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Bib numbering



Personalized identification cards with 2-pin systems

Four-color printing

Universal sizes: 20 x 15 cm

Non-woven 130 gr / m2, water resistant

Suitable for races, cycling, winter events ...

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Personalized race number bib, what you will need for a successful sporting event

Do you want to be able to differentiate your teams during training? the personalized bib Reasonably priced sportswear is an essential item to identify opponents during competitions (marathon, triathlon, paddle, and many others). The famous sports bib comes in several colors, from fluorescent to colored, and is available for adults and children.

Differentiate your runners with the 14cm tyvek tear-proof bibs

Participants will recognize each other thanks to the numbered bib in order to better organize a running or athletics event. The numbering correlates with the participant's registration number; therefore, for large events, participants with a number of personalized bib can look up their name and race time in the results tables.

Bibs are undoubtedly essential to distinguish your teams during exercises. They allow better organization and general clarity of the game. And you already know that good organization is synonymous with good results. Choose from a wide range of bibs at the most competitive prices on the market. They are completely water resistant and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Do not hesitate, a specialized printing house is the best place to personalize your sports equipment.

Let a pro prepare the game for you. Make your team stand out with our personalized and printed training bibs. Our training bibs are available in a range of vibrant colors and sizes to suit people of all ages, from children to adults. Your bibs can be personalized with the logo of your club or your team, your brand, a badge, a text, the first name of the competitor, the logo of your sponsors, the numbers of the team or the players, and much more. . Our sports bibs are made of a breathable, quick-drying mesh material that is incredibly light and comfortable.

The black white tyvek ripstop bib is used in many industries and for a wide variety of purposes

Staff wearing a personalized bib is easy to detect, which is a security measure in itself, as you can quickly spot those who are not wearing the required bib when intruders walk around the company. The manager must stand out from the rest of the staff by wearing a different colored vest. Reflective vests are useful on construction sites, in mines, in parking lots, for road workers and other places where high visibility is a safety measure. Bibs can also be used as promotional gifts or for events.

Company, team logos, numbers, names and advertisements can all be imprinted on these bibs. Our bibs are well made and very abrasion resistant (100 % polyester). The fabric is ideal for printing photos, such as those used in advertising materials. On request, we can print bibs in any color.

Abcprint's personalized bibs have always been very popular. Our personalized bibs are suitable for all sports and a wide range of other applications, including amateur racing, event planners, teams and charity events. For a durable and hard-wearing finish, our mesh bibs can be personalized or numbered with virtually any design or brand. Fluorescent bibs are popular in nurseries and schools to help children stay visible when they go out.

A customizable color tyvek bib for your communication

Your bibs can be personalized in an endless number of ways, giving you a variety of communication options. A distinction should be made between male and female runners, as well as runners from other events. The arrivals are sometimes in large groups, which complicates the task of the referees to follow them. It will be easier to follow them to the finish line if the colors are coded by gender or by distance traveled.

Having a personalized bib on your marks helps you engrave your identity on the minds of runners. Your representatives will remember your bibs if they are attractive, photograph them and post them on social media: this is free communication. By including the logos of your most important partners, you give them more attention in return for their feedback. This is a great argument for persuading your sponsors.

We offer all sporting event organizers an easy and cost effective option to make their event a real success. Your club name or an advertising message can be added to this bib. It will allow you to create teams from your players and display your image during sporting events. This inexpensive chasuble, which can be personalized with your company colors, is a promotional giveaway that will appeal to young and old athletes.

Discover the bib with unbeatable properties on

Our team offers four-color marking on personalized bibs for all your sports activities. There are several styles to choose from, to meet your specific demands. All are printed by sublimation in high definition format, ensuring you unparalleled quality. These bibs can be personalized with the colors of your event, your club or your sponsors ...

Abcprint offers a wide choice of customizations if you want to design a personalized bib tailored to your needs. Our bib can be made entirely to match the themes of the race, and we can include all sponsors without restriction. It comes in several colors and will perfectly meet your requirements. Extremely resistant in all weather conditions (rain, wind, snow, heat), this equipment is ideal for sports activities. Available in a range of colors and sizes, we supply a variety of high quality bibs in custom designs.

Participants in your race will be able to wear unique bibs in the desired design, which we design and personalize in our offices, allowing us to adapt to any situation. All you need to do is provide us with your file to print, which includes the visual you want, as well as the logos of your partners and other information, so that our team can make a model. But first of all, sending a request for quotation is necessary. Order now on Abcprint.Shop.

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