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Frame accessories


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Frame accessories :

  1. Wall mounting 1
    Wide metal angle allowing wall mounting.
  2. Wall mounting 2
    Narrow metal profile for wall mounting.
  3. Suspension cable
    Steel cable to suspend the frames. Length: 2 meters
  4. Small foot
    To install small frames.
  5. Big Foot
    Large stand for medium and large frames.
  6. Side foot
    Additional lateral reinforcement of the profile, used for frames which measure more than 2.80 m in height.

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Custom Accessories for Frames – Customize and showcase your creations

Add a custom touch to your frames with our custom accessories. From practical wall mount to elegant feet, to rugged suspension cables, our accessories allow you to highlight your artistic creations while communicating effectively with your customers.

Benefits of the product:

      Practical wall mounting: Our wide metal corners and narrow profiles facilitate the wall mounting of your frames, thus offering a practical solution for exhibitions and wall decorations.

      Elegant suspension: Use our 2-metre long steel cables to suspend your frames with style. This solution is ideal for exhibitions where you want to create an air and modern presentation.

      Multi-purpose foot options: Our small feet are ideal for small frames, while our large feet are designed for medium and large frames. In addition, our side foot provides additional reinforcement for frames of more than 2.80 m high.

The advantages of custom accessories for frames:

      Mounting versatility : Whether you want to mount your frames on a wall or suspend them, our accessories offer versatile mounting options to meet your needs. Choose the wide metal corner for a sturdy wall mount or opt for the narrow profile for a more discreet aesthetic.

       Modern presentation : With our steel suspension cables, you can create a modern and elegant presentation of your frames. Suspend them with style to attract attention and give your creations a contemporary look.

       Stability and sustainability : Our feet are designed to provide optimal stability to your frames. Whether you need a small foot for small frames or a large foot for larger frames, you can rely on our accessories to keep your creations in place securely.

       Adaptability of dimensions : With our side foot, you can reinforce the large frames that measure more than 2.80 m high. This accessory ensures that your frames remain stable and straight, regardless of their size, thus offering impeccable presentation.

Add a touch of personalization and professionalism to your frames with our custom accessories. Contact ABC Print now to request a quote and find out how our custom accessories for frame can enhance your creations while communicating effectively with your customers.


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