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Custom cushions


Fabric cushions 100% polyester velor, four-color printed on 1 or 2 sides.

Sublimation printing.

Standard thickness 10 cm

2 standard sizes : 33 x 33 cm / 42 x 42 cm

Any size, shape and thickness possible, on estimate.

Manufacturing Europe

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Date de livraison prévue : 21 / 10 / 2022
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Appropriate gift photo cushion to enhance your professional image

Even today, advertising remains a necessity for most firms. To attract new consumers, they must communicate. To do this, they can use original personalized objects such as personalized cushions to convey a better image to their employees and audiences. These supports are also ideal for interior decoration.

Provide one-of-a-kind support to supporters

During sporting events, sitting for long hours can lead to discomfort and back pain. Every spectator needs a cushion that is ergonomic and practical. Fans will be able to enjoy the event and leave with a memory that will last a long time if they are seated properly.

Apart from its very comfortable side, a custom pillow can capture the attention of the public a lot, especially if a company wants to stand out from the competition. Thanks to the quality cushion, which will then fully play its role, your company will benefit from a close and long-term relationship with numerous football, rugby, handball and ice hockey academies in France. Its powerful visual effect will provoke a gradual reaction from professional sports shops or clubs which will not go unnoticed.

A photo pillow to promote your name

The promotional cushion is a unique and customizable goodies that your company, your sports organization or your sports club can distribute at events to prospects and audiences who spend more time attending cycling races, beach soccer or who are passionate about indoor sports or race stands.

This original accessory is ideal for advertising a brand or marketing a product since it is foldable and adjustable. During a match of your favorite team, fans will appreciate the comfort provided by these cushions. They will be installed on the seats of a football stadium, disabled sports as well as on any structure equipped with seats, whether square or circular. They will be the perfect tool to increase the sales of your club, to open up new horizons, in particular a new partnership with your teams.

Customize your stadium cushion to increase your visibility

Personalize your supporters' cushions to improve your communication and increase your visibility. Easy to handle, these products can be placed on spectator seats before each match. They are available in a variety of shapes, including round and square.

Due to the excellent print quality we offer our customers, our cushions can be personalized with your brand logo and colors. Sports teams will be able to order huge quantities of these cushions depending on the partnership agreements you have signed in advance.

Convey a favorable impression of your business to others with the help of text cushions

the custom pillow is the perfect choice for the long term promotion of your business. This personalized product allows you to project a favorable impression of your establishment to your customers, prospects and suppliers. Offer promotional pillows as part of your best marketing initiatives to get your brand into the minds of your consumers.

We understand the value of every item, which is why we offer a variety of printing options. Although digitally printing and printing a photo or design over the entire surface of the cushion is the perfect method to personalize the cushions and reach your consumers. This will make the cushion look great and increase awareness of your business.

Easy to handle, the cushions can be placed on spectator seats distributed at the entrance to car / motorcycle circuits and other places of entertainment. Their fabric also has a quality customizable surface that nicely showcases your sponsors and establishments. Custom pillows can allow a club to fund projects such as construction, business operations, or hiring specialist educators.

A personalized cushion provides a high level of comfort to the spectators

Originally designed for firms and their advertising needs, the custom pillow allows them to increase their visibility in stadiums or during special events. It is the product personalized with your logo that will accompany the fans in the stands during all their competitions. Because it allows a significant marking space in the stands and partner areas, the cushion remains the personalized object so coveted by advertisers.

Along with this new quality announcement aid, the cushion seems to appeal to fans concerned about their comfort in the arenas. Take it with you to watch the game in the best possible conditions. It is usually equipped with a pocket for storage and a carrying strap. Our high quality prints allow a long product life and a graphic rendering specifically adapted to the conditions of use of the cushion for sports associations or others.

Create a high quality personalized cushion from

the custom pillow is a great way to promote your partners. Order your cushions online at, which are available in a variety of colors. We offer cushions to order online. Visit our site now to personalize your cushions as well as to select other items that will help publicize your entity.

We are a team specializing in the personalization of accessories for supporters. We put at your disposal our great expertise as a specialist in tailor-made personalized tools for companies in order to support you in your communication project centered on the brand image. So you can order your advertising tools with personalized printing on the type of media you want without any hassle. We are here to help you based on your needs.

Trust to order your personalized advertising tools capable of ensuring an ideal result for your various visual communication requests for the benefit of your organization. We help you improve your brand image. We offer a variety of customizable promotional items that you can choose from based on your communication needs (size, shape, thickness). By turning to, you are choosing to ensure a superior level of service based on the best quality / price ratio. Note that apart from being a simple supporter article, the custom pillow can also be applied as a bedroom decoration for children or as a promotional gift idea.

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