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Tennessee szőtt versenytáska

A műanyag zacskók tökéletes alternatívája.

Fő rekesz nyitva.

Fogantyú magassága 18 cm.

Nem szőtt PP műanyag, 80 g/m2.

1 színes vagy négyszínű nyomtatás.

A jelölés mérete: 28 x 18 cm.

Színek : fehér, piros (186C), Narancssárga (1585C), Királykék (286C), Lime (368C), Szürke (430C), Fekete


Ladies! Stay beautiful while shopping with a Tennessee non-woven shopping bag

Dear ladies, you can look stylish and elegant while shopping. No more ordinary shopping cart and far from being ecological when you go to the supermarket, now opt for the táska hirdető Tennessee non-woven shopping bag. This shopping bag can carry lots of things at once, without tearing. In addition, its modern and unusual design will surely seduce you.

For those looking for an attractive communication medium to advertise, display your logo on a Tennessee non-woven shopping bag. This allows you to be seen anywhere. Since this tool circulates your brand image effectively.

Realize your Tennessee non-woven shopping bag

Abcprint.Shop is here to offer its help so that you can benefit from the best of táskák hirdető Tennessee non-woven shopping bag. We offer you a bag with an open main compartment available in various colors. Our táska hirdető Tennessee non-woven racing created according to your desire with a 1-color or four-color printing.

Rendelje meg Tennessee non-woven shopping bag

Buy your Tennessee non-woven shopping bag online. To do this, you order directly on our website, download your files and pay. You quickly receive an email with a PDF proof: visual to validate before any printing. On this, the delivery time is validated from the day of receipt of your agreement on the proof.

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