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Counter reklám kijelző

Kijelző rétegelt lemezből (nyír).

Ezeket a kijelzőket a következők jellemzik:

• Nagy ellenállás: polconként 30 kg

• Szerszám nélküli összeszerelési rendszer

• Gyors és egyszerű összeszerelés

• Rétegelt lemez vastagsága: 12 mm;

• Méretek: hxszxm: 223 x 90 x 50 cm;

• Tökéletes állvány kóstolók, bemutatók.

• Személyre szabás közvetlen UV-nyomtatással négyszínű eljárással

Minden más méret és forma kérésre.


Tax price:

10 units – 34 € / unit
30 units – 33 € / unit
50 units – 31 € / unit
100 units – 28 € / unit

Exhibition stand counter, the must-have for all your professional marketing and communication events

At a trade show, attracting attention with your booth is associated with success. The originality of your stand determines the financial benefits and the commercial success of your participation in a trade fair. It is essential to invest in a exhibition counter elegant. It will represent the status of your company and encourage people to contact you.

Get noticed and create your prospects thanks to the expo counter

The first impression of your exhibition stand is crucial at trade shows, perhaps more so than anywhere else. An unattractive booth will not attract attention, leaving you alone behind your booth. Decorate your stand in the colors of your brand; this is where your visual identity comes in. The first thing that would captivate prospects is elegance. You need to persuade prospects that you are the right group for them. You can connect with your customers much less in a small, hidden square than if you have the advantage of being in the center aisle.

Nothing beats a tailor-made, reasonably priced trade show booth to showcase a venue and bring in guests. The trick is to put together the right combinations of materials while keeping your event in mind. In a living room, exhibition counters are and always will be a necessity. It is the basis of all communication and advertising, and it should not be neglected. A real showcase for your brand. You should not neglect its size, whether it is a small counter for a simple reception or a large counter with seating. This exhibition prop is similar to a display panel on which you can display props and other products related to the event.

Why choose a product counter to animate a trade show or perform a commercial demonstration?

In sales areas or during promotional exhibitions, the exhibition counter is an essential element. When representatives canvass on site or at fairs, the counter serves as a display. Without even realizing it, this seemingly insignificant element has a big impact on the interaction between the representative and the client. These exhibition counters are not, however, reserved for exhibitions or fairs; some stores or companies can use them to present promotional offers or set up product tasting. Indeed, the counter allows the representative and visitors to establish a distance.

The stand will have a counter that will warmly welcome your guests. Equipped with an interior part with a shelf and a table, it will be extremely beneficial for your advertising campaign. The counter is an essential part of exhibition stands and is extremely adaptable. It can be adapted to any requirement and allows you to get in touch with the public in different ways, depending on the type of event. This instrument, which comes in its own carrying bag, is transportable from one salon to another without being damaged and the assembly system is quick and easy since it does not require any tools.

Mark your presence during commercial events with an exhibition counter

It is quite easy to go unnoticed at a trade show due to the large number of companies present. To stand out, you need to be strategic and rational, but also innovative and creative. The reception counter of a stand is a very practical POS support. It is the centerpiece of advertising furniture since it encourages the public to find your products and establish an interaction with a representative of the brand thanks to its immense printed surface. Having a quality counter ensures that you will greet customers in a professional and attractive manner, which will set you apart from the competition.

a exhibition counter can also be used for street marketing. This accessory can also be used for tastings. It can be placed inside or outside a shed to encourage customers to engage in it. Choose an exhibition counter that will appeal to your merchandise, your brand and certain commercial arguments. A few meters are usually enough to arouse the curiosity of those interested who devour your stand with their eyes. Once seduced, they can take a closer look at your offer.

During an event, the exhibition counter is an excellent advertising product for professionals. Indeed, it is a valuable marketing asset for experts since the counter allows them to promote a product to a consumer. It is fascinating for a firm to show the variety of its products to potential customers at an event. Therefore, this equipment can be used to offer a product as well as to distribute documents. In addition, if the establishment is a restaurant, the counter can be used to do tastings with visitors to persuade them to adopt the firm’s products.

Entrust the customization of your product counter to for a unique and totally individualized presentation

To stand out at events or trade shows, give your communication media a personal touch to attract the attention of your customers. Take care of the appearance of your countertop cutter in order to bring back the eyes of all those interested on the stand of your customers. With a personalized counter, your exhibition stand will not go unnoticed. Fully flexible and adaptable, the counter can print your image in high quality and large size to improve visibility and appeal to visitors

Megtervezheti a sajátját exhibition counter with Abcprint by displaying your logo, graphics, message and colors of your activity. Our team offers a wide choice of customizable exhibition counters to meet the needs of your customers. At a trade show, this valuable marketing tool can be a tool to attract attendees to your stand. Our customizable support highlights the establishment’s colors to give visitors a better idea of its brand. The structure of the counter is resistant to offer a quality advertising medium. Our prints are also made in four-color process to provide a high-end structure. Our experts will check the quality of your files before printing to ensure that the high definition print is as high quality as possible. The delivery of your product will be made within the agreed time and in complete safety.

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