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Gigante Tumbona

Tumbona gigante in natural wood.

Lienzo impreso en guatricromía: imprimimos en sublimación cuatricromía, sans límite de colora sobre lienzo blanco.

Polyester fabrics 260 grs/m2.

The phone is interchangeable.

Madera: Pine

Tumbona BIGXXL: from 3 to 4 people

Size: 201/186/170 x 126 x 172,5 cm

Tumbona MIDIBIG: for 2 or 3 people

Size: 134/138 x 101 x 172,5 cm

Tumbona MINIBIG: for 2 or 3 people

Size: 86/94 x 108 x 172,5 cm

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A gigantic tumbona: the advertising product suitable for relaxation

A huge advertising campaign, whether size XXL or mini, is a great advertising product to influence people. Thanks to the evolution of technology that allows the personalization of ordinary objects, it is possible to communicate with the world. In terms of marketing techniques from a company, this type of personalized chair can transmit promotional messages to a wider audience.

Promoting your brand with suitable packaging

A fashion accessory, giant tumbona It is the perfect aliado to promote the various events that will be organized on a stable basis. The first impressions are intended to capture potential clients, so the owner of a business or the marketing manager must use a personalized article, like the tumbona, to obtain the maximum effect.

This product therefore serves as a key factor to attract hearing and allows visibility to be established.

A personalized tumbona can represent during the shows transmitting the necessary information. With the personalization option, you can print the film with a photo or in the color of your image.

A personalized tumbona hermosa has the purpose of allowing professionals to communicate with their objects. It is an effective communication method suitable for an advertising campaign. It is also resistant and suitable for interior or exterior events.

Tumbonas available in our location

All the tumbonas we suggest are 100% personalizable. Made from wood and polyester, the tumbonas can be used to decorate your terrace or swimming pool, to equip your promotional stand. You bring it to life and originality.

Abcprint the offer many models of personalized boxes, your election can be:

– A tumbona standard with or without rest abrazos

– A tumbona for children

- A giant tumbona XL or XXL

– A tumbona of back plazas

– Tumbona con reposavasos

The wind of these different tumbonas is that it can change for your near events. You may change the image as required. Another vent is the anti-water treatment and the micro-perforated thread for the swimming pool.

Use Abcprint tubes to enjoy maximum convenience

The gigantic personalized tumbona available in our location is constructed of pin wood which is a very resistant structure. To satisfy customer needs, this box has very different sizes: the BIGXXL (201/186/170 x 126 x 172,5 cm) that can accommodate 3 to 4 people, the MIDIBIG (134/138 x 101 x 172, 5 cm) to support 2 to 3 people, the MINIBIG (86/94 x 108 x 172,5 cm) for 2 to 3 people.

Ideal for relaxing during summer or winter vacations, on the beach or in a boat to land on the ground, a tumbona is imprescindible at all times. For this reason, if you have any calibration, our equipment will provide you with a large number of containers, including the giant tumbona. Navigate to our new catalog and select the product that best suits your needs. Between our new products in France and all of Europe.

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