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Roll-up Testudo

Minőség jó áron.

A Testudo egy nagyon jó ár-érték arányú roll-up. A kazetta nehezebb típusú alumíniumból készült, ami stabilabbá teszi.


  • nyomássáv
  • szalaggal rögzített grafika alja
  • rugalmas árboc
  • két forgó láb műanyag betéttel
  • kazetta – ezüst színű
  • belső párnázott és megerősített hordtáska

Rendelkezésre álló méretek:

  • X-Small: 80 x 200 cm / 3.7 kg
  • Kicsi: 85 x 200 cm / 4 kg
  • Közepes: 100 x 200 cm / 4.4 kg
  • Nagy: 120 x 200 cm / 5.6 kg
  • X-Large: 150 x 200 cm / 6.4 kg
  • XX-Large: 200 x 200 cm / 7.8 kg


lci Roll up advertising rewinder, excellent visual and informational strength

Good publicity for your products and services is the key to acquiring new customers while improving sales. One of the most effective and profitable methods of promoting your business is through the use of roll-ups.

Roll-up systems are among the most widely used forms of announcement in all industries, as well as in contact and sales events. THE’advertising reel has become essential wherever an internal sales meeting is organized. They also come in handy at conventions, presentations, and public appearances, as well as at local business sessions.

Captivate your prospects with printing kakemonos

The use of personalized kakemonos will allow you to boost your exposure in a very professional way, whether at the entrance of your company or on a trade show booth. Thanks to them, you will attract more prospects and improve knowledge of your products and services. Roll ups are a simple but effective way to meet marketing and aesthetic goals, whether it’s developing your image or boosting your training.

To decorate your future stand, choose the right print for your advertising reel. Available in several sizes to grab the attention of your consumers, this advertising device can also be used to showcase your company’s products and brand. Attending an exhibition fair is a great way to get yourself noticed. Offering maximum visibility, the reel is an essential ally during a concert or a fair.

For showrooms, fairs, advertising operations or any other type of promotional event, this advertising tool is essential. Internal communication also uses this technology: windows, POS, panels, information assistance, etc. It is a flexible advertising tool which is also one of the most cost effective means of communication. Discover our variety of kakemonos that can be personalized on Abcprint.Shop.

Choose an advertising roller to complete your next stand

Very useful in travel situations and at trade booths, companies can benefit from roll ups. These marketing techniques allow for a visually appealing layout of advertising spaces, and they can be quickly adjusted if necessary. Winders generally make a good impression at major professional events. Their base protects the banner and makes them easy to move. The cost of roll up is generally lower than that of other advertising media.

Abcprint, an online printer offers you high quality templates that will immediately spark the interest of consumers and prospects. All you need to do is provide us with your model, and we will print a roll-up in your company color that will highlight it.

Advertising roll, highlight your advertising and your identity

Rollups are one of the most effective forms of advertising. Their operation is similar to that of a roller shutter, in that the rolled up poster attached with a telescopic tripod, can be removed from its base and integrated if necessary. You will have all the space you need to get your business message across and establish your brand in the minds of prospects and potential consumers. On our site we provide you with a variety of alternatives to customize and select your own roll up.

To renew existing banners, you can purchase the set of all items or the printed part separately. Abcprint, the creator of advertising media on the market, develops high quality roll-ups for your business at unbeatable prices using the best equipment. Let us know what you need via the printable file and let us create eye-catching rewinders using cutting edge technology.

Offer immediate visibility and professionalism to your brand

THE’advertising reel offers a considerable advantage to your company since it saves handling time. The roll up can be unrolled and used in just two or three steps. You won’t have to put in a lot of effort if you want to move it or take it apart. Advertising posters can be removed quickly at the end of an exhibition day. Hence, there is no guide to follow, and anyone can handle it with ease.

These tools are reusable and can be used for any type of activity. If you are considering developing communication aids, take a look at our team’s creations to be seen and leave a lasting impression on passers-by who will see you.

Have an immediate advertising campaign through the printing of an advertising roll winder

Would you like to promote a product or service at minimal cost at an event? Advertising rewinders are lightweight, portable, and inexpensive, making them a great alternative for displaying your advertising at a convention or trade show.

Our Company has been a roll up manufacturer for a few years and can print your message on any of them to ensure maximum visual recognition. Due to their simple designs, our corporate retractors are easy to transport thanks to the padded bag and install almost instantly, making them ideal for a trade show, event or seminar. Our advertising roll ups are high quality items with a quality tarpaulin, aluminum construction and finish and a printable surface on the front.

Deliver convincing marketing messages by choosing a specialist

You can ensure that you are ready to advertise your business or brand anytime and anywhere the opportunity arises by choosing the appropriate format for your roll up. With its dimensions of 850×2000 millimeters, our roll up offers the perfect advertising space to display a promotional communication while ensuring you a great notoriety. This high-end communication solution was created to meet the requirements of customers from various industries. Opt for printing on 510 grs flame-retardant pvc or 205 grs flame-retardant polyester fabric, which protects you from intensive use.

Abcprint.Shop is your best bet for creating roll ups as a versatile advertising device. With just a few clicks, you can create an excellent advertising reel that we will generate for you. With this high-quality advertising medium, you can attract potential consumers while showcasing your own design. The delivery of your order will be made safe and sent to the address you provide.

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