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Mini Beachflag – windflag

Mini BeachFlag for counter or office,

Flag printed in 1 color or four-color,

Printing is done by sublimation on the front and the back is visible in transparency

Polyester fabrics 100% weight 115 grs / m²

Chrome Aluminum,

Size of the sail: 55 x 35 cm

Total height: 60 cm

Round table leg

Demande de devis

Mini Beachflag – Windrop flag: a quality advertising banner for counters and offices

It is sometimes never easy to find a more original and innovative way to catch the attention of your target audience, especially when it comes to mingling in a mass of crowd where advertising messages of all kinds occupy the center. in law. However, ensuring your communication in a fun and stable way can be achieved with the right tools. The personalized advertising banner is an exceptional display that can help you promote your activities, your products, or even the transmission of your messages, whatever they may be. Indeed, this type of advertising medium can be installed anywhere, both indoors and outdoors, but its most suitable place is on a counter or desk. Thus, its use is conceivable at trade shows, exhibitions, sporting events, and all contexts that require a quality visual impact.

But the personalized advertising banner is not just a one-way street, it can also serve as an excellent decorative item for a desk or counter. It is a visual aid which is totally customizable to your own tastes. Apart from company logos, product brands, and other graphics that concern the professional world, you can, among other things, add more playful and attractive patterns.

Want to try the experience with the personalized advertising banner and look for a service provider in banner print ? You are in the right place ! Abcprint combines know-how and professionalism to offer you items that will meet your expectations. Our personalized advertising banners are highly designed and guarantee quality feedback to its users.

Enjoy a quality banner printing at

With you can make a banner print quality without worry and in the greatest comfort. Our team of professionals will take care of properly transforming your winning ideas into reality. All our articles go through considerable manufacturing processes and strict controls allowing us to offer our various customers unparalleled Oriflammes.

You want to make a banner print exception on your Beach flag advertising medium? The techniques for applying colors that we carry out are among the most innovative, suitable for the banner, and up to date. With four-color sublimation printing or with 1-color (or monochrome) printing, which will be provided by experts, your graphics in single or multiple colors and teeming with complexity will be exhibited with details in high definition. These types ofbanner print are indeed of high-end quality. The colors are applied cleanly to the fabric and resist various treatments.

Concerning the fabric which constitutes the sail of the banner, it is in polyester 100%, printed by textile sublimation on mesh with a grammage of 115grs / m2. It is a fabric that attributes all the characteristics that make up a good sailboat of its kind. Although this one is generally used indoors and mainly in places less exposed to the most extreme conditions, we have nevertheless adapted its sail to be more resistant and durable.

And to top it off, the advertising banner is only printed on the front side of the sail. However, its back side still leaves a good visibility with a mirror effect to all the images printed on the front of it. This is because the fabric has a transparent property. Whatever the layout of the flag and the direction of viewing, your logos, products, and graphics of all kinds will remain visible to the public.

The Beach flag, an advertising object with many advantages

Given that the Beach flag is a very reliable visual communication medium whose effectiveness is well established, it indeed has many advantages and more quality to offer its user.

In addition to the power of its visual, the quality of its fabric andbanner print mentioned above, its design and aesthetics will also be predominant characteristics that make the small flag an unparalleled advertising flag. The combination of the sail perfectly stretched on a chromed aluminum mast with an unstoppable finish, and the circular foot, gives the whole a classy and neat look. The ideal object that will bring value to your brand image during the various events in which you participate.

The compactness of the mini flag is also a big advantage. Thus, highly designed with a sail of a reasonable size of 55 x 35 cm and a total height of 60 cm which allows it to be easily transportable, this flag will be your ally wherever you go and will ensure your visual communication as it is. must. In addition, it will be convenient for you to store it away when not in use, as the base can also detach from the set.

If some choose the banner for pure publicity, others use it on the other hand to accessorize and animate different kinds of place which claim originality. Whatever the case, know that the flag is a visual aid that can be used as you wish, and we are also willing to shape it to your image.

Indeed, this article respects all the manufacturing rules that we have implemented in relation to your real needs.

Place your order for Beachflag – Windrop on as soon as possible!

Order this mini Beach flag directly from our online sales site The Beachflag – Windrop is among our most popular products at the moment, and sold at the best quality / price ratio. We also offer flags of all sizes that are resistant to winds and other weather conditions and that can be installed on the beach, in a car. These are banners that are stabilized thanks to the feet of your choice: base with water tank, cross base, square base …

To have this type of flag benefiting from a banner print quality, correctly choose from the options offered the characteristics that correspond to your purchase (item volume, type of printing desired, etc.). Everything is already detailed in great detail and the interface is easy to use. Fill in all the necessary information about yourself, and make your payment. Note that the minimum purchase quantity for this model is 5 pieces. Also take advantage of the discounts we give from 10 Beach flags – Windrop ordered. Do not forget to upload your graphic files so that our graphic designers adapt them appropriately to the needs of thebanner print. Our specialists will contact you as soon as possible once they have studied your project and produced prototypes. This will serve as a reference for your future Beachflag – Windrop. If our proposals are to your liking, we begin to realize your banner print. Your package will then be dispatched as soon as it is ready. The delivery time is counted from the moment your proof is established.

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