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Capra számláló

A Capra kiállítási pult tökéletes lesz nagyobb rendezvények vagy ipari rendezvények, konferenciák lebonyolítására.

Alumínium szerkezetre épül, melyhez könnyen tapad egy felülnyomásos szövet. Vitriink nagy előnye a gyors, szerszám nélküli összeszerelés.

A Capra számláló előnyei:

  • fekete bútordeszkából készült hosszú asztal, amelyen nagyszámú terméket helyezhet ki
  • terhelés max. 50 kilogramm
  • masszív és stabil konstrukció alumínium csövekben, átm. 32 mm
  • szövet kiváló minőségű nyomattal
  • gyors és egyszerű összeszerelés
  • táska mellékelve

Méret: (Sz) x (Ma) x (Mé): 156 x 51 x 100 cm

Súly: 19.2 kg


Foldable stand counter, to showcase the different products in your catalog

A well-thought-out event communication is necessary to promote several products, an innovation, your future vision … By choosing the right aluminum advertising medium such as the folding counter for stand, you can make sure that the message you want to spread is at the forefront in the minds of your prospects and customers.

A foldable counter to offer the best visibility to your activities

To attract visitors to your booth, you need to stand out from your competition. At a trade show, there are a lot of companies. Therefore, it is essential to have materials with an attractive visual that reflect the color of your business in order to entice prospects to visit your booth. It is the excellent instrument to enhance your notoriety during all your events. Quick and easy assembly and disassembly at your point of sale, this device can be transported anywhere and installed in 2 to 5 minutes without the need for any tools.

With this furniture, make the most of your exhibition space to expand your contact base and fulfill your sales contracts during your event. This advertising element can be used both at a fair and during an open day. On a school’s open house, for example, the counter can be used to greet prospective students and distribute a high school brochure.

Trust your online printer to print your customizable stand, and choose the counter model that best meets your expectations. Thanks to a folding counter for stand customizable, your stand can be creatively designed to attract visitors like a magnet. It is perfect for establishing a constant and long-term presence and tailoring your stand to your specific requirements and goals. The folding booth counters we provide can be simply wrapped with your message or logo, which is another additional tool to grab the attention of your subscribers and take the opportunity to meet the endless demands of any marketing strategy.

Present your products and communicate with your customers using a collapsible stand

Promoting a brand takes a lot of thought and hard work. It’s hard to build a good first impression at trade shows. You risk losing customers if you don’t advertise your business properly. A good advertising medium is crucial and very practical during such an occasion or such an event. However, you’ll be dealing with eye-catching and informative counters to get the most out of it. It contributes to the professional presence of your company at an event, whether it is trade shows or internal company exhibitions.

One of the most interesting features of folding counters is that they can be used for multiple purposes. If you install one, you’ll get more table space as well as interior storage space to hold all your free samples and documentation. This equipment has a large printable fabric area for your business and advertising needs. There you can present products, brochures and flyers to your customers in an attractive way. With pen and paper or digitally with tablets and apps, you can keep track of your guests and all your contacts.

Since it is not always possible to set up your exhibition stand in the ideal location, you will need a stable object that will not tip over during the day. Folding counters are very useful in this situation. Even if you are dealing with a large number of visitors, you can count on them to stay put. You can personalize your reception area to showcase your image and your products on Abcprint. There are many approaches you can take to attract new contacts on the web, but personal interaction is still necessary for both professionals and clients. a folding counter for stand is an excellent equipment to receive and create a warm reception area with visitors.

A contemporary, useful and attractive foldable reception desk will enhance your image

Companies must improve their communication strategy in order to achieve a certain level of notoriety and encourage the acquisition of new prospects. Among the strategies to adopt, events, especially trade shows, are essential. These events are an opportunity to capture the attention of interested parties and expand your contact list. Abcprint will be happy to provide you with the communication equipment you will need to participate in future exhibitions.

Sales support tool (POS), the folding counter for stand can also be used for product launches at conferences (as a personalized lectern), in a showroom or in a shopping center. As it is easily transportable thanks to the transport bag that comes with it, it is commonly used indoors during exhibitions. Its structure helps to highlight the speaker or salesperson. It is the ideal choice to promote your brand image and your services at a convention, press conference or any other event.

Make a personalized folding counter for a stand worthy of your name on

Offering a large space to welcome your customers, engage in discussion, promote your activity, do demonstrations …, the folding counter for stand is an important element to improve the brand image of the exhibitor. It is very attractive and offers maximum visibility of the products presented. It is cheaper than a standard counter and much more economical. Abcprint offers a wide variety of customization to adapt to your different communication tools and quickly make your stand a pleasant and orderly presentation.

You should go to a stand counter if you need information about a stand. It is often the focal point of your booth. You can count on to compose a personalized counter with your name. Our premium product precisely meets the demands of companies participating in trade shows, exhibitions and fairs. Our booth counters allow you to showcase a brand or a product while capturing the attention of your prospects. Our folding advertising counters are developed and useful for all professionals, and are made in your colors.

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