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Heavy traffic carpet

TRAFIC INTENSE mats are high performance mats that respect the environment and have a long lifespan (nature of its components used in manufacturing). They are used both indoors and outdoors and are suitable for heavy traffic.

PET Yarn Fibers are made with 50% recycled plastic bottles% and have excellent resistance to color and washing.

Machine washable at 45 °

These rugs are made from a palette of 66 standard colors to match all visuals possible.

With border. (Borderless: optional with supplement)

16 standard sizes

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Personalized floor mats, enhance your visual identity

There is a simple, beautiful and practical way to enhance your image, create a welcoming atmosphere and make your products and services known to the general public: the professional personalized carpet. You cannot do without it if you want to decorate your home or business. Resistant to dust, water and dirt thanks to their properties, it allows you to reduce the time you spend cleaning floors and, above all, to maximize the visibility of your business.

The advertising mat is a valuable business asset

Do you want to establish a strong brand image for your business? Do you want your business to stand out from the crowd? Custom rugs give you the ability to brand your business on media that your customers and potential consumers will see every day. Carpets are commonly seen at the entrance to the living room in homes and at the entrance to offices in businesses. This regular exposure will help your business brand to become more visible. This support will increase your close relationship with your customers. Seeing your logo on the mat every day makes it easier to communicate the marketing message you want to send to your customers without irritating them.

It is the essential element of your visual communication arsenal. This tool can be used to display your colors every day at the entrance to your store. The logo mat is made for regular use in a high traffic area, such as the entrance to your store. The mat is suitable for many circumstances since it can be used indoors and outdoors without being damaged. Therefore, highlighting the colors of a business is a valuable tool for experts.

Visual communication is now carried out using a variety of instruments printed in the company’s colors. The mat fits perfectly into your marketing strategy. This product is a tool that catches the attention of consumers and adds a polished touch to the decor. It is a noble yet affordable product that is appreciated by experts and buyers. At first glance, the carpet in a company hall or a store entrance offers a very pleasant welcome. In addition, it is a high quality instrument which also proves to be a great business asset. Indeed, the mat helps to project a favorable image of the company while serving a practical purpose for professionals.

A floor mat to improve the appearance of your business

In companies, the carpet is a common element. It is one of the first objects that one notices when entering a store or on the premises of a company, apart from the exterior signage. Although it is present in almost all structures, it is rarely used by companies. It is therefore an easily available and adaptable support that allows you to use your decorative furniture to communicate. A quality carpet, clean and matching the colors of your company is a sign of quality and even notoriety. While a simple rug may seem minor, it is a fantastic way to capture the attention of your customers and therefore establish a positive first impression upon entering your building.

You must take every opportunity to display your brand image successfully. The most effective method of establishing and maintaining a favorable image is to showcase your brand at every opportunity in the best possible way. The carpet is practical and necessary at the entrance of a trade or business because it minimizes the spread of dirt and dust inside. In addition to serving as an important communication tool, the groundsheet perfectly fulfills its primary function of absorbing dirt and moisture. It ensures that the ground is protected.

A personalized carpet enhances your brand image with your customers

The mat can also be used as an advertising tool, as well as a visual communication solution, to increase the visibility of your business. Abcprint allows you to highlight your company logo and / or essential messages at your company’s strategic entry point. It’s the first and most unforgettable impressions that are always the best. When these visits are from potential customers, it is even more crucial.

Indeed, the reputation of your company is diffused by the carpet on which the mark is printed. When passers-by read the mat, they will be informed of the company’s services if it is inviting, personalized, contains the services provided by the company, and is placed at the door. By choosing a personalized template, you can cordially welcome your customers while promoting your brand or organization. Therefore, your image is presented accurately from the moment a customer walks into your store or premises.

Order a strong and durable floor mat from

Rather than having generic rugs and logos, you can customize your rugs to represent the image of the company. They will directly promote your business. This support is useful, decorative and constitutes an asset for your visibility and your communication, reflecting your visual identity. Abcprint offers you the possibility to add your logo and content (the name of your company, your slogan … etc.).

When you order a carpet When entering, you get a unique piece. You choose your product and then personalize it from start to finish: colors, size, format. On our site, you can count on high-quality printing, perhaps using the colors of your graphic charter. Non-slip and easy to maintain, our rugs are of excellent quality and are suitable for heavy traffic. They also retain dirt and dust well. Machine washable, they could last for years or even decades. There is no danger because the print will not be erased. It is therefore possible to advertise using these two instruments: the logo and the mat.

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