom, which gives it an aesthetic appearance.

The sublimation method used for printing allows the fabric to be washed
in a machine.

Characteristics :

  • Stand with horizontal and curved textile wall in the aluminum system.
  • Sublimation printing, on stretch polyester fabrics 230 grs / m2; washable and flame retardant.
  • Easy to assemble (assembly without tools); ease thanks to numbered elements.
  • Single-sided or double-sided printing.
  • The frame structure does not require additional feet.

The set includes: the complete aluminum system, the printed fabrics and a transport bag.

Stand height: 2.30 meters

Stand width: four sizes available from 2.50 to 5.3 meters

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The trade show stand can be very helpful in achieving an effective booth, which helps increase the number of visitors who see your booth and decide to return. The first thing that is needed is a good plan. A plan for your booth should include what you want to show on your booth, the products you have on display and the booth design. It is also important to think about how you are going to reach your customers and how to attract them.

To attract more visitors, you need to think about how you stand out from other booths during the event. You need to think of your booth as a separate entity from other booths, which will appeal to prospects. A professional booth is your brand ambassador, who will be able to think of a way to stand out from the competitive crowd. There are several ways to achieve your goal.

First, you should observe where your trade fair booth is located. If it is in a space that is generally frequented by visitors. This is the first aspect to consider in order to enhance your brand image. A prefabricated stand is an ideal communication medium for displaying products since this stand is easy to transport from place to place. Also, it is very economical thanks to its reusable nature.

Then you could employ a quality design to attract visitors. Beautiful signage is a good communication tool that has the ability to attract customers and increase the notoriety of your business. You may decide to hang posters on the trade show stand and the services offered.

A professional stand: attractive communication medium

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  • Use the right color. Color can make or break your booth during a business event. Using the right color allows you to create the right ambiance, which will make your business memorable and visually appealing. During the design of your professional stand, make sure you choose the appropriate colors related to the animation.
  • Adopt a professional banner. Whether using text, an image or both, professional support will make your POS more visible to visitors. Use the medium to guide clients and potential clients to your exhibits.
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  • Provide eye-catching graphics. Graphics and images are crucial to showcase the brand image. A nice stand can stand out in the crowd at fairs, shows or other exhibitions.
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In addition to advertising, sales presentation can be more effective if it includes a marketing plan. The marketing plan should include the goal of professional stand, the type of products and / or services to sell, the target audience and strategies to attract potential customers. Strategies such as giving away additional promotional items, such as goodies, can help get advertising messages circulating. It is critical to think about the benefits of the gift as well as the costs associated with distributing the items before you attend shows and fairs.

The advantages of the trade fair stand

A trade fair stand is one of the important parts of the business. The success of the sales campaign largely depends on the design and structure of the stand. It is therefore imperative to make a choice of communication medium for your sales. The trade show booth is designed to keep support in the minds of customers. This communication tool is able to create an excellent visual rendering and blend with its surroundings.

A trade fair stand is one of the best communication tools that can increase the fame of your business at a fair or exhibition. These stands are recommended for businesses on a limited budget. A simple marketing strategy can improve your position in the market.

At Abcprint, there are various advertising stands available but, we are going to question the characteristics of the Camélius stand:

  • Stand with a horizontal and curved textile wall on the aluminum system
  • Sublimation printing (long lasting over time) front and back
  • Stretch polyester fabric 230 grs / m², washable and flame retardant
  • Easy to assemble, easy thanks to numbered elements
  • Frame structure does not require additional feet
  • Interchangeable fabric

This textile image wall aims to enrich your advertising space. The curved sides of the wall make your project visible from the side. A communication medium is generally portable, so it can be quickly put together and broken down. They are designed to be lightweight, durable and modular.

The advertising stand is perfect for enticing potential customers to an event. This type of stand can be used to announce the start of the fair or exhibition and can display a range of products and / or services. If you are trying to advertise in a very crowded space, you should consider using a portable advertising medium.

Company specializing in personalized booths

The thing to check is the quality of the support. Always go for the one that gives you great quality and durability. If you are thinking about the change in the appearance of the booth, don't worry. Abcprint provides a variety of stand. For example, you can make personalized media based on your company logo. You can also other accessories on your stand, such as banners, balloons….

Many people think that buying a booth is expensive. At Abcprint you can buy a trade show booth at a very affordable cost. If you want to save money, and not invest more than necessary, it is better to choose a trade show booth from

Buy it trade fair stand to a specialist at the right time. A large choice of stand is at your disposal, as well as goodies, key holder and other personalized products to be distributed at trade fairs.

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