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Glossy varnished reinforced quadri adhesive labels

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Varnishing is a finish applied to your labels to match the appearance of nuances. By causing the highlight, it makes the labels more impactful and qualitative for your buyers.


Varnishing improves the resistivity of your labels, especially against most risks of handling, scratches, scratches, temporary humidity, and also alteration of many colors in the situation of prolonged exposure to UV light. Despite everything, it is less efficient than the lamination provided on the film-coated labels.

Alkalmazási területek

Agri-food, local products, culinary specialties, wine products, drinks, household products, objects …


  • Aranyozó kliséváltások
  • Metalizálás
  • Aranyozás
  • Nyitott vizuális
  • UV lumineszcencia
  • Szöveg és logó relief lakk
  • Relief lakk anyagszerkezetek
  • Az egység levágása
  • Lapokra vágva
  • Levehető háló
  • Felújítás tekercsben
  • Csomagolás karton adagolókban
  • A sorozat szövegének, színének vagy látványának megváltoztatása négy színben


  • hátlap: fehér bevonatú papír
  • ragasztó: megerősített
  • kivitel: fényes lakk
  • nyomtatás: négyszínű

tömeg: 105 g
vastagság: 86 µ
ragasztó típusa: gumi
hátlap típusa: pergamin
hátlap vastagsága: 51 µ
szakítószilárdság: alacsony
kezdeti tapadás: nagyon erős
végső tagság: nagyon erős
Minimális alkalmazási hőmérséklet: 0°C
Minimális üzemi hőmérséklet: -40°C
Max üzemi hőmérséklet: 40°C
csomagolás: filmtekercsek


A personalized label: the sticker that promotes a brand

Labels known as personalized stickers or stickers are popular advertising media in marketing campaigns. Due to their functionality and originality, it is the ideal product to highlight a brand. Theegyedi címke suitable for all situations. It offers several advantages for the communication of a company. You can create a good visual impact with this little product.

What is the real use of bonding a egyedi címke for companies ? Well when you are a business it is important that you have an advertising tool to promote your products and / or services. A label gives you the opportunity to make yourself known to the general public.

The personalized label for an advertisement

The personalized advertising sticker is a simple but effective promotional tool. The adhesive of the sticker makes it possible to fix it on various supports (glass, wood, pvc,…). And the other side presents the message or image you want to exhibit.

Mivel a egyedi címke is an advertising item, it can be used to increase the power of your brand in your city, region, etc. Therefore, labels can be named as your brand ambassador at trade shows, conferences or other promotional events.

Not only for marketing but the adhesive sticker also plays a role in internal communication. L‘personalized label can become your decorative element to stick any surface of your shop. This can help create a pleasant atmosphere which can also improve the productivity of your business. The magic of the label attracts visitors from outside.

Why choose the personalized label?

A egyedi címke has a dual marketing function. The first is promoting a brand and the second is creating a good impression on targets.

Good visual impact is one of the reasons you should use custom labels. Note that visual communication means the existence of an effective message behind each sticker in order to market a product and this is essential if you want to establish a brand.

Every aspect of the sticker should be of good quality. A sticker with a beautiful design and good quality is sure to attract attention and also contributes to the overall look of the advertising device.

The use of stickers offers the opportunity to put your advertising message in front of people. In addition, you can save money properly since this model of advertising medium which does not require frequent replacement unlike some media. For that, you have enough time to get closer to your target market.

Custom advertising sticker printing comes in different shapes and sizes to meet your business needs. Small or large, these stickers are able to seduce customers or potential customers.

These advertising tools very effective as they also help in building a brand. Since these stickers are 100% customizable to suit your preferences, it gives you the opportunity to choose well and create something you think visitors will enjoy. Hence, you can seek expert help to make the message stand out.

Given the good print quality of thepersonalized label, it can be used indoors or outdoors, on your store window, on your company car, on letter boxes or other strategic places. Its functionality and practicality guarantee the attractiveness of customers.

A good visual rendering that the personalized label possesses facilitates communication with customers and is very powerful in motivating consumers to buy your products or benefit from your services.

As a business owner, it is crucial that you maximize all of your advertising tools in order to improve your business operations. Among them is the sticker.

Abcprint’s personalized label

In order to ensure the longevity of your stickers, you should get them from a professional company like Abcprint. Our company is a French company which specializes in advertising items.

Many are the sticker models among them display adhesive labels reinforced with a gloss varnish. The personalization of your logo is done in four-color. Theegyedi címke ellenálló, varnishing is the finish that improves the resistivity of your labels especially against most risks of handling, scratches, scratches, temporary humidity and also the alteration of many colors in the situation of prolonged exposure to UV light . It causes the highlighting which makes the labels more impactful and qualitative. To satisfy you as much as possible, Abcprint offers a variety of options.

Without forgetting that theegyedi címke is produced on white coated paper. The label is presented in a roll which weighs 105 grams. This type of label applies to Agri-food, local products, culinary specialties, wine products, drinks, household products, objects …

How to order the personalized label?

A pop-art design, négy időzóna kijelzése egyszerre és méretének arányai azok az érvek, amelyek a NeXtime Time Zones-t kiváló választássá teszik. Válassza a személyre szabott címke. Select from the available options and place your order. Pay and then upload your files to print. If necessary, our graphic designers will adapt your files for printing free of charge. Our graphic designer team will then send you a supporting document by email that you will validate. As soon as we receive your authorization, we go to printing. The delivery time starts when you grant the proof. We deliver the quantity you require to the address indicated.

We are not an automated online ordering site, so you don’t have to be a graphic design expert to order. We can adapt and rework your files at no additional cost.

Trust the competence of our company for the realization of your promotional items.

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