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Corporate fleece jacket, a tool for successful and sustainable communication

You want to thank your customers and employees for their loyalty by offering them a high quality personalized garment. This is a great idea because not only will they feel privileged, but it will also help you improve your brand image and attract new customers. Custom promotional jackets are definitely an investment, but the return on investment will be substantial.

A women’s softshell jacket represents the young and energetic image of your company

The custom jacket allows companies or groups to increase their visibility and notoriety by displaying slogans or messages. It is found in all organizations. This popular mode of communication is a fantastic way to boost your company’s image. It improves the feeling of belonging to an entity vis-à-vis the brand, which helps to promote cohesion between the teams of a company, a community or a school.

A very customizable material, which allows you to adapt it to all occasions, the advertising jacket has the advantage of carrying your message, your image, and making you visible everywhere. When you customize a nice jacket with your logo on the back or on the heart at Abcprint, you personalize it and turn it into a real advertising tool. The advertising jacket can also be worn by your employees to identify them at events, concerts, shows and other outdoor leisure activities, but also in their daily life and at work. This is when personalized jackets leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Offering personalized jackets with your brand as a personalized gift to reward your loyal customers at events or trade fairs can help you stand out from other businesses in many industries such as sports, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Men’s softshell jackets are important communication tools

A company that provides personalized work jackets to its employees projects a good professional image. The influence of the institutional communication put in place by their employer will be maximized by the experts or artisans who work with consumers. Organizers of events, sporting activities and festivals also have an interest in wearing promotional jackets so that participants can identify them.

A sports club might want its players and coaches to wear jackets printed in the club colors. Jackets bearing your logo should be provided to your employees or team members, whatever the occasion. Our team has several models of personalized jackets, available in several colors, on which the company logo can be printed according to your preferences.

You can increase the effect of your commercial message by providing these personalized textiles to your customers and partners. The customizable softshell jacket integrates in a single garment the three layers that we usually wear to withstand humidity, cold, wind and rain. It’s a versatile piece that can be worn in any season. It will protect your crew from cold snaps without interfering with their work, as it is light and easy to carry. Functional and comfortable, the jacket, which can be personalized with your phrase from Abcprint, will have a strong promotional impact and increase the visibility of your company. Your teams will be easily identifiable by your customers or prospects thanks to fleece jackets, down jackets and softshell jackets. Your company’s brand image will imprint itself in the brains of your consumers and prospects, allowing you to stand out.

Offer a jacket to your employees to strengthen internal cohesion

Providing your staff with personalized jackets is a communication strategy that can benefit your business in a variety of ways. Indeed, the custom jacket allows you to promote your business even when you are not working. Your employees promote your brand by exposing your brand on the go. In autumn and winter, it can be worn every day.

The team spirit of your employees is reinforced by this accessory. They’ll feel like they’re part of one entity if they’re wearing jackets with your company logo on them. Thanks to this type of clothing, the working conditions are improved because the staff is not obliged to wear their personal clothing. Abcprint, an expert in personalized promotional items, offers an online personalization service for promotional jackets. It will become the next important support of your advertising campaign as a personalized garment.

The jackets we provide are corporate gifts that employees appreciate as they improve working conditions. These personalized jackets, which are synonymous with comfort and quality, will proudly show and express the image of your company while taking care of your staff. These jackets can be worn in any scenario and can be used to market your brand outside of working hours, allowing you to reach a new audience.

Order a practical and timeless personalized jacket at

Custom jackets are promotional products that not only attract attention but also increase visibility. The sale of a custom jacket with your logo will allow you to reach a large number of people, because when a colleague, client or business partner wears your personalized jacket from Abcprint, it creates eye contact for your image. Your audience will take an active role in your marketing by acting as a brand ambassador, thereby increasing the likeability of your business. Likewise, your company’s reputation will improve with current customers.

To ensure both recognition and popularity, we suggest choosing promotional items that will delight and surprise your target audience. This way, your customers, employees and business partners can easily use your brand in their daily lives. Take advantage of a printing specialist’s wide range of custom jackets to discover the ideal model that suits the needs of men and women, and use these high-visibility garments to promote your business (softshells, down jacket and fleece jacket).