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Roll-up kajmán

Roll-up kajmán – gazdaságos roll-up

A Caiman egy gazdaságos roll-up változat, amely azonban nem különbözik jelentősen a többi modelltől.


  • nyomószalag kupakkal
  • szalaggal rögzített grafika alja
  • rugalmas árboc
  • két forgó láb
  • árbocstabilizátor
  • gazdaságos burkolat, erősítés nélkül

Rendelkezésre álló méretek:

  • Kicsi: 80 x 200 cm / 2.9 kg
  • Közepes: 85 x 200 cm / 3.1 kg
  • Nagy: 100 x 200 cm / 3.3 kg


Kakemono advertising support, a roll-up sign for your marketing efforts

When a company participates in trade fairs or other events, one of its goals is to increase its visibility. An advertising display has become an important promotional tool to promote the company and its values. It is one of the most convenient and inexpensive promotional tools. Easy to handle, the advertising kakemono is large enough to attract customers to your booth or exhibition venue. Suspended from the ceiling or permanently attached to the wall, it is often seen in trade shows and fairs and can be used in different occasions, both indoors and outdoors.

Promote your product or service with advertising kakemono

Multiple media, such as advertising kakemono, are necessary to effectively manage the communication of a company. Showrooms, conferences, this roller support is an important element of your advertising, whether it is to promote a company brand name or to highlight specific offers.

This type of swivel banner comes in several sizes for small and large events. Because the customer attaches importance to the visual impact, the single or double sided kakemono is a unique medium that can be used on both sides and is excellent for catching the eye of the buyer. This ideal POS support is composed of cylindrical bars and metal rods which allow the printed tarpaulin to be unrolled. To accentuate the logo, graphics or desired advertisement, the advertising banner is thus deployed without forming folds.

Efficient and profitable advertising kakemono

Roll-up advertising is typically the medium chosen within a company, a bank, or simply a store to promote certain items and services or to carry out a certain campaign. It is not only pleasing to the eye, but also very useful for expressing information about your business.

Buying a kakemono ensures a better return on investment. This is a great business technique for quickly attracting a large number of customers. Indeed, it quickly attracts the attention of customers thanks to its visual effect. This equipment makes it easy to list a product or service. The business can communicate today because of its simplicity and usefulness. You can take the opportunity to enhance the identity of your company during a training session, as well as to mark your presence on a display or with window posters. This structure can also be associated together with another advertising object to promote your products and services within the framework of a traveling communication.

Presented in bright colors and written in plain language, the kakemono is sure to grab the attention of your audience. Both fascinating and informative, it allows your prospect to quickly absorb your content. The message and graphics necessary to grab the attention of visitors are printed on the poster. Don’t forget to include your company details as well as your motto on the kakemono. Get your prospect’s attention and have them stop on the street or in a supermarket so that a salesperson or hostess can make contact with them.

The kakemono roll printing in your business trips

Using an advertising banner is extremely simple. You just need to pack it up and take it with you everywhere. You can take it to promotional displays, conventions and networking events and have an immediate promotional campaign ready in minutes. Very convenient to carry and can be set up wherever you want in seconds, it is often supplied with an individual padded cover.

The roll-up case can be assembled in no time, it has an automatic roll-up mechanism that rewinds the visual when it’s time to put it away. This allows you to display your material on any type of surface. The kakemonos combine lightness and stability. They take up very little space and can be customized to fit any commercial tour. Weather resistant, images are protected from damage during travel and storage is by a large and sturdy metal case.

Advertising kakemono roll, a high quality promotional or ornamental aid

Praised by large companies, we see the advertising kakemono in the halls of stores to exhibit and offer new products from fashion, mass distribution, DIY … Advertisers also use it as a tool to present a new image, a photograph, a text, or a technical product at risk at meetings.

Original, this tool can add a plus to parties, ceremonies or private meetings by showing an attractive image or badge. This structure is suitable for various purposes, especially for advertising, business and even for personal purposes. In addition, its adaptability and evolutionary character allow it to adopt it for a long time. Printing your kakemono can be done on Abcprint.Shop according to your need. You have the possibility to choose the material with the design as well as the appropriate format. Our models are sure to seduce you.

Your advertising kakemono roll accessible and reusable indefinitely from Abcprint.Shop

Modern and unique, the roll-up poster also has the advantage of being extremely durable. In fact, printing on a roll up poster allows you to use it multiple times in heavy use thanks to the clip rails. Which makes it a very profitable marketing alternative. Abcprint supplies the printed support as well as the entire support and mounting system, which includes upper and lower supports made of aluminum profiles with a high quality anodized finish. The format of the kakemonos are 80 x 200 cm for a total weight of 2900 grams, 85 x 200 cm for a total weight of 3100 grams and 100 x 200 cm for a weight of 3.3 kg.

Ideal for long-term exhibitions, our kakemonos are made with eco-friendly latex inks to ensure an environmentally friendly impression. Our manufacturing workshop will then take care of your order (file control, printing, finishing and packaging) in order to provide you with the best possible service as quickly as possible. Do you have a unique request? Our team of designers can create totally unique models for you. The most common starting point for successful communication is a advertising kakemono high quality at a reasonable price.

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