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Personalized company chocolates: gastronomy in the colors of your company

Lindt is a brand of chocolate created since the year 1845. Its popularity continues to this day. The Lindt Master Chocolatier strives for excellence. Its goal is to make chocolate delicious and aesthetic. The best way to get more customers for your business is to use marketing assets. These resources promote recognition of your business and will give them a good position in the market.

Advertising with chocolate, several companies take this route. But, this is differentiated by the brand of chocolate. Therefore, choose the right brand and be the best against the competition. Customize the packaging of your personalized chocolates company will help you improve your visibility.

Advertising chocolate is a communication medium that can convey all the necessary information about your business. Young and old, many people love chocolate. Giving chocolate as a gift is a great innovation idea for your business. It is a technique to market your name and create a positive image on the company.

The use of personalized chocolates company earns you the success you seek and also keeps you in the competition.

Company personalized chocolates

Do you want to offer a little pleasure to your employees, your business partners or your customers? We have the key for you! Those are the personalized chocolates company. Chocolate is a versatile product that is given as a gift as a reward or a thank you.

Abcprint is a trusted marketing partner, which is why we offer a variety of communication media that aim to give you the opportunity to stand out.

In order to promote your branding, you need to do more than brand yourself. It is important that you sell your brand. The Lindt product is a communication medium that helps expand your branding image with promotional assets that causes a visual impact on the minds of the people who see them. This will not only optimize sales but also help you get recognized in your community.

How to raise awareness of your brand with personalized company chocolates?

According to a study, the chocolate mention brings happiness to consumers. In marketing, it is crucial to gain customers in front of the target audience. How to achieve this? By attracting attention with an original product. This is where promotional chocolate comes in.

Given the changing world today, different forms of advertising are available. Magazines, billboards, then radio and TV are trying to appeal to consumers. Why advertise? Well, it’s to increase sales in order to survive the current economy.

The same goes for chocolate. Chocolate is a luxury and popular treat. This is why Abcprint came up with the idea of selling personalized chocolates company for you to advertise and sell your products by creating chocolate advertising campaign.

To make your business one of the best, choose the right ambassador. Look for one that offers a good reputation.

Personalized chocolate from Abcprint

If you are looking for a good quality and economical way to promote a professional or promotional event, consider personalized chocolates company from Abcprint. With this campaign, you are giving luxury boxes of Lindt chocolate to those attending your event. Chocolate boxes are keepsakes that would amplify the value of the promotion. Finding professional and affordable options in promotional products is effective. Chocolate is one of the best choices.

Gifts from personalized chocolates company can be offered during conferences, seminars, business meetings in your head office. Branded boxes can be placed by delegates during the question-and-answer session or arranged before the gathering, they can be greeted with this promotional giveaway template. It will make them feel more important.

Promotion with chocolate can also be used at trade shows. It is a perfect idea to hand out boxed bites as gifts to entice potential customers. Chocolate boxes should include your logo, image or other graphics and information about your establishment.

At Abcprint, personalized chocolates company are arranged in a personalized square box. The chocolate box is constructed with 1.2mm thick cardboard. To meet your needs, the boxes can be personalized either in four-color, 1-color printing or with hot stamping. The size of the box is 10 x 10 x 10 cm.

Regarding the chocolates to be placed in the box, you have the choice between: 100 mini milk hearts with a total weight of 600 grams, 23 mini rabbits with a total weight of 325 grams, 25 Lindor Milk or Dark 45% with a total weight of 390 grams, 50 mini excellence Milk or Dark 70% with a total weight of 355 grams.

If you want a personal touch to your ad, work with an expert.

Personalize your chocolate with an expert

For a gourmet Christmas or other personal or professional gourmet celebrations, order your personalized chocolates company at Abcprint, a French company specializing in printing and selling products from France and other origins. Browse our website and request a quote. We are a trustworthy company with a fast delivery service.