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Modular stand


The construction of the Smart Display modular walls is based on light and durable aluminum tubes, diameter 30 mm. The connection of the pipes in the wall is very easy thanks to the elastic system, the self-locking systems and additional marks on the elements to be assembled.

Thanks to this, the assembly of a single wall structure is very easy and fast.

Individual modules (frames) can be used individually or combine with each other to create hundreds of possible configurations.

You can choose from several types of frames of different widths and height. The fabric that is laid on the frames can you printed with graphics on one or both sides.

You can combine the Modular Stand with each other of any
way either. Powerful magnets inside the tubes that operate within a 360 ° radius, allow connection to the wall frame very easily, without the use of additional external connectors.

Create your own unique space by joining the walls with a magnetic connection system. The wall stabilizing feet are mounted using the Fast Click system - just insert them then turn and they lock automatically.

Polyester fabric with a zip closure, with printed graphics
by sublimation extremely durable and retains the vividness of colors.
All packed in a bag with separate pockets for the feet, which protects
the fabric from damage.

Sizes available:

  • 40 x 200 cm / 6.4 kg
  • 40 x 240 cm / 6.9 kg
  • 80 x 100 cm / 4.6 kg
  • 80 x 200 cm / 7.4 kg
  • 80 x 240 cm / 8 kg
  • 100 x 200 cm / 7.7 kg
  • 100 x 240 cm / 8.3 kg
  • 150 x 200 cm / 9.1 kg
  • 150 x 240 cm / 9.8 kg
  • 180 x 200 cm / 9.8 kg
  • 180 x 240 cm / 10.6 kg
  • 200 x 200 cm / 10.3 kg
  • 200 x 240 cm / 11.2 kg

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Price from 195,00€
  • 40 x 200 cm / 6.4 kg
  • 40 x 240 cm / 6.9 kg
  • 80 x 100 cm / 4.6 kg
  • 80 x 200 cm / 7.4 kg
  • 80 x 240 cm / 8 kg
  • 100 x 200 cm / 7.7 kg
  • 100 x 240 cm / 8.3 kg
  • 150 x 200 cm / 9.1 kg
  • 150 x 240 cm / 9.8 kg
  • 180 x 200 cm / 9.8 kg
  • 180 x 240 cm / 10.6 kg
  • 200 x 200 cm / 10.3 kg
  • 200 x 240 cm / 11.2 kg

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More info

The interest of the modular stand for your exhibition

Exhibitions, shows or fairs, many are the events requiring the use of a modular stand. This equipment constitutes a better communication tool helping you to benefit from an immediate visibility with your customers. If you are planning to organize a trade show, do not hesitate to make use of it. This article summarizes the essential information to know on this subject.

Information on the modular stand manufacturers

Even if you are talented, creating the exhibition stand requires the know-how and experience of a professional. But before going into details, it is advisable to give you a small definition to better understand our ideas.

What is a modular or modular stand?

As the name suggests so well, this is a 100 stand % flexible. It differs from other existing models by its multiple modular components also called modules. Thanks to them, you can create a large number of combinations for its configuration. It therefore gives you the possibility of modifying its structure to your wishes, according to the form, the space, the image of the company or the type of event to participate. In short, the modular stand easily adapts to your needs.

Almost the leaders use it during an exhibition or promotional event. If your company organizes it regularly, the modular stand or modular is part of a practical and less expensive solution to enhance its image.

This tool can be used several times if you store it properly. To use it again, you need to equip yourself with a quality model. It must stand the test of time. It is enough to call a team of professionals to modify its shape and it becomes like new. Your modular stand is unlikely to disappoint you.

Good reasons to hire a professional

As the modular stand contributes to the success of your exhibition, its selection should not be made lightly. We discover multiple professionals in charge of its manufacture and installation. Contacting them is a guarantee of quality, professionalism and security. This is a better solution helping you to better deploy your marketing strategy. We can take care of your project.

The process of creating the modular stand should not be left to hobbyists. There are a few standards to follow. It is for this reason that it is strongly recommended to go through a confirmed team like ours. She will put her talents and skills into practice to offer you a stand of exceptional quality, manufactured according to your needs.

Many manufacturers take care of customizable products, modular or not, and we are one of them. We therefore adapt the stand visual according to the theme or type of your exhibition. We have graphic designers who know how to meet your expectations. We study your specifications or file in order to assess the feasibility of the stand project. Professionals as we are, we will not hesitate to provide you with good advice for the success of your stand.

The modular stand, an effective solution for the success of the exhibition

Even if there are many types of stands, the modular or modular one is among the first choices of companies. One wonders why such a success.

The outstanding advantages of the modular stand

During an exhibition, a trade fair or any event day, the use of a stand is essential. If professionals opt for the modular one, it is because it is full of many advantages.

Scalable, it can be adapted to the exhibitor's needs, whether in terms of design, space or brand image. It constitutes a better weapon of communication with target audiences. If it is of good quality, it will prove your professional side. It is therefore important to choose the perfect equipment in order to best represent the value of your business. The customer also has the option of adding a little creative note to personalize the stand.

In comparison with other designs, the modular or modular one is very popular for its easy assembly. If it takes enough time to dress up an exhibition space, this tool can be set up in no time. Moreover, it does not require the use of any particular accessory. By following the instructions, you can very well do it yourself. This allows you to avoid a professional service requiring additional expense. Regardless of its format, the modular stand is reusable, transportable and the least expensive.

The different types of stands

We discover many categories of exhibition stands. Apart from the modular one, the made-to-measure type is among the classic designs. Its advantage is its unique design in your image. It must be recognized that it is a bit expensive. But it is also a powerful communication element during an exhibition or a trade show.

If the practical side is one of your criteria of choice, the umbrella stand will suit you very well. It differs from other exhibition stands by its collapsible feature. It usually represents what everyone is talking about ephemeral space. Like the modular stand, this is also easy to assemble and uninstall. Its storage and transport are child's play.

Tips for choosing the right modular stand

If you don't know much about this communication tool, your best bet would be to seek advice from a team of professionals. Stand manufacturers like us will be able to guide you in finding the right quality model to match the themes of your exhibition.

Favor the textile model

Comparing to the aluminum stand, the fabric one is very popular. It is in particular the impression of the visual which is designed in fabric. This type of stand offers many advantages. Not only is the fabric reusable, but the equipment is also easy to set up.

Choose the right dimensions

This criterion is not chosen at random. You must clearly define your expectations so that the modular stand meets your expectations. There are many standard sizes. Usually this can range from 6m2 to 36m2. If you choose further away from this margin, it remains crucial to go to a qualified stand designer. He will offer you a tailor-made project.

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